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OUR PANEL OF CONSULTANTS Dr. Vedati Packiam (BHMS) 9810089390, Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (BHMS) 9810710971 Dr. Virinder Kaur (BHMS) 9891469348, Dr. Ruchi Srivastava.

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Presentation on theme: "OUR PANEL OF CONSULTANTS Dr. Vedati Packiam (BHMS) 9810089390, Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (BHMS) 9810710971 Dr. Virinder Kaur (BHMS) 9891469348, Dr. Ruchi Srivastava."— Presentation transcript:


2 OUR PANEL OF CONSULTANTS Dr. Vedati Packiam (BHMS) 9810089390, Dr. Sangeeta Chopra (BHMS) 9810710971 Dr. Virinder Kaur (BHMS) 9891469348, Dr. Ruchi Srivastava (BHMS) 22610121 Dr. Alok Bhatnagar (BHMS) 32758082, Dr. Monica Bhatnagar (BHMS) 9810536539 Dr. Abha 09820301994, Dr. Jyoti 08023604752 Dr. Namita Dhingra (BHMS) 9818623940 NOW YOU CAN AVAIL OF HOMOEOPATHIC CONSULTANCY AND MEDICATION INTO YOUR WORKING ENVIRONMENT

3 1.Homoeopathy has the potential to be a mainstream form of medicine. There is a growing and revised interest in homoeopathy all over the world. Its growth rate in popularity in the U.S has been around 25-50% a year throughout the last decade. In India, also there has been a resurgence of interest in homoeopathy. 2.People are increasingly concerned about: a.Adverse effects of chemical based drugs b.Escalating costs of conventional health care c.Problems related to longer life expectancy and modern lifestyle, which have brought with them an increased risk of developing chronic, debilitating diseases. d.Illnesses caused by conventional drug treatments (Iatrogenic diseases) 3.Homoeopathy today provides simpler, gentler remedies for all minor and major health issues making it a promising provider of health care 4.The Government Of India has reiterated that homoeopathy offers a wide range of preventive, promotive and curative treatments that are not only cost effective but highly efficacious. 5.The Central Council for Health has recommended that one physician from ISM&H (Indian System Of Medicine and Homoeopathy) should be available in every primary health care center. The council also resolved that expenses on treatment taken in these hospitals should be recognized for reimbursement for government employees. WHY HOMOEOPATHY

4 ADVANTAGES OF HOMOEOPATHY 1.TREATMENT – Homoeopathy deals with a wide spectrum of disorders including acute and chronic diseases like respiratory ailments, gastric, urinary, spinal, trauma, auto immune disorders, lifestyle related problems, anxiety, stress etc. Even so called surgical disorders such as tonsillitis, renal and gall bladder calculi, early cataract, chronic sinusitis, uterine fibroids, cysts, warts, piles, fistula, fissures etc are treatable via homoeopathy. Infact, besides purely surgical ailments such as very large tumors, intestinal obstruction, dental cases, severe haemorrhages, advanced malignancies, homoeopathy deals with all disorders as well as conventional drugs without the accompanying adverse effects. 2.SCIENTIFIC - Homoeopathy is as scientific as mainstream medicines. Homoeopathy does not base it’s effectiveness on animal experiments which have no relevance to humans. Prescribing is not based on empirical or accidental discovery of effects, but on rational, systematic observation of the effects of remedies on healthy and sick people. 3.NON-SUPPRESSION - Many mainstream treatments thwart or weaken the immune and neurological response by simply interfering with body processes – While homoeopathy works in harmony with the immune system. Hence while on homoeopathic medication a patient often is able to carry on working and is relatively more productive. 4.EFFECTIVENESS - Homoeopathy is extremely effective. When the correct remedy is taken, results are as rapid as those observed after taking universally accepted drugs. Infact often the results are more dramatic, complete and permanent. 5.SAFETY - There is no dispute about it’s safety – There are no side-effects whatsoever, even if bottles of medicines are consumed, or one accidentally takes the wrong medication. There is no drug residue, addiction or build of tolerance, even with long term use.

5 WHY HEALTH CONCEPT 1.Health Concept proposes bringing homoeopathy to you – into your working environment – Now you can avail of homoeopathic consultancy and medication without stepping out of your office. 2.The consultants from Health Concept: a.On an average have worked for 10 yrs. in the field of homoeopathy. b.Are modern day homoeopaths providing quick and efficient remedies. c.Have years of experience in dealing with occupational and lifestyle problems eg. reccuring, nagging problems like headaches, nausea, spondylosis, stomach problems, weight issues, low immunity, stress to more serious problems like hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. d.Are outgoing and people friendly doctors – their main aim being to benefit companies by benefiting individual employees. e.Have worked at prestigious clinics and hospitals – like Kishore Clinics, Metro Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Charitable dispensaries, panel of Indian Airlines etc – and then have started their own private practice. f.Work with computer software that helps them to work faster and more accurately. 3.Health Concept is functional nationally – we can provide consultants in any major city of India. 4.The goal of Health Concept for your Company is : Happy and healthy employees, increased productivity, maximum and sustained workforce, less absenteeism, good work environment and a lower attrition rate. 5.Health Concept offers health solutions at a highly economical and affordable price, ensuring value for your money. 6.Health concept provides homoeopathic medicines from the best companies here in India and abroad

6 ARRANGEMENTS FOR CONSULTATION 1. A day (Days) is fixed within the week mutually decided by the HR department of the concerned company and Health Concept for Consultation. 2.Prior information is made available to all employees well in advance maybe 2-3 days in advance through mail and notices. 3.A consultant is made available for consultation on the decided day and medication is provided for all patients. 4.Medicine is given for one week as a standard procedure. 5.Follow up (if required) of a patient is done the next week. 6.Health Concept also offers Patent medication for 20 minor recurrent problems like Headaches, Neck pain, Nausea, Constipation, Diarrhoea etc.—these medicines are availed of along with the regular medicines given to patients as sos medicines. 7.For those employees who due to lack of time are unable to visit the consultant on the decided day – may avail of the patent medicines and then follow up is either done during the following visit or via the mail. 8.Health concept provides a fairly lengthy Questionnaire for those patients suffering from chronic or long term ailments – This can also be mailed to patients – Following which the patient can fill it up whenever he or she has time – and either send it via mail or give it to the consultant on her next visit 9.For any queries during the week – Patients may also contact the consultant via phone or e-mail – All Consultants at Health Concept have their own private practices – Employees may visit them during the week at the private facilities along with their family members.


8 _________________________________________________________________ A1/ 252 Basement, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 29 Ph. Nos. - 51651851, 51651852 Fax - 51651850 E-mail: Websie:

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