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2 History of the Plan In November 2003, Gordon First Nation Chief and Council signed an agreement with the Minister of Health for Canada to develop a Community Health Plan (CHP) in the context of the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) Health Plan Demonstration Site project. This process involved: planning steps preliminary Development of a Community Health Plan included:  developing a health management structure  conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) expanding programs and services, human and financial resources and programs accountability and health indicators and data framework

3 Community Health Needs Assessment identified gaps and health priorities, mainly in the area of population wellness by age group, prevention services, and mental health services, and identifies Gordon First Nation’s health priorities. The revised Community Health Plan provides detailed plans to offer health care services that respond to community needs as described in the Community Health Needs Assessment. Specifically, this report presents a plan to address these gaps through increased health prevention and wellness programs, education and communication activities. **Chronic disease and illness prevalent in the community are thought to be preventable through improved lifestyles.**

4 Implementation of the Plan will enable GGFN to provide the following: Expanded programs to both increase knowledge, level of awareness and support healthy lifestyle choices, within four key themes identified in the Figure below. The three elements in the middle of the figure are ‘enablers’ in achieving these goals Effective, and ongoing communication to raise awareness of Gordon First Nation community of the impacts of lifestyle choices on health outcomes for individuals and families These functions will be directly provided through the addition of three health education and wellness coordinator positions To support the effective management and subsequent evaluation of programs, the hiring of an outside source to evaluate the Community Health Plan in 2016. Sourcing of sufficient community mental health services program funding to meet the community needs.

5 September 2011 Planning Session The areas of interest listed as the priority topics. Children & Youth, Population & Wellness Healthy Living Freedoms from Addictions Effective Management mental wellness gap identified a plan developed to open the Gordon Family Wellness Centre on April 1 st, 2012. The Centre will deliver a program that encompasses existing programs following traditional teachings designed to be more family-orientated. This step allows the Gordon First Nation to assist in the fulfilling of the person’s needs based on the traditional medicine wheel, thus allowing us to evaluate and re-evaluate this program on a yearly basis

6 Community Mandate Gordon First Nation Chief and Council, on behalf of the community, entered into an Agreement with the Minister of Health for First Nation and Inuit Health Branch to produce a Community Health Plan on November 12, 2003. The community would like to renew their agreement with the Minister of Health for First Nation and Inuit Health Branch in 2011.

7 Delivery of Program The Gordon First Nation delivers health services to the Gordon First Nation membership as follows: by way of a Contribution Agreement with First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB), Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and Touchwood Agency Tribal Council (TATC), through the services of a Health Director, Community Health Representative (CHR), Brighter Futures Coordinator and Home Makers, and Certified Home Health Aides supervised by the Gordon First Nation; NNADAP workers and Community Health Nurses supervised by Gordon’s Health Director; and A Home and Community Care Nurse employed by TATC and supervised by First Nation and Inuit Health Branch. As of April 2012, the community has requested that we open a Gordon First Nation Family Wellness and re-assigning the NNADAP programs and the Brighter Future program to meet the need of more family wellness programming that addresses the lack of mental wellness found in the existing programs.

8 Vision Striving Toward the Highest Quality Care and Service Mission The Gordon First Nation is committed to high quality and coordinated care to assist clients to achieve optimal health and wellness.

9 Values We believe in: Offering high quality care and service Maintaining confidentiality and trust The honesty and integrity of our staff The dignity of our clients Open communication with all agencies as it relates to health. Promoting independence of our clients Accessibility of our services Compassion and understanding Being responsible to the needs of others Respecting our Cree/Saulteaux Culture

10 Management Organization – Health Committee Committee if comprised of: of adult Band members Includes one senior/elder appointed by the seniors’ The Appointed by the Health Portfolio Councillors by way of a letter of interest and ratified by the Chief and Council of the Gordon First Nation. Current Members: Terry-Lynn McNab, Portfolio Councillor Maureen Lerat, Health Director Elder Stuart Bitternose, Ed Bitternose, Shirley McNab, Jeanette Anderson, Cathy Geddes, Dale Grey, Arlene Morris

11 Terms of Reference: a)Structure The Health Committee is made up of the following: adult members (3-5) one senior / elder the Health Portfolio Councillor b)Appointment The Gordon First Nation Chief and Council appointees are designated by the Health Portfolio Councillors based on qualifications stated in the Terms of Reference

12 Terms of Reference contd.. c)Qualification of Membership Member selection is determined by the Health Portfolio holder and ratified by the Gordon First Nation Chief and Council. Members must be adult members of the Gordon First Nation and have a strong interest in community health issues and be able to present this interest in a written and verbal presentation. d)Removal or Resignation Members remain on the Health Committee for a set term unless disqualified under the Health Committee Terms of Reference. Members who miss three consecutive meetings, without reason, will be removed from the committee. Removal of a Health Committee member will be in written format, signed by the Chairperson and Committee. Members who resign will notify the Health Committee by letter of resignation, given to the Chairperson.

