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1 EMAMI PAPER MILLS LTD. Unit - Balasore “Efforts taken at Emami Paper Mills Ltd. for Better Maintenance Practices”



4 Emami –Pulp & Paper Production Units at a Glance
MACHINE PM # 1 PM # 2 PM # 3 DIP # 1 DIP # 3 PRODUCT WRITING PRINTING NEWSPRINT Pulp- Writing printing Pulp - Newsprint RAW MATERIAL WASTE PAPERS DECKLE 2.15 MTRS 2.85 MTRS 3.55 MTRS SPEED 320 MPM 515 MPM 1120 MPM Production gsm 45 gsm CAPACITY 50 TPD 95 TPD 250 TPD 330 TPD

5 Working Principle & Maintenance Practices
Maximize the machine Uptime at optimum efficiency . Achieved target & follow up for update. Spare parts management. Critical checks & recording during any available shut. To improve the awareness of the people in the area of Best Practices in maintenance. To build a positively challenging relationship across the maintenance departments. Create a learning opportunity for the development and education of maintenance people. To create an atmosphere where people will readily share experiences and information. Use modern systems for health check of machineries.

2014 50 TPD 1983 15 TPD PAPER MACHINE 1 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ PAPER MACHINE 1 Hydraulic Headbox, Fourdrinier , open draw, 2 straight Press, Pre-dryers, Size Press, Post dryer , Swimming Calender and Pope Reel

7 PM # 1 Approach Flow & Head box Benefit
mm PROBLEMS Uneven parent roll built up for GSM variation 2. Failure of Micro Jack fingers due to forced Operation Plain HEADBOX PA Tank Top Lip air vent mm HEADBOX BEFORE Standard Bend and pipe PA Tank AFTER Pr.. Scrn air vent Top Lip Accelerating Bend JOB DONE Approach piping change to taper piping with Accelerating bend from std. piping Head box Front Panel change . No. of Micro jack increase from 15 to 18 Head box top lip redesign for more flexible Slot & drill for flexibility Taper pipe Accelerating Bend From PCC To PA tank Benefit Parent Roll built up improve by minimise GSM variation Eliminate Micro jack failures Pr Scrn Accept to PA tank

8 PM # 1 Wire & Press Problem : Plain press Roll 630
Rigid doctoring system Ø110 mm dia. & Stiff Angle TOP FELT Ø750 , 90 ° Shore A Rubber pr Ø740 , 100° Shore A Dynarock Plain press Roll Ø740 ,100° Shore A Dynarock Ø750 , 90 ° Shore A Rubber BOTTOM FELT 2nd pr. BOTTOM FELT 630 Ø600 mm, 125 mm wide box 6/10 counter SS Couch Roll Problem : Too high Draw between wire and press (23 MPM). Delayed the paper passing for Stiff angle. Paper breaks at couch lead roll for low dia. And paper drive. 2nd press Doctor passing. Steam consumption high (3.30 Mt/Ton paper for low dryness after press.

9 PM # 1 Wire & Press Work done Benefit 930
Ø750 BD mm, 90 ° Shore A l Ø750 BD mm, 90 ° Shore Ø750 , Dynarock Ø750 mm, 90 ° Shore A Ø600 mm, 125 mm wide box 6/10 counter Bronze Couch Roll TOP FELT BOTTOM FELT 2nd press Maxiflex doctoring System & 2nd doctor 150 mm dia. lead roll VFD drive reduce stiff angle by lift up couch roll 930 Blind drill press Rolls Work done Benefit Couch roll UP by 300 mm and reduce stiff angle 150 dia. Couch lead roll installed with VFD dive in place 110 mm dia. roll Installed maxi flex doctor with a 2nd doctor at 2nd press top roll Both 1st press top & bottom Roll changed to Blind drill Roll Reduce Draw between wire and press from 23 MPM to 12 MPM. Paper passing time reduce . Reduce paper breaks at lead roll. Doctor passing eliminate at 2nd press roll Dryness increase d to 42% from 40%. Steam consumption reduce to 2.8 MT/Ton paper from 3.3 MT. Deckle increase at Pope by 2 cm. Speed increased to 320mpm from 300 MPM. Production increase.

