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NCURA Exchange Programs Kathleen Larmett Karin Dyason Beth Seaton Michelle Vazin Denise Wallen.

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1 NCURA Exchange Programs Kathleen Larmett Karin Dyason Beth Seaton Michelle Vazin Denise Wallen

2 NCURA Exchange Programs -- History Kathleen Larmett, NCURA 2007 -- First discussed with European Association of Research Managers and Administrators – Warsaw, Poland 2008 -- NCURA Membership surveyed and program approved by board – NCURA/EARMA International Research Management Fellowship Program

3 NCURA Exchange Programs -- History 2009 – First EARMA Fellows to U.S. 2010 – First NCURA Fellows selected Erica Lawler, Virginia Commonwealth University Hosted by The Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

4 NCURA Exchange Programs -- History 2010 – First NCURA Fellows selected Don Saha, Carolinas Healthcare System - Hosted by St. George’s University of London Beth Seaton, Western Illinois University Hosted by Gulbenkian Institute, Portugal Kasia Proszowski, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – Hosted by Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences

5 NCURA Exchange Programs -- History 2011 – NCURA International Fellowship Program Increasing collaboration with sister organizations NCURA Board of Directors approves 5 $2,000 travel awards for 2012 NCURA Fellows

6 NCURA Exchange Programs -- History 2012 – NCURA and South African Research & Innovation Management Association Begin plans for joint program

7 NCURA Exchange Programs -- History 2013 Exchange programs begin with NCURA and SARIMA members

8 NCURA Host Institutions – Past and Present Brown University California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California University of California - Irvine University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California California State University - Fresno Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado Columbia University

9 NCURA Host Institutions – Past and Present Illinois Institute of Technology The Johns Hopkins University Lehigh University/Lafayette College University of New Mexico The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Ohio State University Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois University of South Florida Stanford University, Stanford, California University of Texas at San Antonio Texas Tech University Vanderbilt University University of Washington, Seattle, Washington Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

10 Being a Fellow Beth Seaton, Northwestern University When awarded Beth was the Director of Sponsored Projects at Western Illinois University A Predominantly Undergraduate Institution

11 Institutional Backing and NCURA Application Initially the fellow and/or fellow’s institution covered the entire cost of the exchange Application included letter of support from my Provost Awarded and matched up with the Gulbenkian Institute for an early September, 2010 two week visit to Oeiras, Portugal

12 Logistics of my visit Finding lodging Making travel arrangements My work space at the IGC My daily commute After work time

13 My kitchen view in Lisbon

14 My Daily Schedule um galão (oong galowng)- ($.50) and Walk to the train and commute on the train from Lisbon to Oeiras um galão ($.35) IGC – total commute 40 minutes Day started late and ended late by U.S. standards


16 What my fellowship involved Gave presentations at IGC, IMM, and IBET Toured IMM and IBET Participated in staff meetings at IGC, IMM, IBET At IGC met with the equivalents of the VPR, VP for research finance, IACUC/animal facility, development/fund raising, PR/outreach, faculty and post docs/laboratory staff


18 What my fellowship involved Saw presentations on EU FP7 and other funding opportunities available to their faculty Gave presentations on funding searches and pre- award databases we use in the U.S. to IGC staff Worked side-by-side on proposal and budget preparation and financial invoicing Met with a high ranking Minister of Education

19 Highlights The people I met and the beauty of Lisbon Visiting Sintra on my one weekend off Understanding that we are all REALLY doing the same work Having a perfect institutional match Great food and wine at great prices



22 From a Host Institution’s Perspective Michelle Vazin, Vanderbilt University

23 Being a Host Institution  Get Institutional Approval  Provide NCURA with Letter of Intent  Wait to be Selected  Notified of Selection by a fellow  Initial Introduction between you and the fellow

24 Preparation – Before Fellow Arrives  Share information about your institution with your fellow  Get specific information on area of interest from your fellow  Broadcast the upcoming fellow visit with all pertinent areas on campus  Develop a timeline for meetings and activities during the on-site visit (both daytime and nighttime events)

25 Once the Fellow Arrives on Campus  Organize a Meet & Greet event to welcome the fellow to your institution  Have a kick-off meeting and share the finalized schedule with them for their two week visit  Arrange for getting them to and from their meetings on campus  Arrange and finalize all nighttime events

26 Preparing for Fellow’s Departure  Plan an exit meeting with the fellow  Ask for feedback from their perspective on the visit – pros and cons  Share with them how things went from your perspective  Lessons learned

27 Future Plans Denise Wallen, University of New Mexico

28 Building Upon Our Evaluation Reports from Fellows and Host Institutions were received and evaluated by NCURA and EARMA Evaluation Subcommittees Report submitted to NCURA Ambassador Corps, forwarded to the NCURA Board of Directors and EARMA Board Outcomes: Approval to proceed and adopt the Fellowship Program received from NCURA Board of Directors – 2011 NCURA will expand the Fellowship Program to include research administrators globally

29 Evaluation Recommendations Program Recommendations for consideration: Identify and pursue additional funding both US and EU support Further enhance communication between Host Institution and incoming Fellow Adjust Fellow’s schedules to achieve maximum time for integrating and reflecting on new knowledge Promote the integration of Fellow experiences into Home institution Partner with other sister associations

30 Where are we in 2013 Hosting 2 EARMA Fellows at the University of New Mexico who are attending NCURA AM55 NCURA Fellows visited European institutions, attended EARMA Conference and more are going to host institutions in the Fall Have expanded scope to include SARIMA SARIMA has selected their Fellows who will be visiting US Host institutions NCURA Fellows (2) selected to visit South African host institutions

31 Where are we heading Reviewing application guidelines, eligibility criteria and reviewer assessment forms Assessing deadlines and determining standardization of an annual deadline Reimbursement process to fellows to require submission of final reports from fellow and host institutions Continuing the effort for additional outside funding of the program

32 SARIMA Karin Dyason, SARIMA

33 A few words about SARIMA


35 Importance of the NCURA/SARIMA exchange programme for Southern Africa Type of training Very valuable Theoretical training workshops 42.8% Practical training exercises (case studies) 63.8% Exchange programmes 69.8% Access to mentors/experts59.5%

36 Key elements of the SARIMA/NCURA exchange programme Implementation of SARIMA’s Capacity Development and Professionalisation Strategy Expand international activities and grow R&I management and administration capabilities Implementation – awareness raising, pilot phase Call for Host Institutions Call for Fellows Exchange visits Review and lessons learnt

37 Selection of host institutions - pilot

38 Selection of Fellows - pilot Christle de Beer (University of the Free State) – Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago, Illinois. Esther Kritzinger (University of Stellenbosch) – Stanford University, Stanford, California Dr Sinah Sekhula (University of Venda) – California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California. Amelia Rorwana (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

39 Questions?

40 Thank you! Kathleen Michellemichelle.vazin@Vanderbilt.Edumichelle.vazin@Vanderbilt.Edu

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