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Purpose The purpose of this plan is to address the most immediate needs of Christ the King Catholic School. Although six needs have been identified (Increased.

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1 Purpose The purpose of this plan is to address the most immediate needs of Christ the King Catholic School. Although six needs have been identified (Increased Communication, Full Kindergarten Enrollment, Budget Shortfall, Student Retention, Tuition/Fundraising Increase, and Alternative Fundraising), one in particular, the Budget Shortfall, is particularly urgent and critical to the continued success of the school.

2  The “Did you know” section will be in every other copy of the Wednesday bulletin.  Send home a balance statement in the Wednesday Envelope once a year showing our revenues/expenses by Wednesday, October 20, 2010.  Meet with Parish Council (once a month) and Parish Finance Committee (quarterly).  Volunteer Calendar –  Budget Informational Meetings  Send out Cross Talk, a quarterly alumni newsletter to highlight upcoming events and keep alumni, parishioners and the community up to date with Christ the King School.

3 Did you know? - have opened a door for communication. Parents have communicated that they did NOT know information that we shared with them via the envelope. Recommendation a short survey re: the bulletin may be a good follow up to find out if it is notable to continue Parish Council Meetings- by meeting with our church community on a regular basis it has improved relationships with Parish Community. Parish Council members and Father appreciate being informed and in the loop re: our finances, challenges and celebrations we have. Budget Informational Meetings - Disappointed in turn out of both events. $ and time were spent and not a big turn out AM – 11 people in attendance and PM 2 people in attendance. Though, this was a good idea some ways to improve this type of meeting may have been to get the word out sooner, provide the opportunity to hear more about the budget “after or before a school function”. Information needs to get to our parents and community. Crosstalk - roughly $5000.00 has been donated in total from the use of the magazine. Not including the sponsors who have paid for the published document. Time spent collecting has been a challenge. Duplicate Mailers have been sent – which needs to be cleaned up. Feedback from community, they like the information that is written in it. Alumni response has not been as strong as I hoped for. Should we continue Quarterly? NO. 3 times a years yes! – would recommend follow up evaluation next year of this magazine.

4 Problem and Actions Taken  This year, we have only 17 students in each kindergarten classroom, even though each class holds 28 students. This means we are down 11 students per classroom, 22 kids in total. This was a disappointing enrollment with significant impact on tuition revenue. While radio and newspaper ads were placed last year, additional open houses scheduled, and preschools visited, it was not a good kindergarten recruiting year.  The lost revenue from 22 fewer kindergartners is approximately $66,000 this year. It represents as much as $600,000 over 9 full years of K-8 enrollment, because when a kindergarten class is not full, that class generally remains under-enrolled all the way through 8 th grade. We have to fill our kindergarten each year.  Recruitment this year needs to start at the end of November. Registration begins February 1, 2010, and it ends when the classes are full or when school begins. Student survey Parent survey Parent Town Hall meetings in regards to the benefits of CK from our parents. Staff Input Alumni /Development Team Parish Council Increase Kindergarten Enrollment

5 Evaluation

6  Each year, students leave for a variety of reasons (moving, financial, sports - middle school, special needs, etc.)  The reasons why they leave must be identified in order to address them. The goal is to keep students from the time they enter CK so they graduate as 8th graders. We see lots of kids leave to go to middle school elsewhere. This equates to lost revenue like the kindergarten issue.  This year, we had 30 students register to come to CK that never showed for the reasons outlined above. If we find a way to retain those 30 kids, then we aren't operating in the red this year!  Meet with parents of students that have left. Identify SAC members willing to call and meet with them  Survey students  Home schooling contacts – why are they not attending  Information breakfast after Mass  Parent readiness nights  Add more first graders for 2011 – 2011  Middle school nights

7  Many parents scheduled visits of the school based on interest from our community outreach efforts – 10 tours were given to families after the Mass and breakfast, 15 tours given following the Family Expo, preschool recruitment efforts all kindergarten student came from the sources of where we had a ambassador, or moved in the area, or the kindergartener is a sibling.  Surveys – we hear you – change came from them, lockers, short term immediate needs plan, communication  Preparedness nights – attendance night one 30 people, night two 17 and night three 17  Middle school preparedness night did not have as good of a following, recommend that this done right have the primary preparedness nights

8  Lockers  Summer school  Teacher switch  6 th grade field trip, Camp Orkila, Silverwood/graduation  Orchestra begins  Aladin Musical Performance  Intramural  Student council involvement  Dances

9  CK School must maximize the fundraising efforts to try and keep tuition down.  A number of students have left for financial reasons. If tuition is raised too much, then more people might leave.  Tuition will have to be raised to make up the difference that fundraising and other revenue streams provide.  Building a development program is a long-term goal, but there are some short term/immediate things CK School can do to maximize the fundraising efforts.

10  Fundraising Team – Chairs of all fundraisers meet – golf, auction, CHECKS, and Sausage Fest (hopefully Alumni Association)  Set goals  Sponsorship guidelines  Fundraising Teams  Set goals – met or exceeded their goal for the 2010/2011 school year  Sponsorship guidelines – a work in progress

11  Grant writing  Parents and teacher volunteers wrote grants through out the school year  Were Granted ▪ The Yakima Diocese Grant $1500.00 ▪ ING Grant – for 4 th grade Pioneer Days $2000 ▪ Target Grant – for Mrs. McIntyre Art texts $2000.00  Generous Donations  10,000 Donated by a parishioner  Cross Talk - contributed to the classroom/teacher needs

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