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Recruitment & Retention Harry Verhiley. Enrollment Trend We are losing students: recruitment & retention.

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1 Recruitment & Retention Harry Verhiley

2 Enrollment Trend We are losing students: recruitment & retention

3 Enrollment and Tuition

4 School Expenses Teacher Salaries Books Instructional Materials Admin Salaries Admin Materials Maintenance Building Upkeep

5 Educational Expenses

6 Sources of Revenue 05/06 Diocesan Averages

7 Financial Structure Our Schools are a Fixed Cost Operation You pay teachers ’ salaries regardless of whether there are 30 students in a classroom or 10 students Salaries are set by the diocese, are contracted and based on a known scale There are very few costs that would vary according to enrollment

8 Financial Structure Average 05/06 Cost of a single class per grade K-8 School: $720,000 Full Enrollment at 30 students per grade = 270 students Cost per Student at full enrollment = $2,665 per student

9 Financial Structure If only 50% of the seats are filled – 15 students per class – enrollment is 135 students Cost per Student at 50% = $5,330 per student Cost Per Student 100% = $2,665 50% = $5,330

10 Financial Structure

11 In both cases, your school community must cover the $720,000 cost Driving to Full Enrollment is the most critical factor in improving the long-term financial viability of your school

12 Financial Structure Probe the Cost Structure of your school – Data is available Analyze the Cost Structure over time Understand the drivers affecting the change in cost structure Teacher ’ s Salaries and Health Insurance represent the most significant drivers

13 Revenue Increasing Tuition may not always result in Increased Revenue Example: Current Tuition $2,000, Current enrollment 202 students yields Tuition revenue of $404,000 If you increase Tuition to $2,150 and enrollment drops to 188 students (14<), the total tuition revenue is $404,200

14 Revenue Understand the impact of Tuition increases on your school families How will your school families cope with increases? Does your parish actively encourage families to attend regardless of financial capability? Do you have a pool of financial aid money available? Is there a structured financial assistance request process?

15 Developing a Plan Project Expense changes Teacher salaries can be predicted from salary scale Enrollment Plan What would current enrollment project out to in 5 years – recognizing retention issues. Create a plan to address recruitment and retention issues What can you reasonably expect in tuition, without losing students? How will you address funding for financial support? What other sources of long-term revenue can you develop?

16 What is the School ’ s Student Potential? Maximum class size? Willing to expand the class size? Will the expansion damage quality? Willing to add an additional class for specific grades?

17 Target Audiences for Marketing Effort Parishioners New Parishioners Religious Education Parents & Students Non-parishioners Alumni Current School Parents

18 Who Markets the School? Marketing Committee Current Parents Teachers, Administrators Parish Leadership Athletic Association Home & School Involved Parents Neighbors (i.e.. Businesses)

19 Top Factors for Choosing Catholic Schools Religious Values Academics Faculty Discipline Security

20 First Impressions Answer the phone smiling Fact sheet available by reception desk Greet visitors … Prompt Friendly Welcoming Introduce Others

21 Connect with Parishioners School is a Ministry of the Parish - welcoming parish … welcoming school Means of Evangelization Share School Information Newsletter Bulletin Insert Bulletin Corner Display Schoolwork Student Speakers Invite parishioners into school building - events

22 What Makes News at Your School? How is it shared? (Articles are free, Ads cost $) Interest & Impact Headlines Numbers, Trends, Lists, Charts Famous graduates, unique learning experiences, meaningful community service activities

23 Best Practices … New family is recommended = tuition discount or other incentive Baptized babies receive a t-shirt with school logo Guardian Angel from Baptism Periodic Open House during school hours (Follow up with a “ Thank You ” card and phone call to answer questions)

24 Ideas … Reserve space in the parish bulletin every week for school information (same place) Sponsor a lunch for local businesses Publish an Alumni Newsletter (Spring/Fall) Invite community leaders to events

25 Ideas … Mass card or sympathy card sent to parishioners with a promise of school community prayer Realtors & prominent employers are sent school information Buy zip codes for mailings Create press releases … send to TV, radio and newspapers

26 Ideas … Community coffee with the principal Website PowerPoint slide show Video or CD presentation (less than 10 minutes)

27 Ideas … Public Service Announcements TV, cable Radio Outdoor advertising Newspapers

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