10 PM # 1 Eliminate the Dryer felt roll breakdown Ø 160 Ø45 Chrome plated
There used to be frequent breakdown of Dryer felt rolls due to journal shearing after changing from dryer felt to screen & speeding up the machine. The journal size of 45mm was replaced with 50 mm for all felt rolls with rubber cover to avoid this breakdown Chrome plated Dryer Felt Roll Ø45 Ø 160 Rubber cover Dryer Felt Roll Ø 180 Ø50 10 Year Pre dryer Post dryer Total 2008 5 2 7 2010 3 2012 1 2013 2014

11 PM # 1 Size Press Problem Workdone Benefit Roll life 1 month Paper
Single line shaft drive Paper passing delay Size solution GPL 30 Size gain less Paper wrapping Pneumatic loading Nip load too low 15 kg/cm Paper Paper Loading Unloading Loading Unloading 30° Workdone Made inclined size press from horizontal Made drive arrangement to lead out roll Made loading Size solution increase to 50 GPL Nip load increase to 20 kg/cm Benefit Roll Life increase from 1 month to 2 month Paper passing easy

12 Proposed modification
PM # 1 Proposed Size Press 45° Proposed modification For Further Roll Life increase and size gain we plan to installed AC VFD drive both top & bottom roll and hydraulic loading arrangement Loading Unloading

13 PM # 1 CALENDER Before After Problem
1. Roll wear out was fast about 500 µm 2. Roll changing (Grinding) Frequency- 4 month 3. Parent roll not built up uniform. 4. Weight loss more 5. Paper smoothness not appropriate 6. Roll changing time takes more - 12 hours 7. Roll Edge wear out more for rigid doctoring system result Deckle short Before Work Done 1. Installed new 2 roll swimming calendar system in place 4 roll stack 2. Installed swimming roll at bottom with hyd. loading system and heating arrangement 3. Both top and bottom roll provided maxi flex doctoring system After Benefit 1. Roll wear out minimum 100 µm. 2. Roll changing (Grinding) Frequency increase - 12 month 3. Control Crown, Parent roll built uniform 4. Weight loss minimum. 5. Paper smoothness improve 6. Roll changing takes 4 hours 7. No Deckle shortage as no wear at edge for maxi flex doctoring system

14 2014 95 TPD 1996 60 TPD PAPER MACHINE 2 Hydraulic Headbox, Fourdrinier wire, Close draw, Bi-nip press, Dryer , Swimming Calendar and Pope Reel IPPTA: promoting paper industries growth PRODUCT NEWSPRINT RAW MATERIAL RECYCLE DECKLE 2.85 MTRS SPEED 515 MPM GSM 45 PRODUCTION 95 TPD

15 PM # 2 Vac Box bearing failures of Suction Pick up roll and Suction Couch roll Back head Vacuum box Bearing Assemble DS Bearing ----- Problem Frequent failure of locking pins & Bearing failures of box brg. assemble Workdone Bearing assemble arrangement changed from Vac box to Drive head 2. Bearing size change from 23220 to 22322 Stud shaft dia. change from 70 mm to 85 mm BEFORE AFTER Benefi t Year Pick up roll Couch roll Speed, MPM Production loss MT 9:25 34:50 470.1 160 14:50 16:00 494 118 10:00 00:00 505 39.00 506 00.00 515 Back head Vacuum box Bearing Assemble DS Bearing

16 Roll diameter increase & Maxi flex doctoring system improve press part efficiency
PM # 2 BEFORE Problem Face Ink deposition on the centre press surface increase downtime for cleaning and paper breaks Doctor blade life low 5-7 days only Narrow Nip width , Dryness of press 42% SPU Ø650 Grooved Ø570 COUCH Roll FDR Wash roll Centre Press Roll Ø805-Ø825 Workdone Centre press roll and Grooved roll diameter increase. Maxiflex doctoring system installed in place rigid doctoring system. Hole screen replace by 0.15 mm slotted screen SPU Ø650 Centre Press Roll Ø850 Grooved Roll Ø590 Couch FDR WASH Problem Face No Ink deposition on the centre press surface increase uptime and no paper breaks 3-4 days. Doctor blade life low days only Wide Nip width , Dryness of press increase 42% to 44.5 % AFTER

17 PM # 2 FLEXIBLE doctoring system on Top Roll of PM # 2 Calender
BEFORE AFTER Problem 1.Doctor Loading not uniform, at Edge more. 2. Wear out at edge up to 500 µm. 3. Grinding frequency 4-5 month. 4.Roll life less Maxiflex Doctor Rigid Doctor Work done 1.Replace Rigid doctoring by maxi flex doctoring system. Benefit 1. No edge wear out doctor Load uniformly distributed 2. Wear out only up to µm. 3. Grinding frequency 8-9 month 4. Roll life increase.

