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ASME Certified Yankee Dryer King Hardware May 3rd, 2010.

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1 ASME Certified Yankee Dryer King Hardware May 3rd, 2010

2 King Hardware King Hardware is a dedicated ASME & PED certified Dryer Cylinder manufacturer for more than 20 years. With 300 plus employees and 10,000 tons of annual production capabilities Well known in Europe, Asia & Africa for delivering products with good quality, competitive prices and short delivery time. Other product lines include Former Cylinders, Calendar Rolls, Press Rolls, Mill Rolls, Felt Rolls and Suction Couch Rolls

3 Why ASME ? The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boilers and Pressure Vessels Codes except for Transportation Tanks (hereafter as ASME Codes) have been adopted as boilers and pressure vessels safety rules by almost all states of US and provinces of Canada. It is mandatory that all boilers and pressure vessels, which are used in North America and in the scope of ASME Codes, shall be designed, fabricated and inspected in accordance with ASME Codes and stamped ASME Code Symbol stamps.

4 Why ASME? It is not a mandatory requirement for the boilers and pressure vessels, which are neither used in North America nor in the scope of ASME Code, to bear ASME Code symbols. However, above mentioned boilers and pressure vessels may be stamped ASME Code Symbols in the following cases providing that they are designed, fabricated and inspected in conformity with ASME Codes: that required by the end user; or that required by the local Jurisdiction in the locations where the boilers or pressure vessels are used (e. g. Australia, South America).

5 ASME Certified Process 1. Design 2. Fabrication 3. Examination 4. Inspection 5. Testing 6. Stamping King Hardware

6 1.Design Assure the drawing, design calculation and material selected meet the requirement of ASME VIII-1 Check the service restriction and pressure-temperature limitations according to the ASME VIII-1 ASME Certified Process

7 1.Design Key Specifications: Diameter: up to 3,660 mm Face Length: up to 8,000 mm Operation Speed: up to 1200 MPM Operation Pressure: up to 10 BAR ASME Requirements: Break Test: 6 x Operation Pressure e.g.. 6x 150 psi= 900 psi (60 BAR) Hydrostatic Test: e.g.. 25 bar x 2 Hours, w/o Leakage ASME Certified Process

8 1.Design – Key Components Selection Bolts: Material: Cr/Mo Alloy Strength: 10.8 class Suppliers: Taiwan Gasket Seals: Material: Patented Strength: 28 BAR Suppliers: Europe ASME Certified Process

9 2. Fabrication- Side Cover Self-hardening mold : Smooth Surface Accurate Dimensions Easy to Clean ASME Certified Process

10 2. Fabrication- Side Cover CastingMachinery Gasket sealing Drilling ASME Certified Process

11 2. Fabrication- Side Cover Hand Hole Finishing Packing Journal Grinding ASME Certified Process

12 2. Fabrication – Body Inner Finishing Casting Drilling ( Casting Material: Comply with the ASME VIII-1 UG-7 ). ASME Certified Process

13 2. Fabrication – Body Inner Machinery Outer Machinery ASME Certified Process

14 2. Fabrication – Body Surface Grinding Balance Machinery ASME Certified Process

15 2. Fabrication – Body Balancing ASME Certified Process

16 3. Examination Examine all materials before fabrication 1. Assure the required thickness 2. Maintain traceability to the material identification Examine cylinder and cover sections 1. Assure properly formed to the specified shapes 2. Within the permissible tolerances ASME Certified Process

17 3. Examination Examine parts as fabrication progresses, 1. Material marking, 2. Dimensional geometries are maintained No welding repair were permitted ASME Certified Process

18 4. Inspection Check Dimensions ASME Certified Process

19 4. Inspection Surface Inspection Roughness 0.4 Ra ASME Certified Process Metallographic Inspection

20 4. Inspection Dynamic Balancing ASME Certified Process

21 5. Test Some parts of dryer cylinder is difficult to determine the maximum allowable working pressure or thickness When a proof test is considered necessary, the Manufacturer has the responsibility of performing the test in the presence of the AI. The test shall be acceptable to the AI and a test report shall be made available to the AI. ASME Certified Process

22 5. Test – Break Test ASME Certified Process Comply with ASME VIII-1 Spec: 6 x Operation Pressure Example: 6 x 150 psi= 900 psi (60 BAR)

23 5. Test – Hydrostatic Test Comply with ASME VIII-1 28 bar x 2 Hours, w/o Leakage ASME Certified Process

24 6. ASME Certificate ASME Certified Process Preparing required Data Report and having it certified by the Inspector Issued by ASME authorized agency

25 6. Stamping the Code Symbol Applying the required U symbol stamping and nameplate to the cylinder Assure it is applied to proper vessel ASME Certified Process

26 Final Assembly (w/ Bearings) King Hardware

27 Pack and Delivery on Time ( 90 days) King Hardware

28 Happy + Satisfying Customers King Hardware

29 King Hardware is your Best Partner. Thank You !

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