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2 Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements in this Release relate to future events and expectations and are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of Words such as “believe,” “estimate,” “will be,” “will,” “would,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “plan,” “project,” “intend,” “could,” “should” or other similar words or expressions often identify forward-looking statements. All statements other than statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements regarding our outlook, projections, forecasts or trend descriptions. These statements do not guarantee future performance, and we do not undertake to update our forward-looking statements. Caterpillar’s actual results may differ materially from those described or implied in our forward-looking statements based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to: (i) global economic conditions and economic conditions in the industries and markets we serve; (ii) government monetary or fiscal policies and infrastructure spending; (iii) commodity or component price increases, fluctuations in demand for our products, or limited availability of raw materials and component products, including steel; (iv) our and our customers’, dealers’ and suppliers’ ability to access and manage liquidity; (v) political and economic risks and instability, including national or international conflicts and civil unrest; (vi) our and Cat Financial’s ability to: maintain credit ratings, avoid material increases in borrowing costs, and access capital markets; (vii) the financial condition and credit worthiness of Cat Financial’s customers; (viii) changes in interest rates or market liquidity; (ix) changes in financial services regulation; (x) inability to realize expected benefits from acquisitions, including ERA Mining Machinery Limited, and divestitures, including the divestiture of the Bucyrus distribution business to our independent dealers; (xi) international trade and investment policies; (xii) market acceptance of our products and services; (xiii) changes in the competitive environment, including market share, pricing and geographic and product mix of sales; (xiv) successful implementation of capacity expansion projects, cost reduction initiatives and efficiency or productivity initiatives, including the Caterpillar Production System; (xv) inventory management decisions and sourcing practices of our dealers or original equipment manufacturers; (xvi) compliance with environmental laws and regulations; (xvii) alleged or actual violations of trade or anti-corruption laws and regulations; (xviii) additional tax expense or exposure; (xix) currency fluctuations; (xx) our or Cat Financial’s compliance with financial covenants; (xxi) increased pension plan funding obligations; (xxii) union disputes or other labor matters; (xxiii) significant legal proceedings, claims, lawsuits or investigations; (xxiv) compliance requirements imposed if carbon emissions legislation and/or regulations are adopted; (xxv) changes in accounting standards; (xxvi) failure or breach of information technology security; (xxvii) adverse effects of natural disasters; and (xxviii) other factors described in more detail under “Item 1A. Risk Factors” in our Form 10-K filed with the SEC on February 19, 2013 for the year ended December 31, This filing is available on our website at

3 From our Chairman and CEO
"While 2013 has been a challenging year, we are confident about the long-term prospects for our business, and when conditions improve, the steps we have taken will position us well to serve our customers and deliver better financial results." Doug Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO

4 Overview Alignment of businesses Global snapshot/extended team
Historical performance/investments 3Q 2013 financial results Winning strategy Sustainable development, global issues and The Caterpillar Foundation 4

5 Construction Industries
Helping our customers build what the world needs Responsible for supporting customers using machinery in infrastructure and building construction applications. Responsibilities include business strategy, product design, product management and development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales and product support. The product portfolio includes backhoe loaders, small wheel loaders, small track-type tractors, skid steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders, mini excavators, compact wheel loaders, select work tools, small, medium and large track excavators, wheel excavators, medium wheel loaders, medium track-type tractors, track-type loaders, motor graders, telehandlers, pipelayers and related parts. ***One product photo was selected to ensure the slide is not busy, please customize the photo if applicable. 5

6 Resource Industries Making it possible for customers to mine and harvest resources, such as coal, iron ore and lumber, in a profitable and sustainable way A segment primarily responsible for supporting customers using machinery in mining and quarrying applications. Responsibilities include business strategy, product design, product management and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales and product support. The product portfolio includes large track-type tractors, large mining trucks, underground mining equipment, electric rope shovels, draglines, hydraulic shovels, drills, highwall miners, off-highway trucks, large wheel loaders, articulated trucks, wheel tractor scrapers, wheel dozers, compactors, select work tools, forestry products, paving products, machinery components and electronics and control systems. In addition, Resource Industries manages areas that provide services to other parts of the company, including integrated manufacturing, research and development. ***Please customize photo if applicable 6

