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Seattle Preschool Program Implementation Plan March 2015.

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1 Seattle Preschool Program Implementation Plan March 2015

2 Implementation Planning Process Development Process Public Vote Community Meetings Advisory Committee Retreat Interagency Preschool Team

3 Commitment to Racial Equity and Social Justice Program Goals Alignment with RSJI Use of the Toolkit Community Engagement

4 Community Meeting and Advisory Committee Topics Family Engagement Dual LanguageCurriculum Teacher Training Pathways to Certification Contracting and Enrollment

5 Community Meetings and Online Participation Demographics* Race and Primary Language Spoken at Home *Based on 430 responses collected through Inclusion Sign-In Cards, part of the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI)

6 Interagency Preschool Team (IPT) IPT Provider Contracting Enrollment Teacher Quality Supports Specialized Classroom Supports Facilities

7 Implementation Plan: Transmittal Structure The Ordinance adopts the Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan outlines policy direction. The Program Plan details processes, procedures, and practices and will be submitted as a Clerk File.

8 Implementation Plan: Section Format Section Strategies to Achieve Results Racial Equity & Social Justice Processes Intro

9 School Readiness (page 10) Provider Application Process Competitive and simple Direct negotiations with SPS Quality Improvement Annual progress monitoring Provider Contracting Priorities Near low-performing schools Supporting low-income families Quality Tiebreakers

10 From SPS Segmentation Report: 33bdc8f6 33bdc8f6

11 School Readiness (Continued) Child Eligibility Seattle resident, 4yo by August 31, 3yo from families under 300% FPL Selection Outreach to ensure demographic representativeness and mixed-income applicant pool Prioritizations based on age, sibling status, and location Random selection if demand exceeds supply Tuition Sliding scale


13 Program Support (page 17) Professional Development Curriculum training and content training, aligned with DEL Coaching Embedded coaching focused on professional growth Special Populations and Additional Services Support for children with previously unidentified need (developmental, health, or behavioral) Support for children who are homeless and in child welfare system

14 Capacity Building (page 23) Facilities Capacity Building Fund Small grants and forgivable loans to improve or renovate facilities Advising and Tuition Assistance Advising and tuition support to degree/certification attainment Teacher Requirement Waiver Experience, CLASS assessment, and child outcomes 1 year process, renewable, portable

15 Research and Evaluation (page 28) Comprehensive Evaluation Strategy, due August 3, 2015 On-going Quality Assurance Process Evaluation Impact Evaluation Family Child Care Pilot Communications Plan

16 Administration (page 30) Financial Management Contracting Processes Personnel Tuition Collection Report Preparation

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