18 PM # 2 HEAD BOX STEP DIFFUCER BLOCK PROBLEM : 1. Heavy leakage due to
HDPE step diffuser block crack and no spare in hand 2. Repaired temporary by isolating Horizontal Movement of Top Slice lip. 3. Flow not uniform and Channelling . Heavy leakage Headbox diffuser BLOCK CRACK

19 Manufacturing Head Box Diffuser block at Home
PM # 2 Manufacturing Head Box Diffuser block at Home Work done Diffuser Block’s Drawing, Design Developed &Manufacture at home. 2. Arranged 182 nos. HDPE diffuser Nozzle by injection moulding at Kolkata. HDPE DIFFUSER 182 nos. BOX SS 304 Benefit Run the machine at full speed and produced good quality paper. 2. Paper rejection and finishing loss go down.

20 M P M Y E A R 1. 850 mm Centre press roll in place 805 mm dia
1. Head box electro polish. 2. Pressure screen- may with 015 mm slot 3. Uhle box slot 10 mm to 13 mm Y E A R 4 nos. 200 mm dia. Uhlebox in place of 150 mm with ceramic Head box lip changed 2. Fan pump impeller dia increase from 365 to 380mm mm Centre press roll in place 805 mm dia 2. Centre press Maxi flex doctor ing system mm to 590 mm Groove ° Hydrofoil 1. Orthoflow

21 2014 250 TPD 2007 205 TPD PAPER MACHINE 3 Hyd.headbox, Twinwire Gap former belbie IV Trinip Ceramic Nipco Press, Dryers, Double stack Soft Calender & Pope Reel IPPTA: promoting paper industries growth

22 PM # 3 Abnormal vibrations in the forming section at wire part.
Before HB Problem 1. Too much Vibration at Forming roll. 2. Restricted speed up above 1000 mpm Bow roll Work done FE analysis carried out By IIT , Kharagpur. 2. Bow roll reposition with new bracket Forming roll After HB Benefit Vibration reduce. 2. Speed up the machine to 1120 MPM Bow roll BEFORE VIBRATION DRIVE END BEARING MPM NON DRIVE END 13. 10.1 3.32 985 8.71 8.49 3.21 AFTER VIBRATION 7.5 4.3 1.8 1058 3.5 2.3 1.53 Forming roll

23 PM # 3 Higher vibrations of Dryer Frames and paper breaks for sticky coming along with recycle pulp Problem : Vibration in dryer frame No doctoring system on dryer for sticky cleaning Work done Arch type Tie connected in between dryer frame Installed doctoring system on every dryer. Benefit Vibration Reduce Keep the dryer surface clean. BEFORE: Original Dryer Frame configuration AFTER: Dryer Frame configuration with addition of Arch Beams

24 PM # 3 In house overhauling of swimming & nipco roll reduces foreign experts cost. BEFORE Previously the Swimming roll and Nipco roll servicing was carried out by sending the rolls to Europe. PRESENT We have developed in house facilities for overhauling & maintenance of same

25 Modern maintenance practices at Emami
Condition monitoring system(SPM) On-line condition monitoring system installed at Emami PM # 3. This on line system is very effective for unplanned stoppage, fire safety. The bearing changed as per online condition symptom on planned and unplanned as follows Year Planned Unplanned(downtime)  Condition monitoring on off line:  Offline bearing conditions are also monitored regularly and 20% bearing consumption cost reduces since last 5 years Proactive maintenance Regularly monitoring the lubricant quality prevent downtime in Nipco roll Swimming roll and COL system rolls and cylinders bearings SCREW PRESS MOTOR DRIVE END DATE TORQUE LR/HR HOR VERT AXIAL MIN MAX 44/35 2.19 2.21 2.3 31/25 1.92 1.3 1.25 1.31 1.16