7 Energy & Power Systems Focused on meeting the world’s increased energy needs through a variety of solutions and applications across multiple industries Primarily responsible for supporting customers using reciprocating engines, turbines and related parts across industries serving electric power, industrial, petroleum and marine applications as well as rail-related businesses. Responsibilities include business strategy, product design, product management, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and product support. ***Please customize photo if applicable

8 Customer & Dealer Support
Strengthening Caterpillar’s product support excellence by bringing a strong focus to Cat® branded parts and customer service and delivering outstanding dealer development Supports customers and dealers in a variety of ways, such as providing employee equipment training on job sites, supplying aftermarket parts and service support, and offering eBusiness and Equipment Management solutions. A key strength is the ability to manufacture parts and components, provide remanufacturing solutions and deliver unmatched parts availability to dealers and customers anywhere in the world. ***Please customize photo if applicable 8

9 Financial Products & Corporate Services
Finding ways to sustain financially sound relationships with dealers, customers and suppliers Financial Products Finance Services Human Services Global Information Services Investor Relations Strategy & Business Development Corporate Auditing Specifics for Financial Products (taken from Year in Review): Caterpillar sustains sound relationships with its dealers, customers and suppliers by providing customized financing solutions through offices in more than 35 countries. Financing plans include operating and finance leases, installment sale contracts, working capital loans and wholesale financing plans. The segment also provides various forms of insurance to customers and dealers to help support the purchase and lease of Cat®equipment. ***Please customize photo if applicable 9

10 Global snapshot Global reach unmatched in the industry
More than two-thirds of our sales are outside the United States Cat® equipment — more than 3 million units around the world — is at work for our customers on highways, rail lines, oceans and rivers, in forests, quarries and oil fields Caterpillar manufacturing excellence is supplemented by world-class service businesses, providing logistics, financial products and remanufacturing Data based on year-end 2012 Data based on year-end 2012

11 Our reach Primary distribution is through independent dealers
Dealers develop and support lifelong relationships with customers Dealer financial strength is a competitive advantage A key strength is the ability to manufacture parts and components, provide remanufacturing solutions and deliver unmatched parts availability to dealers and customers anywhere in the world. Our vast dealer network helps Caterpillar and our customers win around the world. Cat® dealers share our passion, enhance our competitive edge and ensure that our customers receive maximum business value from our products and services. Most Cat dealers are independently owned, locally operated businesses and benefit from strong, longstanding customer relationships. Note: Statistics on the slide are from year-end 2012. Data based on year-end 2012 11

12 Collaboration is key Strategic supplier collaboration
Our supply chain: More than 31,000 Suppliers Located in 90 Countries Direct suppliers = 72% Indirect suppliers = 28% Allows Caterpillar to get the right part designed And built from the right plan To the right supplier for production At the right total cost In the right time Our strategic suppliers are viewed as integral to our product development process. We leverage their strengths and solutions as they help us to deliver products that differentiate Caterpillar. By taking advantage of synergies between our company and our suppliers, we’ve not only been able improve quality, but also reduce cost. Data based on year-end 2012 Data based on year-end 2012 12

13 Poised to meet the world’s growing infrastructure needs
A leading exporter 2012 U.S. Exports $22.8 Billion Poised to meet the world’s growing infrastructure needs Data based on year-end 2012 U.S. exports of $22.81 billion increased 16 percent from 2011 to 2012. Data based on year-end 2012

