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By Tariq Zaman Khan District Officer (Environment) City District Government Lahore Initiative of City District Government Lahore to Combat Air Pollution.

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1 By Tariq Zaman Khan District Officer (Environment) City District Government Lahore Initiative of City District Government Lahore to Combat Air Pollution

2 Background Area1772 Sq.Km Population 8.1 million Profile Lahore - second largest city of Pakistan. Many historical monuments City is also known for its beautiful gardens mostly laid down during Mughal Empire and British Raj. Administration The City District Government is headed by the District Nazim. Assisted by District Coordination Officer (DCO) as the Administrative head. Departments are grouped and placed under Executive District Officers, who are subordinate to the DCO.

3 Vehicular Emissions Main Source of Air Pollution

4 Increase in Vehicles 200220032004Jan 2006 867989 9.76% increase 942553 8.5% increase 1.1Million 14.3% increase 1.35 Million On average 13,000 vehicles are being registered every Month


6 Parameter Spot NOx (ppb) PM10 ( µ g/m3 ) SO2 (Ppb) CO (Ppm) NO2 (Ppb) Noise db(A) WHO Standards - 150500910765 Azadi Crossing 1678822938975 Qartaba Crossing 1926404736782 Chauburji Crossing 135534233.17178 Charring Crossing 221763417.37178 Source: EPA Punjab Air Monitoring Data of Lahore, December 2005

7 THE ISSUES BEING FACED!!! Transport Related Issues Motor-cycle Rickshaw- Bigger Nuisance Lack of proper Transport Policy Weak coordination mechanism between various stake holders associated with Transport Transport Policy/ guidelines which are not Environment friendly

8 Motor-cycle Rickshaws- A Bigger Nuisance

9 Two Stroke Vehicles Major source of Vehicular Air Pollution. There was NO Policy to check the emission of Two stroke vehicles There is no equipment for the annual passing of the two stroke vehicles (MVEs lack of training and will to check) No investment has gone into the fresh research of the two stroke manufacturing Excessive use of sub- standard engine oil in Rickshaws.

10 30 th December 2003. The Deletion program launched on 30 th December 2003. Registration and Manufacturing of two stroke rickshaws banned from Lahore. Banning on the extension of the Route Permits of two stroke rickshaws TWO years were given for the phasing out process. TIME FOR ACTION TIME FOR ACTION DELETION PROGRAM FOR TWO STROKE VEHICLES

11 Green Fund Rs. 1 billion sanctioned for the Green Fund dedicated for green projects including Loans for the Rickshaws Five Banks to provide Loan Facility 18% initial payment i.e. Rs. 20,000 Price of Rickshaw vary from Rs.115,000 to 135,000. Nine 4- Stroke Rickshaw manufacturing companies introduced SOFT LOANS FOR RICKSHAW BUYERS

12 Action Plan submitted to the Lahore High Court under Lahore Clean Air Commission. Meetings held with the Rickshaw Unions Awareness Campaign launched regarding the ban on the Mall Road. THE CRUNCH TIME THE CRUNCH TIME Launch of the Phasing out Process

13 Strike Calls from the Rickshaw Union. Strategy devised to face the strike calls Union Leaders spoke against the 4-stroke technology. Difficulties in the sustainability of the standards of New 4-stroke Rickshaws (Complaints) Not enough 4-stroke rickshaws to add more roads in the phasing out process THE CRUNCH TIME THE CRUNCH TIME DIFFICULTIES FACED AT A TIME OF IMPLEMETATION

14 Introduction of New four stroke CNG Rickshaw Show of force on the Mall Road by the CDG Lahore 60% implementation of ban on the first day Complete ban on the 2 nd day. The D- Day MALL ROAD BANNED ON 17 TH APRIL 2006 FOR THE 2-STROKE RICKSHAW

15 Demands To give more time for phasing out process To eliminate adulterated engine oil To withdraw decision to ban Mall Road To replace 2-stroke engine with 4-stroke CNG engine. Petition filed in the LHC against the ban on the Mall Road. Meetings held with the DCO and Zila Nazim STRIKE CALLS FROM THE RICKSHAW UNION






21 THINGS THAT WENT IN OUR ADVANTAGE Lahore High Court Orders Plan for the alternate mode of transport i.e. Presence of 4- Stroke CNG Rickshaw. Enough media support Close liaison with the rickshaw union Political will!

22 THINGS THAT WENT AGAINST US HENCE Substandard manufacturing of 4-stroke rickshaws HENCE the delay in further implementation in phasing out process. Not enough awareness at driver level on the effects of 2-Stroke vehicles. Too much attachment of Unions with the “2-Stroke Rickshaws”. Lack of Air Monitoring System.

23 FUTURE PLANS TOWARDS BETTER AIR QUALITY first Launch of first CNG dedicated bus by December 2006 Complete conversion to CNG by December 2007 (Engines being imported) Subsidy and Soft Loans for the Bus Service operators. Bus Lane on Ferezepur Road (22km Long) by June 2007 Infrastructure for CNG Stations for buses Mass Transit System by 2012

24 SrRoadsCommencement of Awareness Campaign Commencement of Implementation 1 The Mall 10 th April 2006 17 th April 2006 2 Jail Road 23 rd September 2006 27 th September 2006 3 Main Boulevard (Gulberg) 12 th October 2006 18 th October 2006 4 Canal Bank Road 1 st January 2007 15 th January 2007 5 Allama Iqbal Road 2 nd April 2007 16 th April 2007 6 Ferozepur Road 2 nd July 2007 16 th July 2007 7 Multan Road 3 rd September 2007 17 th September 2007 8 Old GT Road 1 st October 2007 15 th October 2007 9 Ravi Road/ Circular Road 5 th November 2007 19 th November 2007 10 All Roads of Lahore 15 th November 2007 20 th December 2007 ACTION PLAN


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