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Dr. Ahmet TÜMAY, PMP

2 Bugünün Takvimi İletişim Tanışma Ders İçeriği Kaynaklar
Ders İşleme Yöntemi Geçme Kalma

3 İletişim
– 2228 TÜBİTAK – Yazılım Teknolojiler Araştırma Enstitüsü 1478. Cadde No:22 Çukurambar

4 Tanışma Ad Soyad, Tecrübeler (İş, Staj) Dersten beklentiler Proje ?
Proje Yönetimi ?

5 What is Project A Project is a
temporary endeavor to create a unique product, service or result Developing in steps and continuing by increments (progressive elaboration)

6 What is Project Management
Application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Includes: Identify Reqs. Establish clear and achievable objectives Balance scope, time, cost, quality requirements Satisfy stakeholders

7 Ders İçeriği Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body Of Knowdledge (PMBOK) 5th Ed.

8 Niçin PMBOK ? All of them are generally recognized as good practice on most projects most of the time > certified PMP as of September 2012 5th edition of standard will presented in 2013

9 Kaynaklar PMBOK 5th Edition (
CMMI v1.3 Level 2 (+3 IPM) Process Areas ( ISO 12207, 1058 The Deadline, A Novel About Project Management Tom DEMARCO Silver Bullet,

10 Ders İşleme Yöntemi Tekrar saati
Önceki haftanın özeti Haftalık ödevlerin gözden geçirilmesi / quiz Yeni Ders (Proje Yönetimi Bilgi Alanları / Fazları) Ders Dili “Türkçe” Slaytlar, Notlar, Quiz/Sınav “İngilizce” Her Hafta bireysel Sunum Proje Ödevi “Türkçe” / Final Sınavı

11 Geçme Kalma (?) 40 Puan Project Assignments
40 Puan Bireysel Sunum ve Quiz 20 Puan Final Sınavı Devam / Devamsızlık / Derslere Aktif Katılım (Kanaat)

12 Dersler 1. Hafta - 04/01/2013 Project and Project Management
Project Life Cycle Organizational Influences

13 Dersler 3. Hafta - 18/01/2013 Project Management Processes
Project Management Knowledge Areas Integration Management

14 Dersler 5. Hafta - 01/02/2013 Scope Management 6. Hafta - 08/02/2013
Time Management 7. Hafta - 15/02/2013 Cost Management

15 Dersler 8. Hafta - 22/02/2013 Quality Management 9. Hafta - 01/03/2013
Human Resources Management 10. Hafta - 08/03/2013 Communications Management

16 Dersler 11. Hafta - 15/03/2013 Risk Management 12. Hafta - 22/03/2013
Procurement Management 13. Hafta /03/2013 Stakeholder Management Final Week - 29/03/2013

17 Sektör Analizi

18 Global Marketshare Gartner Group (April 2009)
TSP Overview Global Marketshare Gartner Group (April 2009) Worldwide IT spending for 2009 will be $3.2 trillion: $1,891.2 billion – Telecom, $324.3 billion – Computing Hardware, $222.6 billion – Software, $796.1 billion – IT Services, all of which is sustained/supported by software. Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is among the world’s leading information technology research and advisory companies delivering technology-related insights to corporations and government agencies worldwide. © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

19 IT Project Performance - 1
TSP Overview IT Project Performance - 1 “Challenged” projects estimate a 43% average cost overrun, down from 184% in Time overruns have increased to 83% from a low of 63% in Only 52% of required features and functions make it to the released product -- compared to 67% in 2000. Successful projects delivered on time, on budget, with required features and functions. Challenged projects estimated a 43% average cost overrun, time overruns of 83%, and delivered only 52% of required features and functions (in 2002). Failed projects were cancelled prior to completion or delivered and never used. (This chart represents over 50,000 IT projects in large, medium, and small cross-industry world-wide companies tested by The Standish Group since ) © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

20 IT Project Performance - 2
TSP Overview IT Project Performance - 2 © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

21 IT Project Performance - 3

22 IT Project Performance – 4 Standish Group’s CHAOS Summary 2009
TSP Overview IT Project Performance – 4 Standish Group’s CHAOS Summary 2009 The Standish Group estimate IT projects in the US alone: $250 billion allocated to project spending, Wasted $140 billion due to cost overruns or failed projects. © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

23 How can we make sure that our projects succeed?
THE RANDOM APPROACH 1. Do the wrong thing wrong 2. Do the wrong thing right 3. Do the right thing wrong 4. Do the right thing right

24 Project Management What might be required for: A. Your Stage III Project (4 people) B. AMEC's Agip-Tiffany Project (5000 people) Compare and contrast! SOME WISE WORD You can let it happen, make it happen, or wonder what happened.

25 How can we make sure that our projects succeed? *
Remember that the fastest way through the project is to use good engineering practices Managers and teams often want to cut important tasks – especially estimation, reviews, requirements gathering and testing. If it were faster to build the software without these practices, we would never use them. Every one of these practices is about saving time and increasing quality by planning well and finding defects early. Cutting them out will cost time and reduce quality.

26 Learning to Manage Projects
TSP Overview Learning to Manage Projects PMI – PMBOK General Management Standard. It consist of best practices. CMMI process improvement maturity model for development of product and services. It consist of best practices. TSP uses the Personal Software Process to build the team-working skills that a knowledge worker must have for self-management. PSP shows software professionals how to plan and track their own work follow a defined and measured process gather time, size, and defect data how to measure and manage quality They then use these same skills to plan, track, and manage their work and the team’s work use data to consistently produce quality products meet planned commitments anticipate and correct problems © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

27 Learning to Develop Software
TSP Overview Learning to Develop Software Software is currently taught as an individual skill. The emphasis is technical There is little or no attention to disciplined development practice There is no coverage of personal management methods Developers focus on producing programs that run The emphasis is on individual performance In universities, the prevailing software ethic is to code as quickly as possible fix the problems in test For development teams, team-working skills are needed. planning and tracking the work measuring and managing quality anticipating and correcting problems © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

28 Reviews and Inspections Save Time
TSP Overview Xerox found that TSP quality management practices reduced the cost of poor quality by finding and removing defects earlier when costs are lower. Source: Xerox © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

29 Work-Life Balance People are your most important resource.
TSP Overview Work-Life Balance People are your most important resource. Finding and retaining good people is critical to long-term success. Intuit found that TSP improved work-life balance, a key factor in job satisfaction. Source: Intuit © 2008 Carnegie Mellon University

30 ???

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