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Meghan Martins Michael Wasta Kathleen Wedge April 2, 2009.

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1 Meghan Martins Michael Wasta Kathleen Wedge April 2, 2009

2  Section 32 of P.A. 07-3 of the June Special Session  Bill Number 8003  An Act Implementing the Provisions of the Budget Concerning Education  Additional responsibility and authority to the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) to work with low achieving schools

3  The CSDE partners with districts who are identified as being in need of whole district improvement for at least 4 consecutive years.  This is the first year of the Danbury/CSDE Partnership.

4 “If the district (or state) is to hold schools accountable for producing specific outcomes for their students, the district (or state) has the responsibility to provide those schools with the resources (human, material and intellectual) and the conditions necessary to produce those outcomes.” Frederic M. Hess, “Urban School Reform – Lessons from San Diego,” (Cambridge: Harvard Education Press, 2006), p. 119

5  One consultant from the Bureau of School and District Improvement (Meghan);  One consultant from the Bureau of Accountability, Compliance and Monitoring (Kathleen); and  One external consultant, a retired superintendent who serves as member of the team and advisor to the superintendent and the leadership team (Mike).

6 CSDE consultants:  Participate on school and district Cambridge assessment teams;  Assist with roll out of Cambridge district reports;  Participate in District Data Team meetings;  Provide support and co-facilitation of District Improvement Plan (DIP) development;

7  Assist district with establishing a holistic accountability system;  Provide training and technical assistance to district – or broker training and technical assistance from Department or outside organizations;  Assist with planning of Connecticut Accountability for Learning Initiative (CALI) professional development and Request for Service technical assistance;

8  Provide training and support to school administrators in development of School Improvement Plans;  Approve Corrective Action or Restructuring Plans;  Monitor implementation of the DIP; and  Provide avenue for communication from district to CSDE, including updates to and from the Commissioner and State Board of Education.

9  Members are responsible for representing their stakeholder group.  Members must be an avenue for two-way communication (from their constituency group to TDEC and from TDEC to their constituency group).  Only through clear communication can we ensure that this process is one in which the voice of all stakeholders is heard.

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