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North Caddo Magnet High School Jessica Slack, Librarian.

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2 North Caddo Magnet High School Jessica Slack, Librarian

3  A. Increase AR participation A. Increase AR participation  C. Increase reading C. Increase reading  B. Increase library circulation B. Increase library circulation  D. All of the above D. All of the above What is the purpose of the AR Millionaire Club?

4  D. All of the above Since starting the Millionaire Club, Students and teachers alike, are motivated to read AR books !

5 A. Sell candy: boo bags, Santa grams, Etc… C. Ask for local sponsors B. Get donations from other School organizations D. Get the community involved! Fundraisers

6 Students must have circulated The AR book within the school Year. Reading levels and points are Not the focus! Students CAN NOT test on a book That has not been circulated. Students may NOT retest On a book. N.C.M.H. Library Guidelines for Millionaire Club

7 Choose when you want your Competition to begin and end. Visit with classes to promote The competition. Provide book talks and Power points for new books! Post signs and banners announcing The competition. Use your library system As a tool! (we use Destiny Quest to blog) Add your information to Morning or afternoon announcements. Dates and Advertisement

8 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? How can you become the next Millionaire?  Read AR books and take tests.  Only the AR books checked out from N.C.’s library count.  You can not retest on a book!  When you pass an AR test, watch how your word count increases! Check for your name on the library’s bulletin boards or listen to the morning announcements! Rewards Eat lunch off campus at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant with your teachers! Receive certificates and gift cards! Enter a drawing for a chance to win a Wii game system and various prizes! Challenge Ends April 6, 2012

9 Create attractive bulletin boards To display students’ (and teachers’) Progress throughout competition. Find other areas around school To display students’ names. Have students’ names announced When they reach millionaire status – Remember students love to see and Hear their names! Collaborate with teachers to get Ideas! Display Student Progress

10 Millionaires are given certificates And taken to Tokyo Japanese Restaurant for lunch! Every student who participated in The Millionaire Club will be placed In a drawing during the end of Year awards ceremony Transportation provided by Teachers who received millionaire Status! Prizes include gift cards and A Wii game system donated by Our local Walmart! Millionaire Rewards

11 How does AR Word Count work? Using AR management, select a class and choose reports. In report screen, make sure to select date, then Include data from this school year. Scroll down to select Word Count, then click Preview. This provides a total of words read based on AR quizzes the student has passed!

12 Can Millionaire work without AR? YES! You will need the word count for the book, the following sites contain most word counts: Renaissance Learning -click quiz store-type in book title. Information about the book will appear along with the word count! – provides some word count information for books. is a free site for educators! This site contains teacher made book quizzes along with points, levels, and word counts!

13 Choose Books Students WANT to read!!

14 Millionaires in Action!






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