26 2014 54TPD 2005 48 TPD Deinking Plant 1 WE SHALL OVERCOME

27 Horizontal slot screen Horizontal Hole screen
Power Saving in DIP 1 PROBLEM 1. Power consumption too high PARTICULARS Horizontal slot screen Horizontal Hole screen Vertical slot screen Vertical hole screen Slot/Hole size 0.15 mm slot dia 1.8/2.2 0.15mm slot dia 1.4mm Basket size Ø740 x 600 Ø500 x 430 Ø495 x 500 Ø495 x 495 % of Open area 4.2 9 5.7 12.7 Rotating element weight Kg 580 275 270  Rotor dia 733 496 490 Rotor rpm 571 763 440 715 Tip velocity m/sec 22 20 11 18 Inlet Consistency (% ) % % % 3-3.5% BKW 75 39 15 31 Motor KW 90 45 18.5 37 Motor rpm 1500 1455 1450 Motor FLC 157 81 35 66 Motor RLC 128 74 25 55 Running KW 77 44 33 Work Done Study individual power consumption trend of equipment's in DIP plants. Identified screening section consuming more power Select appropriate equipment and installed 4. Power consumption reduce from 121 KW to 48 kw.

28 DIP # 1 BEFORE MODIFICATION in SCREENING SECTION POWER CONSUMPTIN WAS 121 KWH/MT F paper Fine screen feed chest & pump Constant level chest & pump Coarse Hor. Hole screen 45 kw Fine Hor. Slot screen 90 KW Diabolo slot Diabolo hole Mac cell POWER 520 KWH/PAPER Fine screen feed chest & pump Constant level chest & pump HD cleaner Coarse Ver hole screen 37 KW Fine Ver. slot screen 18.5 KW Diabolo slot Diabolo hole Mac cell AFTER MODIFICATION in SCREENING SECTION POWER CONSUMPTIN IS 48 KWH/MT F paper POWER 360 KWH/PAPER

2014 330 TPD Deinking Plant 3 2007 300 TPD ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

30 Reduction of Screw press vibration in of Deinking Plant:
DIP # 3 Problem Too much vibration at DS screw for polished screw surface . Coupling failure. Basket damaged. Production hampered for frequent stoppage for roughening the polished screw surface. Work Done Tungsten carbide coated body plate welded on polished screw surface Benefit Eliminate excessive vibration at DS screw Coupling & Basket not failed/damage since body plate installed. Frequent roughening not require SCREW PRESS DRIVE END NON DRIVE END AFTER TORQUE HOR VER AXIA 56% 1.02 0.51 0.59 1.17 0.79 0.97 0.78 0.38 0.29 0.84 0.4 0.35 BEFORE 54% 5.5 2.6 1.3 3.7 4.7 3.5 26/12/2013 55% 6.5 4.2 4.3 5.1

31 DIP # 3 Cost Reduction on Reject Plastics Handling in Deinking Plant:
Problem Work done Benefit Dirty House keeping A heavy duty Bale press installed Clean House keeping More Man power (40 nos.) Two conveyor installed which carry the reject plastic to bale press directly from source Less Manpower (10 nos.) Higher moisture ( 60%) in plastics. Less moisture (20%) in plastics SAVINGS IN PLASTICS HANDLING BY INSTALLATION OF BALE PRESS & NEW CONVEYING SYSTEM Sl.No. PARTICULARS PREVIOUS PRESENT SAVINGS of Manpower UNIT PRICE (Rs.) Total Savings (Rs.)/Day Total Savings Lacs/Month 1 Manpower engaged in Power plant for Baling & feeding Plastics 34 10 4 Manpower engaged in DIP#3 & DIP 1 plant for shifting Plastics to Power plant/Day 6 Total Manpower 40 30 200 6000 1.8 7 Transportation charge 1044 0.24 9 Total Savings per month 7044 2.04 Total Savings per Annum in Lacs 24.48

32 Conclusion Frequent breakdown of Dryer felt rolls on PM#1 was eliminated by changing the journal size from 45mm to 50 mm for all felt rolls. By increasing the lead roll diameter & with VFD arrangement Paper breaks at couch roll in PM#1 reduced. PM#2 machine speed increased from 470 mpm to 515 mpm by in house modifications in suction couch & suction pickup roll, adding wire table dewatering element & installing maxi flex doctoring system at centre press roll resulting increase in Production by 2000 MT/Annum. Reduce power consumption at Deinking plant#1 by 165 KW/ton of finish paper after changing Horizontal screen by Vertical screen in both Hole & fine screening stage. In-house plastic handling system reduces the manpower & nuisance in the Plant. In house overhauling of swimming & nipco roll Eliminated supervision and experts cost Rs. 10 lacs / annum. The deinking plant poire is being rebuild at our workshop which saves around 2.5 Lac/ year

33 Thank you

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