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Rainforest Animals By Sophie Fenegan.

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1 Rainforest Animals By Sophie Fenegan

2 Lemur Lemurs are found only in the southern part of Madagascar in the dry forest. Male and female Lemurs are very similar. Lemurs live in groups of 17 and at the age of 3 years old they start to breed.

3 Emerald Tree Boa The Emerald Tree Boa lives near trees and shrubs near water (like swamps and marshes.) Its life span is up to years. The Emerald Tree Boa is a carnivore (meat-eater), it hunts at night (its nocturnal.)

4 Jaguar Jaguars are wild cats, they don’t always live in the rainforest they live in other places to e.g. swamps, deserts, and shrubby areas from South and Central America. The Jaguars live in dens in caves. Jaguars are territorial. They are very good swimmers. Jaguars are an endangered species due to loss of habitat and hunting by men.

5 Frilled Lizard The Frilled Lizard has a large thin frill around its head, which frightens enemies. It is even more impressive that it opens its mouth wide and often rears up on its hind legs. When frightened, the lizard will run away, using its back-legs only. Its nickname is the bicycle Lizard.

6 Toucan The Toucan lives in South America and at has a huge beak. The Toucan lives in small flocks in lowland tropical rainforests. It doesn't fly very well and moves mostly by hopping around trees. Toucans roost in holes in trees. They have a croaking call that sounds like RRRRK.

7 piranha The piranha is a ferocious, fresh-water fish. It is native to warm lowland streams and lakes in South America, east of the Andes Mountains. Piranhas have been introduced to other places, including Northern Brazil, Hawaii, and parts of Central and North America. There are many species of piranha that I cant count them! They produce by laying eggs.

8 Orangutan Orangutans are large apes that live in south-east Asia. These apes mostly live in trees (they are arboreal) and swing from branch to branch using their arms. The word orangutan means man of the forest in the Malay language. Men are cutting down the Orangutan’s home. The orangutan's population is decreasing and it is in grave danger of extinction.

9 Capybara The capybara, is the biggest rodent in the world. This semi-aquatic rodent lives in swamps, in marshes, and also in forests (near ponds, lakes and rivers). It is found in Central and South America.


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