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‣Find vendors with best prices ‣Fill out Purchase Requisition

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2 ‣Find vendors with best prices ‣Fill out Purchase Requisition ‣Submit Requisition to Old Main 206 ‣Contact Person: Rob Waksdahl, Old Main 206

3 ‣If Bringing Entertainer or Speaker, fill out Contract Paperwork o For Assistance, contact Allison Gerland, YU 155 o Allison Gerland must sign-you cannot sign any agreements, contracts, memos of understanding ‣For Honorariums, use Payment to Individual

4  Food: SUFAC funding may be used for meals or refreshments if org has obtained approval as part of SUFAC budget prior to event.*fundraised money is exception. ◦ Use pre-approved vendors. In YU, less than $100.  For Aviands: Fill out Catering Request form  Purchase requisition/field order must be done for the food items through approved vendors  Printing: Superior Print, Screen Graphics (local companies)  Office Supplies: Staples/Corporate Express  For any other Items, Consult Rob Waksdahl in Old Main 206

5  Plan Ahead: Set up an Appointment  Driver’s Authorization  Travel Advance  Travel Expense Report: filled out after trip  Contact person: Suzie Bednar-Munsell, Old Main 206  Remember to: collect emergency information, fill out trip responsibility, release and authorization form, and if needed, recognition of agency statement (if advisor not traveling with group)

6  Set up Cost Center Account  Fundraisers ◦ Bake Sale – use non-food items or pre-packaged/bakery items; not “hot” food or from deli ◦ Raffles Review Cash Handling Policy  Department Deposit Form: Don’t forget to deposit money after the event  Contact Person: Jeff Kahler, Old Main 206

7  Ticket Sales: ◦ Review Cash Handling Policy ◦ Obtain Cash Box and Receipt Book from Cashier’s Office ◦ Starting Cash: Contact Suzie Bednar-Munsell  Movie Rental: Contact Allison Gerland, YU 155 ◦ Order from Swank with “discount” or get written permission from producer for public showing  More Financial Policy forms can be found at:

8  Don’t Wait Until Last Minute.  Give Adequate time for Business Office to process your request.  Remember: The Sooner the Better!


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