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Life in Nazi Germany What was life like in Nazi Germany?

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1 Life in Nazi Germany What was life like in Nazi Germany?

2 Hitler Consolidates Power 1934: Hitler takes the title Fuhrer (Supreme Leader) Hitler bans all other political parties Hitler forms the SS –an elite black-uniformed unit that eliminated Hitler’s enemies –led by Heinrich Himmler Gestapo: secret branch of SS - terrorized & shocked people

3 1933: Joseph Goebbels is Minister of Propaganda Ministry of Propaganda - Children joined the Hitler Youth or League of German Girls -Propaganda is used against the Jews & other perceived enemies of the Reich - orders the burning of books written by Jews or anti-Nazi authors

4 Nazi Propaganda #1 1.Describe cover of the book and the Jewish person in the book. 2.What is the author of this book trying to teach German children? A German children’s book titled: The Poisonous Mushroom

5 Nazi Propaganda #2 Translation: The Jewish worm makes his move 1.Describe the worm, what are in his eyes? 2.What is the poster trying to say?

6 The Nuremberg Laws 1935: two sets of laws were passed in Germany defining race & citizenship 1) Protection of German Blood & Honor – 1935 Racial categories established: German, Mischling (grade 1 & 2) and Jews

7 2) Reich Citizenship Law - 1935 Article 1 – German citizens have obligations to the Reich The laws would forbid the marriage of Jews to non-Jews They also forbid the marriage of Mischlings Jews also couldn’t display the Reich or National Flag Article 2 – Only citizens of the Reich have complete rights

8 Kristallnacht “Night of Broken Glass” 1938: Nazi leaders launch an attack against all Jews Goebbels authorizes the attacks, Himmler & SS carry out the attacks The SS attack Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues Homes are burned and thousands of Jews are arrested Nazis want to eliminate Jews from Germany Nazis begin to experiment with poison gas, first on disabled citizens and eventually on Jews

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