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2/5/11 District Assembly 2011 District Grant Certification.

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1 2/5/11 District Assembly 2011 District Grant Certification

2 2/5/11 Topics Examples of Eligible/Ineligible Projects Funding Limits When to Apply Reporting Requirements How to Submit Application 2010 – 2011 Grant Project Submissions Lessons Learned

3 2/5/11 Examples of Eligible/Ineligible Projects Eligible Short Term Rent of Lease of Buildings Construction of infrastructure such as service roads, wells, reservoirs, dams, bridges Purchase of equipment or appliances Primary and secondary education, tuition, transportation Vaccines and immunizations Secular, nonreligious activities benefiting community in needIneligible Purchase of land or buildings Construction or renovation of structure in which individuals live, work or engage in gainful activity Provision of plumbing or electrification inside buildings Postsecondary education activities, research, or personal or professional development Transportation of vaccines or immunizations by hand over national borders Projects supporting purely religious functions at churches and other places of worship

4 2/5/11 Funding Limits Club—no limit District—nominal and maximum limits are currently from $250.00 to $2,000 respectively Multiple clubs can combine on projects

5 2/5/11 When to Apply Grant applications are accepted beginning July 1, 2011, through August 31, 2011. Grant Committee reviews & scores applications from September 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011. Grants awarded beginning October 1, 2011 (pending receipt of funds from RI).

6 2/5/11 Reporting Requirements of Clubs to District Grant Committee 2Final Report—within 2 months of project completion— including: –Photos, media coverage, and actual expenditures vs. budget –Receipts (matched against budget items) –Accounting of all expenditures of grant funds [Note: Grant funds not used must be returned to District.] 3Interim Report—within 3 months of receipt of grant funds— including: –Status of project –Projected completion date –Actual and future expenditures against budget Any club not completing and submitting its reports on time forfeits participation in future district grants and must repay all funds to District 5810.

7 2/5/11 How to Submit Grant Application Send completed applications via e-mail to: –Larry Webb at or –John Moser at Note: Completed applications may also be mailed to: Larry W. Webb 6757 Arapaho Road Suite 725 Dallas, TX 75246

8 2/5/11 2010 – 2011 Grant Applications Lessons Learned Multiple clubs work together to achieve larger goals. Plan early, apply on July 1 st. Keep good records, take pictures, retain reciepts.

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