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Wholesale Retail Separation and e-Portal 13 November 2012 1.

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1 Wholesale Retail Separation and e-Portal 13 November 2012 1

2 Background My Broadband September 2007 “If you phone the Telkom retail helpdesk you get an order number over the phone. For ADSL resell, you are supposed to get orders within 48 clock hours. This is so rare it is scary. MyBroadband can confirm that according to the Cybersmart system there are numerous orders pending which have been waiting for over 100 hours. “In some cases we have been waiting 500 hours just for an order number” Customer submit request to WCC / WSC WCC / WSC receive request, validate content, capture on tracking system and dispatch to Commercial Commercial receive request, process on CMSS and send order number back to WCC/WSC WCC / WSC compile customer feedback sheet and submit to customer Customer receive order number On average 5 day process to provide customer with order number 2

3 Situational Risk Breach of agreement (48 Hour processing time is a contractual obligation for WADSL) Anti-competitive complaints – Financial implications in the form of fines – Remedies to be implemented in short timelines Negative media – Reputational damage 3

4 Wholesale Retail separation Equivalence of access Renaissance Project 4 Solution

5 Progress to date: – The e-Portal functionality has been developed to address the risk and to provide OLOs with equivalent of access. – The principles of Wholesale Retail separation was agreed upon and signed off. – The e-Portal project was funded by the Wholesale Retail Separation Project Business Case. – Two modes of access Web Interface and M2M (M2M in testing) – WADSL services were launched last year – 86 Registered Wholesale customers – Internal bulk loader being used to process manual orders submitted by OLO non users via e-Portal functionality 5

6 Business Benefits 6 Benefits: – Customer self-help (equivalence of access) processing functionality Verify if a WSDSL order type is feasible If feasible, place order and receive order number immediately Track Orders – Order validation is visible and OLO can make the decision to place order or not – Order processing timeline reduce to 2-3 minutes – from application to receiving order number (in CPC) – Overall delivery timeline for WADSL reduced to 24 hours (previously between 7 – 10 days) – Operational efficiency

7 Phase 2 Development Completed Testing Mega-line products in QA Sub-rate services on hold Next steps: – Internal testing and staff orientation – Release to customers Dependencies: – Customer adoption – Customer training 7

8 Staff impact Portal implementation: – WADSL – Required 10 staff members in manual process – Require 3 staff members to deal with queries and fall-out – Staff are in the process of receiving refresher training (over the shoulder) for re-deployment to voice. – Data two phases: – Mega-line: Portal will provide welcome relief – Sub-rate services: No impact foreseen at this stage Wholesale Retail Separation – Broadcast services moved from Wholesale to Retail April 2012 – Model for final Wholesale Retail Separation is in the process of being finalized, for targeted implementation 1 April 2013 – Possible impact on staff: Some Wholesale staff may move to Retail. 8

9 Questions

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