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2 ASSIGNED PORTFOLIOS  Band Legislation Task Force  Childcare  Finance  Health  Human Resources (Communications)  Urban – Off-Reserve Advisory Council  Shared Responsibility – Treasury and Women’s Commission

3 BAND LEGISLATION TASK FORCE  Proposed GGFN Election Act Third draft submission dated September 2010 Revised version required prior to ratification  Revisions and required schedules have been completed Custom code conversion chart provided editing, recommended, suggestion and required amendments  Governance Unit Meeting, AANDC October 17, 2013  Next Step – Constitution Review, Governance Act and Financial Management Act

4 HEALTH  GGFN HEALTH COMMITTEE TERMS OF REFERENCE Structure 3 to 5 adult members and one elder Include one youth (15 – 25 years) Set Term Term to coincide with the GGFN Governance Term Functions of Committee Provide advisory and recommendations

5 HEALTH  Call for Committee Members – July 2, 2013 Marcia Bitternose Dale Gillman Candace Longman Charlene Longman Denise Morris Youth Representative, TBD

6 HEALTH…WHAT’S NEW?  The Wellness Centre Statement Revised  Wellness Centre Staff Job Descriptions amended and ratified  Youth Outreach Centre – Work plan and Calendar of Events  Unity of Nations Youth Conference  Fall Health Fair

7 HEALTH…WHAT’S NEW?  First Nations and Inuit Health Services Accreditation Health services accreditation is standardized level of quality in health planning, management and delivery of health services. Enables organizations to strive for excellence through participation in a continuous process that leads them from a self-assessment to an action plan for improving all aspects of health care leadership, management and service delivery

8 HUMAN RESOURCES (COMMUNICATIONS)  HR Committee Comprised of GGFN Senior Staff Linda Okanee, Director of Operations Pauline Anderson, CFO Rita Pratt, Post Secondary Bev Vinterlik, SA Ed Bitternose, Lands Manager

9 HUMAN RESOURCES (COMMUNICATIONS)  Human Resources Personnel File Contents Checklist Start date, current job description, verification of education, training certificates, etc Conduct HR Audit – Measure the effectiveness of functions and programs Evaluations - completed Job Descriptions – update and amend Compensation and Benefits - Develop Wage Scale Revised selection and recruitment process Orientation checklist

10 HUMAN RESOURCES (COMMUNICATIONS)  GGFN Personnel Policy Define the treatment, rights, obligations and relations of all GGFN staff – the rules and procedures that protect the workers and the GGFN Administration Policy Review – Last Review was in 2009, Enforced – Nov. 1, 2013 Changes to Canada Labour Code Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) amended and now applies to First Nations

11 HUMAN RESOURCES (COMMUNICATIONS)  George Gordon First Nation Post August 2013 – next edition: target January 2014 Designing the GGFN Health Clinic Newsletter  Advertising Print Media – Brochures, Policy Document  George Gordon First Nation Website Built by Sandy Wall Staff training completed

12 HUMAN RESOURCES (COMMUNICATIONS)  Facebook Policy - use of social media in workplace  GGFN Facebook Page – Administered by GGFN to provide up-to-date and accurate information

13 URBAN  History Motion to support Proposal - November 2012 Urban Development Project Proposal submitted to TLE Board December 8, 2012 Coordinate and provide services for all members regardless of residency

14 URBAN  GGFN Business Centre Investment of GGDL, provides leasing opportunity for office space 2704 10 th Avenue, Regina SK Contact #: 306-949-4230 Urban Services GGDL TLE Post Secondary  -GGFN Urban Services Michelle Pratt, Urban Services Coordinator Melody Bitternose, Receptionist

15 URBAN  Focus on Programs and Services Employment and Training Education Support Health and Wellness Prevention Programs By providing community based programming that are holistic, accessible and reflective of our member’s needs and priorities we can eliminate the barriers to participation and the advocacy required for the progress of our people.

16 URBAN STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION  Phase 1 – Development Phase Acquire office and programming headquarters Staffing – Urban Services Coordinator, Receptionist Develop Off-Reserve Advisory Board Initiate working relationships to develop programming Develop Urban Strategy Needs Assessment Develop as non-profit charitable organization Initiate proposal development Coordinate satellite offices in other Urban settings Develop Phase 2 – 4 work plan

17 URBAN  Off-Reserve Advisory Board Call for members – Closing September 13, 2013 Fred Bird Murall Bird Garth Geddes Ivy Kennedy Heather Montanna Kathleen Worm (McNab)

18 URBAN Long Term Goal The goal of the GGFN Urban Office will be to become self-sufficient. By developing effective programming we will aim to acquire funding sources that our people are entitled to, but not fully realizing such as:  Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy (AHRDS)/SITAG  Urban Aboriginal Strategy  Heritage Canada – UMYAC  City Grant Programs

19 URBAN SERVICES – FUNDING SOURCE Projected Revenue: SIGA$60,000.00 TLE BAND DEVELOPMENT$110,875.00 Confirmed Funding$170,875.00 FUNDRAISING$10,000.00 GRANTS/PROPOSALS$5,000.00

20 URBAN SERVICES – FUNDING SOURCE  Fundraising Initiatives Art Show/Talent Show Poker Tournament – Casino Opportunities GGFN Championships Adult, Oldtimers, Women and Youth



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