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The Battle of Britain Take the Quiz and See what you know!

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1 The Battle of Britain Take the Quiz and See what you know!

2 Question #1 Who is the man that said “What General Weygrand called the Battle of France is over, the Battle of Britain is about to begin".? A.Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower B.Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill C.Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler D.Isoroku YamamotoIsoroku Yamamoto

3 Eh… No. Incorrect. The answer is Winston Churchill. Continue? Click Here

4 Correct! That’s right, Winston Churchill said those very words before the battle broke out in full. Next Question

5 Question #2 What was the main aircraft used by the British in the Battle of Britain? This aircraft was the predecessor to the Supermarine Type 224. A. MesserschmittMesserschmitt B. Hawk HurricaneHawk Hurricane C. Boulton Paul DefiantBoulton Paul Defiant D. Supermarine SpitfireSupermarine Spitfire

6 Heh, Wrong Wrong, the Messerschmitt’s were the only fighters employed by the Germans. The rest of the German aircraft were bombers. Continue? Click Here

7 Guess Again Hawk Hurricane was a less effective fighter employed by Britain. Very few actually saw a dogfight in the Battle of Britain. Continue? Click Here

8 Wrong-o The Boulton Paul Defiant was mainly used as a interceptor alongside spitfires. The role for this fighter was a defensive patrol, but only three were delivered before the war. It had an extremely heavy machine gun that made it effective against bombers. Continue? Click Here

9 That’s Right Supermarine Spitfires were the main fighter for the RAF. Before the start of the war, about 2,143 Supermarine Spitfires were made and employed in several RAF squadrons. Next Question

10 Question #3 What was the name of the machine that allowed British forces to intercept and translate German transmissions? A.The SigmaThe Sigma B.DogmaDogma C.The EnigmaThe Enigma D.The InterceptorThe Interceptor

11 Incorrect The Enigma is the device that allowed British to intercept messages sent by the Germans. It wasn’t able to reveal German tactics, but it gave a general idea as to what the Germans had planned. Continue? Click Here

12 You got it! The Enigma is the name of that very device. It allowed the British to decode messages sent by the Germans in order to get a general idea of what they had planned. Next Question

13 Question # 4 Which of these machines is another new device that helped British forces hold back the Germans? A.SonarSonar B.GPSGPS C.Dornier 17Dornier 17 D.RadarRadar

14 Nope The Sonar is a device that detects sound waves. It’s generally used underwater, not in air battles. Continue? Click Here

15 Nuh-uh The GPS wasn’t invented back then. Not much to explain there. Continue? Click Here

16 Nyope The Dornier 17 was a bomber employed by German air forces. Obviously, if it wasn’t in British possession, how could it help them? Continue? Click Here

17 Absolutely The Radar was a system that allowed the British to see where the German forces were coming from. Next Question

18 Question #5 What was the main reason for the Battle of Britain? A.Germany wanted to seize land in Britain.Germany wanted to seize land in Britain. B.Britain had defected from the Axis during WWII.Britain had defected from the Axis during WWII. C.Germany wanted to weaken British naval ports.Germany wanted to weaken British naval ports. D.Hitler’s Final Solution called for this action.Hitler’s Final Solution called for this action.

19 Guess not, huh? The British were aiming to gain British land or at least force them into peace, but it would have been extremely difficult to capture any land from Britain. The German’s launched an air strike in order to weaken British naval forces and attempt to put them out of the war. Continue? Click Here

20 No. Britain was not any part of the Axis at any moment in time during WWII. Continue? Click Here

21 Yes! The main reason for the attack on British land was to weaken their naval forces, the most dangerous aspect of Britain. Germany definitely didn’t want a naval force of that size to enter the war as opposition. Next Question

22 Nooooooo. Hitler’s “Final Solution” was planned for the mass eradication of Jews. Gypsies and homosexuals and other outcasts were also targeted, but not Brits. Continue? Click Here

23 Question #6 What was the name of the two opposing forces given to the German and British Airforces? A.British: RAF German: LuftwaffeBritish: RAF German: Luftwaffe B.British: SAS German: Third ReichBritish: SAS German: Third Reich C.British: RAF German: LuftwaffleBritish: RAF German: Luftwaffle D.British: SAS German: LuftwaffeBritish: SAS German: Luftwaffe

24 Correct The British air force name was decreed the RAF or Royal Air Force. The German air force was known as the Luftwaffe. Credits page

25 Wrong The British air force was known as the RAF or Royal Air Force. The German’s air force was known as Luftwaffe. Credits Page

26 Thanks for Playing! Try again some other time!

27 Credits Question Ideas Brian Perez Power Point Work Chris Diaz Music Cave Story by tumult Inspiration The Grade. Er… Mrs. Olsen Thanks for Playing!

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