14 Caterpillar has a large portfolio of company and product brands…over the years starting in the mid 80”s , our growth initiatives have included acquisitions that have extended our product offerings within an industry, expanded our scope to new industries, and stretched our geographical reach. We are a complex, global company with many brands…naturally Cat is the flagship products and services brand, and is our most iconic, but a good brand portfolio will have complimentary brands to round out the offering to better match the customer needs within different value propositions. Unfortunately, before 2010 little brand strategy had been applied to these acquisitions. As an enterprise, we were content to let each business unit manage their own brands independently without consideration for the enterprise portfolio. This over time, created a portfolio that was fragmented and confusing to the marketplace. Note Siwei is not on this list as it’s brand strategy is currently under review The $8.5B acquisition of Bucyrus in 2011 was the first implementation of this new strategy…officially, from the first day of Caterpillar’s legal ownership , the company (employees, facilities, vehicles, etc) became Caterpillar, and the products began migrating to Cat. Interestingly enough, the Bucyrus brand was actually older than Caterpillar, with very strong equity within the mining industry. There is legacy, heritage, culture and emotion to overcome with such a decision, but the ultimate goal is to strengthen Caterpillar and Cat brand awareness while improving the customer experience Generally, this has been a widely successful transition…ex-Bucyrus employees have a clear understanding of who they work for, Caterpillar’s ability to compete within the mining industry grew from 20% to 70% of the opportunity with this acquisition…the product is a natural extension of the existing Cat product thereby strengthening the Cat offering to the mining industry, we distribute and service the product through our very solid Cat distribution network which gives the customer one , very capable supplier network to deal with… We know with previous product integrations - and we are living it again with Bucyrus product – that we cannot simply change the color of the machine and it becomes Cat…there is much to do over many years to come to fully integrate the product design into our Cat DNA (quality, durability, reliability, functionality, safety, serviceability, parts availability, etc)…however, we do know, that once the yellow paint and Cat decals go on the machine, the customers EXPECT it to meet Cat brand attributes

15 Historical performances
Profit Per Share (Diluted) (in dollars) Consolidated Sales & Revenues (in billions of dollars) Dividends Declared Per Share (in dollars) Increased 10 percent to $65.88 billion in 2012, an all-time record Significant increase in profit per share in 2012 was an all-time record Here is just a snapshot of our history for PPS, dividends and sales and revenues. Data based on year-end 2012 2012 marked the 19th consecutive year Caterpillar has paid an increased dividend to stockholders Data based on year-end 2012

16 Investing in technology and product innovation
Industry leading R&D investment Rich Technical Expertise 11,000 engineers and technologists 994 patents granted in 2012 7,348 active patents worldwide Integrated Product & Technology Strategy Energy & Power Systems Machines & Machine Systems Automation & Enterprise Solutions Caterpillar has an integrated product and technology strategy that defines what new features and solutions we will research and develop for Cat customers. The technology strategy aligns research programs with product plans to ensure that next generation products will have the features and solutions customers need to enhance their business success The technology strategy is enabled by two unique Caterpillar advantages – a rich community of product development experts around the world, and an industry-leading investment in research and development The global Caterpillar product development community is highly innovative, and focuses their innovation on meeting and exceeding the needs of Cat customers Research and development at Caterpillar is all about creating value for customers - continuously improving products, and the processes and tools we use to create them, to help customers get the most out of their investment in Cat. Caterpillar’s integrated product and technology strategy is organized around three areas of opportunity for customer value: Energy & Power Systems, Machines & Machine Systems, and Automation & Site Solutions Caterpillar’s R&D investment supports research programs in each of these theme areas In the Energy & Power Systems theme area, research is currently underway to explore means of improving fuel efficiency and reducing costs at the power system level. We are also researching the advantages that alternative fuels and power density can have on engine and machine productivity and efficiency. In the Machines & Machine Systems theme area, research is currently underway to explore the advantages that system integration, energy storage and recovery, and product architecture can have on productivity, efficiency and product cost reduction. In the Automation & Site Solutions theme area, research is currently underway to explore the advantages that autonomy and worksite solutions can have on machine and fleet productivity and efficiency. We are also researching how product information can be used to enhance customer business success. Patent detail from Product Development Global Tech – February 2012: Worldwide Total Patents Active in 2012: 7,348 (Non-U.S.: 3,808; U.S.: 3,540) Worldwide Total Patents Granted in 2012: 994 (Non-US: 662; U.S.: 332) Data based on year-end 2012 Ongoing Research Focus Fuel efficiency … Alternative fuels and fluids … Product cost reduction … System integration … Power density … Energy storage and recovery … Prognostics and diagnostics Data based on year-end 2012 16

17 Historical performance
Note: This slide will be updated annually following the results release to reflect the current state. Sales and revenues increased 10 percent to $65.88 billion in 2012, an all-time record. Operating profit was $8.57 billion compared with $7.15 billion in 2011. A significant increase in profit per share in 2012 reflected effective profit pull-through, one of our "Big 8" strategic imperatives. Direct link to 4Q 2012 and Year-End 2012 video (Caterpillar CFO Brad Halverson) YouTube video:

18 3Q 2013 versus 3Q 2012 2012 2013 2012 2013 2012 2013 Sales & Revenues
(in billions) Profit after tax (in millions) Profit per share (in dollars) $2.54 $16.4 $1,699 $13.4 $1.45 $946 Note: This slide will be updated quarterly following the results release to reflect the current state. Third-quarter sales and revenues of $ billion were down from $ billion in the third quarter of Profit per share for the third quarter of 2013 was $1.45, down from third-quarter 2012 profit per share of $2.54. “This year has proven to be difficult, with expected sales and revenues nearly $11 billion lower than last year. That is a 17 percent decline from 2012, with about 75 percent of the drop from Resource Industries, which is principally mining…With $11 billion coming off the top line, it has been a painful year and has required wide ranging and substantial actions across the company. Year-to-date, excluding the impact of inventory absorption, we've lowered costs about $700 million and reduced capital expenditures by about $400 million. We've continued to improve our operational performance this year and it's unfortunate that the improvements we've made have been far overshadowed by the sales decline in mining. Safety levels in our factories continue to improve and product quality is better — we see it in our metrics and are hearing it from dealers and customers. While our machine sales are down, in most industries, including mining, we're doing better than our competitors as a whole and that includes those in China. Our year-to-date sales in China are up, including an increase of almost 30 percent in the third quarter of Our balance sheet is the strongest in years; we're having a great year for cash flow; our debt-to-capital ratio is improving; we repurchased $2 billion of stock and raised the dividend 15 percent. In addition, our Power Systems segment has done a good job this year. It's our largest segment with sales and profit that has been relatively stable in 2013," Oberhelman said. 2012 2013 2012 2013 2012 2013 Click here to watch CFO Brad Halverson discuss Second-Quarter 2013 results (Requires internet connection.)

19 A winning strategy Focused on our customers Our Goals:
Our customers are profitable and create a more sustainable world Stockholders view us as a great long-term investment Our people are engaged in a safe, inclusive environment In 2010, Caterpillar rolled out the company’s enterprise strategy to employees, dealers, suppliers and shareholders, setting the stage for the next phase of the company’s leadership and growth in the global industries it serves.  The updated strategy drives execution in key areas of the business that are critical to customers – quality, production capability and cost. The strategy update includes a vision of the future where: Caterpillar is the recognized leader everywhere it does business. Our products, services and solutions help our customers succeed. Our distribution system is a competitive advantage. Our supply chain is world class. Our business model drives superior results. Our people are talented and live Our Values in Action. Our work today helps our customers create a more sustainable world. Our financial performance consistently rewards our stockholders.   Goals for the next five years are focused in three areas: Delivering superior results to remain an attractive investment for our stockholders. Developing the best team of people and providing a great, safe and inclusive place to work as measured by world-class safety and inclusion. Becoming the global leader everywhere we do business – Our products, services and solutions help our customers succeed.

20 Our Values in Action Integrity The Power of Honesty
Excellence The Power of Quality Teamwork The Power of Working Together Commitment The Power of Responsibility Our Values in Action are what define us as a company, the foundation that has helped us succeed in the past and will continue to help us succeed in the future. Our Values in Action is a guide that defines how we work and how we treat each other and those with whom we work, live and serve. Caterpillar has always taken a leadership role in regards to holding itself to the highest ethical standards. Our core values remain constant – Integrity: The Power of Honesty Integrity is the foundation of all we do Excellence: The Power of Quality We have an intense, acute focus on the customer Teamwork: The Power of Working Together We help each other succeed Commitment: The Power of Responsibility We embrace our responsibilities

21 The Caterpillar Business Model
Executed in Close Partnership with our Dealers SEED Value-based products and services Design and development GROW Lead in field population Various paths to market HARVEST Aggressively pursue parts and services Unmatched Dealer Support Our Business Model: We win by delivering valued, quality products, services and solutions to our customers which provide the lowest total owning and operating lifecycle costs. This value proposition, enabled by our unmatched customer support, creates the largest global field population, highest customer loyalty and attractive profitability through the business cycle. SEED Design and build valued products and services GROW Grow the field population in developed and growth markets Various paths to market – new, rental, used – depending upon industry and customer HARVEST Work with Dealers to provide the best parts and services support in the industry Provide industry-specific solutions that add customer value Increase customer loyalty and lead to new opportunities to sell products and services