13 Terms of Reference contd.. e)Vacancy In the event of a vacancy on the Health Committee, the Health Committee will select someone to fill such a vacancy within 30 days, and notify Gordon First Nation Chief & Council.

14 Terms of Reference contd… f)Disqualification A member of the Health Committee is disqualified from holding office for any of the following reasons: term expires; being absent for three consecutive Health Committee meetings, unless the majority of the balance of the Health Committee declare the reason for the absenteeism is acceptable; declared mentally incompetent;

15 Terms of Reference contd… f)Disqualification contd… committed a criminal offence of theft or fraud or another offence that would put the Health Committee in disrepute; Convicted of an indictable offence while being a Health Committee member. Note, in these circumstances, a member would be suspended from the date such charges are laid (a suspended health Committee member does not have to be replaced during the suspension period); Resignation Death.

16 Terms of Reference contd… g)Quorum A majority of Health Committee members present at a meeting constitutes a quorum to hold a meeting and pass motions. Should a quorum not be present, an alternative meeting date would be set. h)Notice of Meetings Other than standing meetings as listed in the schedule of standing meetings, each member must receive at least 24 hour notice of meetings.

17 Terms of Reference contd.. i)Chairperson The Health Committee shall appoint one member as the Standing Chairperson of the Health Committee; The Chairperson holds this position until otherwise changed by the Health Committee; The Chairperson chairs all Health Committee meetings and presents reports to the membership on accountability and financial reporting as required from time to time; The Chairperson acts as spokesperson for the Committee; the Chairperson has the right to vote as a regular member of the Health Committee, in the result of a tie. j)Secretary The Standing Secretary for the Health Committee is designated by the Portfolio Councillor.

18 Terms of Reference contd… k)Functions of the Health Committee: Committee is a volunteer committee; Provides support and direction for the Health Director in regards to health issues; Works with the Health Director to determine annual programming and staff development priorities; Provides clear communication between Chief and Council and the Health Committee;  Committee makes recommendations to Chief & Council Assists with the amendment and implementation of the Community Health Plan; Provides a voice for the community members on health issues.

19 Ethics and Confidentiality Gordon First Nation has established a Code of Ethics for Health Committee members, which also covers confidentiality issues. All Committee members sign this code and a traditional oath (both included).

20 Health Director Gordon’s Health Director is responsible for coordinating the Gordon First NationHealth Plan by working with the Health Committee to ensure financial, human resources and planning strategies are implemented in the best possible manner. The Director is supervised by the Director of Operations. The Director provides supervisory and/or coordinating functions for the health clinic.

21 Health Programs Gordon First Nation, in collaboration with the Touchwood Agency Tribal Council, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and First Nation and Inuit Health Branch, offers a range of on- reserve health programs, services, resources and agencies.

22 Health Services Gordon Indian Medical Clinic Health administration, health education, health information systems, community health nursing, home and community care nursing, community health representatives, Brighter Futures programming, NAADAP programming and home care programs, including home makers and home health aides. Offices and examining rooms for a dentist and medical doctor are available.

23 Health Service contd… Mental Health Therapy Services Provided by Kirk Consulting – services offered for individual services 2X per week Roles to be amended to include group counselling Funded by the Brighter Futures program Family Wellness Centre will open up at the existing Gordon Recovery Centre Three positions that will come from the combination of the NAADAP and Brighter Futures Program. Family Wellness Coordinator Family Wellness Counsellor (2) Youth Wellness Counsellor Oversee to the delivery of programs that will be aimed at engaging the entire family.

24 Other on-reserve health related resources: Gordon Fitness Centre Gordon Day Care Centre Gordon Social Development Committee Family Services George Gordon Education Centre Housing Committee Gordon Arena Public Works and Maintenance

25 Organization Structure…

26 Health Priorities Identified through Community Health Needs Assessment Priority 1 – Children’s Programs Priority 2 – Healthy Living Priority 3 – Freedom from Addictions Priority 4 – Population Wellness Priority 5 - Effective Management and Leadership


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