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U.S. Government & Civics Strongsville High School.

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1 U.S. Government & Civics Strongsville High School

2 Obama proposed health care reform in a joint session of Congress in Feb. 2009 Health care summits were held Obama signs the Health Care bill into law in March, 2010

3 Senate Finance Committee holds hearings Senate Health,Education, Labor and Pension Committee recommends House Committee on Energy and Commerce vote to send bill to full House Discussions over several months November, House passes its version December, Senate passes its version

4 March 2010, bill sent to President Obama for signature

5 Challenges are made to the validity of the law 11 th Circuit rules that parts are unconstitutional US Court of Appeals rules that the law is unconstitutional Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments

6 SC extends the one hour oral arguments to 3 days and more that 5 hours of arguments Issues addressed by the Court: 1. Does the Anti-Injunction Act apply (an injunction is a court order to stop): 9-0 ruling that it does not apply

7 2. Can Congress compel an individual to buy a product? -government argued that, under the Congress’ Commerce Clause power, it is valid -Court ruled that ACA’s individual mandate unconstitutional 5-4 3. Government argued that the mandate could be upheld due to Congress’ power to “lay and collect taxes” -Court ruled that requiring a person to pay a penalty is reasonable

8 Supreme Court upheld a law proposed by the Executive Branch, passed (narrowly) by the Legislative Branch Justice John Roberts stated: “It is not our role to forbid it or pass upon its wisdom” rather, because Congress is elected by the people, the Court should uphold, whenever possible, legislation

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