22 A focus on Sustainable Development
Create a culture of sustainable development Follow high performance standards in our operations Identify and pursue business growth opportunities Caterpillar makes sustainable progress possible. We have set aspirational, long-term goals for our operations as well as our products, services and solutions and believe these higher standards affirm our determination to lead our industry to a more sustainable future. (Baseline 2006) We are focused on creating a culture of sustainable development in all our business units and in all our daily work. We identify and share best practices to promote our employees' awareness and understanding of sustainability. We continue to foster a corporate culture of transparency, disclosure and engagement. In our operations, we actively encourage employees to conserve resources and be more efficient. Operating in a more efficient manner will reduce impacts on people and the environment, and help us and our customers save money. The Caterpillar Production System provides the recipe for efficiency and sustaining excellence in our facilities. Safety, energy conservation, water planning and waste reduction projects embraced by global Caterpillar employees foster sustained improvements toward our operations goals. We are continually working to embed sustainability into our Caterpillar brand portfolio, our new product development process and our technologies. Our business leaders continue to drive growth in sales of products, services and solutions that help customers meet their sustainability challenges. The world's increasing demand for energy will encourage discovery of new supplies, conservation of energy, use of alternative/renewable energy sources and the environmentally efficient use of existing energy sources. Caterpillar supplies solutions for a demanding world: BRIGHTENING PROSPECTS AROUND THE WORLD - As electricity use rises, Caterpillar is meeting emergency, standby and continuous power generation needs with an unparalleled line of diesel generator sets, natural gas generator sets and integrated power systems. CONVERTING POWERFUL ALTERNATIVES - Caterpillar helps customers produce power efficiently – from alternative and renewable fuels, such as methane from landfills, livestock manure, sewage treatment and underground coal mines. DRIVING BETTER PERFORMANCE - Global demand for energy, rising fuel prices and tighter emissions regulations are challenging our customers to work more efficiently. Caterpillar is responding by enhancing the efficiency of its equipment and improving product technologies. BRINGING IT UP RIGHT - Caterpillar is engaged in the mining industry at every level, working alongside customers to help them mine efficiently and productively while protecting the health and safety of miners. SAVING ENERGY ON THE JOB - As electricity use rises, Caterpillar is positioned to promote sustainable progress by helping customers be more efficient and to enable growth and development in sustainable ways. TECHNOLOGIES FOR EFFICIENCY - Caterpillar is constantly developing and refining advanced technologies to make equipment more productive and efficient, and to effectively manage equipment fleets and operations. REMANUFACTURING - Caterpillar restores near end-of-life parts to original engineering specifications through remanufacturing, an advanced form of recycling. CAT® CERTIFIED REBUILD - Cat® machines are so durable that instead of scrapping older models, rebuilding them to excellent reliability, performance and durability is possible, providing a second lease on life.

