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1 FALL 2015 TUITION FEES UPDATE April 2, 2015

2 Revised Tuition Fee Payment Policy:
Revised tuition fee payment policy in support of new tuition rules from Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for all Ontario Colleges. Takes effect for Fall 2015 tuition fee payments. Affects all Humber students: New/Returning, Domestic/International.

3 Remaining tuition fees are due by September 21, 2015.
Tuition Fee Deposit: A non-refundable tuition deposit must be paid by ALL students by June 24, 2015. Domestic Students: ALL domestic students (new and returning) must pay a $500 non-refundable deposit by June 24. International Students: New Students: Entire amount of first semester fees are due by June 24 ($1,000 of this amount is non-refundable). Returning: A non-refundable $1,000 deposit must be paid by June 24. Students who switch to a new program must pay another non-refundable deposit that will be applied to tuition. Remaining tuition fees are due by September 21, 2015.

4 Additional Deposit Information:
Late fee of $100 will be charged if full tuition fees are not paid by September 21. New students must pay the tuition deposit by June 24 to secure their seat in the program. All students must pay their tuition deposit to register for courses in August. 100% of tuition deposit is applied directly to students’ tuition. Tuition Fees Schedule can soon be found on

5 OSAP and Additional Fee Information:
As fees are charged by term, there is no need for a split fee. OSAP funds are disbursed before the fees due date in September, so there is no need for an OSAP deferral fee. All OSAP funds will be deposited directly to students’ bank accounts. OSAP Students must pay Humber directly by specified deadlines in Academic Calendar. If students apply for OSAP before late August, 60% of OSAP funding will be deposited to students’ bank accounts by Mid-September. Remaining 40% will be deposited during the following semester (January 2016).

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