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ESAP2 Communication Day June 18, 2015 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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1 ESAP2 Communication Day June 18, 2015 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2 Media landscape There are more than 24 commercial and community radio stations. There are 17 licensed Newspapers and 20 magazines. Ethiopia has one national TV (EBC) with three outlets. The Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS) is an independent TV channel that broadcasts its contents in Amharic.

3 Media landscape Radio is the main source of news and information in Ethiopia, especially in the rural areas where 80% of the population lives. Four out of five Ethiopians use radio as source of information. Print publications are almost exclusively in Amharic, focus heavily on Addis Ababa, and are usually only available in major cities.

4 Tools for communicating with the media Press release Press conference Media tour Writing opinion editorials TV/Radio talk shows

5 Press releases: writing and distribution What is a press release? An official written statement from an organization to the media. It informs the media about certain achievements, scheduled events and a call for action among others.

6 What to include in a press release New information Facts, statistics and quotes Answer the five W questions; who, what, where, when, why

7 What are parts of a press release? The headline should be short, informative, catchy and compelling. The first paragraph contains the most important facts you have to report and gives the facts significance. The body has additional information and quotes that support the story outlined.


9 Format The release date Contact person with address Headline Organization identification

10 Distribution Planning: which media outlets and news reporters are the right people to get the release? Make a list. Technology: use the speediest technology available; email or fax. Follow up: make phone calls to confirm receipt of press release.

11 Being a Good Source Timely information Local interest Human interest Conflict Uniqueness Credibility Celebrity

12 Group Exercise Prepare a one page long press release focusing on your SA project’s remarkable result/s.

13 Thank You!

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