23 Global Issues – Why we get involved
While our role in the world is always evolving, our positions on key issues affecting us all are clear and long standing. Energy: There is no one single solution to providing globally abundant, reliable, secure, clean and reasonably priced energy. All energy sources need to be developed and used in an environmentally responsible manner. Caterpillar plays a major role in the exploration, development, extraction and delivery of many forms of energy -- traditional and alternative. Our efforts benefit the world's growing energy demands. Trade: Free trade requires us to continually improve our global competitiveness and creates an environment that allows us to better respond to our customers’ needs and to grow our business profitably. Caterpillar supports policies that enhance competition in the global marketplace and reduce trade and investment barriers. Infrastructure: From growth economies where new infrastructure is required, to developed areas where aging networks need improvement, Caterpillar supports investment in transportation and infrastructure as a key enabler of sustainable development, economic growth, competitiveness and long-term job creation. We believe that Caterpillar and our dealers deliver the best products and services in the world, which is how we build our business. However, the actions that governments take around the world can have significant impact—both positive and negative—on Caterpillar, our employees, customers, and shareholders. We think it is important for our government leaders to understand the impact of such policies. Therefore, on appropriate issues, when it is constructive under the applicable political system, we advocate in a manner consistent with all governing laws and Our Values in Action. Global Energy Policy: Caterpillar is one of the world’s leading technology suppliers to the diverse energy market, and leverages its technology and innovation to meet the world’s growing energy needs. Energy consumption is rising rapidly, driven by worldwide population growth, developing economies, improving global living standards, and the use of ever more energy-dependent technologies. We believe: • Energy sources need to be developed and used in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. • There is no single solution to providing globally abundant, reliable, secure, clean and reasonably-priced energy. Leadership is required to forge consensus and a commitment to providing global energy and related infrastructure that address economic development, stability and environmental impacts. • We need market-based, cost-efficient energy solutions. • Access to affordable and dependable energy is critical for energy security and economic prosperity. We support balanced, comprehensive energy policies that include the responsible development and utilization of all energy resources—both traditional and alternative. • Regulations should provide a competitive, technology neutral and level playing field. • Energy efficiency strategies such as remanufacturing and technologies, such as distributed generation, combined heat and power, electric drive industrial equipment, clean diesel, and unconventional gas engines and turbines will be critical to answering the challenge. Global Trade Policy: Caterpillar supports policies that enhance competition in the global marketplace and reduce trade and investment barriers. Caterpillar competes best in a free trade environment. Free trade requires us to continually improve our global competitiveness and creates an environment that allows us to better respond to our customers’ needs and to grow our business profitably. It offers us the opportunity to source globally and thus compete effectively while providing maximum value to users. We believe increased commercial engagement leads to economic gains that raise standards of living, improve the quality of life and promote sustainable development. Trade liberalization is an important contributor to solving the global problems of hunger, poverty and disease. And trade policies should allow the benefits of the global economy to be extended to developing countries. Global Infrastructure Policy: Infrastructure investment is a key enabler of sustainable development, economic growth, competitiveness and long-term job creation. From growth economies where new infrastructure is required, to developed areas where aging networks need improvement, Caterpillar supports investment in transportation, energy, telecommunications, and waste and water treatment infrastructure as a key enabler of sustainable development, economic growth, competitiveness and long-term job creation. In order to promote growth, competitiveness and the general well-being of their citizens, governments have a responsibility to maintain appropriate levels of productive investment in infrastructure while providing a level-playing field for private investors and suppliers. Leveraging private investment can bring additional sources of funding, when supported by fair and predictable policies to maximize the certainty and timeliness of financial returns. However, growth-enhancing public investments cannot be fully delegated to the private sector, and public financing should continue to comprise the bulk of infrastructure investment. Governments can influence the affordability of infrastructure through the facilitation of permitting, the reduction of administrative burden and the simplification of related requirements. The government role for infrastructure financing is based on national needs including: urbanization, commerce and trade policy, travel, emergency preparedness, defense 23

24 A proactive community member
The Caterpillar Foundation: “Making Sustainable Progress Possible in our Communities” worldwide via investments in: Basic Human Needs - Disaster relief, school feeding program, charity: water Access to Education - Junior Achievement Worldwide, FIRST Robotics Conservation of Resources and the Environment - Great Rivers Partnership The Caterpillar Foundation reflects the philanthropic efforts of Caterpillar Inc. Founded in 1952 by Caterpillar, the Caterpillar Foundation has contributed more than $550 million to help make sustainable progress possible around the world by providing program support in the areas of environmental sustainability, access to education and basic human needs.  Caterpillar is a proactive member of communities around the world and invests significant time and resources in promoting the health, welfare and economic stability of those communities. Caterpillar encourages employees to participate in community activities that promote the common good and believes that our success should also contribute to the quality of life in, and the prosperity and sustainability of, communities where we work and live. A Matching Gift program and United Way match available to U. S. employees and retirees, encourages participation in philanthropic giving.

25 Our competitive edge In the simplest of terms, as leaders of Caterpillar, our job is two fold. Leave the place better than we found it and in more capable hands. Fortunately those that went before us did just that. I would challenge you to think of any company that is better positioned to win in the global market place: We have the broadest line up of machines and engines in the industry, We have a global manufacturing footprint, We have an unmatched dealer organization, We are vertically integrated allowing us to do things no competitor can do, We have a broad array of services like parts, financing and insurance. The foundation for all of this was put in place by those that have gone before us. While we have a great history, I remain convinced, the best is yet to come.

26 For more Caterpillar information, visit
To learn more about the Company, including more information on the topics discussed today, visit our corporate website, In addition, for up-to-date news and information about Caterpillar, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn and download the news App in the App Store or on Google Play. Note: web address and social media icons are all hyperlinks when in presentation mode. If time allows, consider sharing these vehicles with your audience. Note that an internet connection is required.

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