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Professionals in Health. Core Facilitator’s Role Serve as a mentor to faculty Keep up reference area Monitor content and correct errors Modify curriculum.

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1 Professionals in Health

2 Core Facilitator’s Role Serve as a mentor to faculty Keep up reference area Monitor content and correct errors Modify curriculum after approval of PIH committee Monitor/revise test results and questions Order Texts

3 Schedule Planning Tips Sample on H: drive and disk/CD Class participation will determine how the schedule goes Keep Schedule General Schedule OSHA within the first two weeks

4 Schedule Tips OSHA may take two sessions use one sign up sheet only and have students initial second session Schedule HIPAA in Unit 105 Schedule exams through Pat Bunch for Perception testing (Instruction sheet included in instructor guide)

5 Adjunct Instructors Please use your Kirkwood e-mail. This will be used frequently to update you on pertinent things regarding your instruction. You have an electronic copy of tests, test bank questions and power points etc that are located on your CD or H:drive. Power points and student OSHA and HIPAA Make-up Sheets are also located on the shared student drive G:drive in the Prof in Health folder.

6 Reference Area Located in Rm 223 LH Please check out and return ASAP HIPAA Reference books are available Films are in Reference area (ask if you want your own copy) Instructor Guides available to Text

7 Miscellaneous Course Info Two texts required, Workplace Readiness 2 nd edition and Preventing Infectious Diseases 4 th edition Students can keep OSHA for their Board Exam review Assignments from the book are up to Instructor Some Activities are also in the book

8 Miscellaneous Course Info Student purchase student handouts which should have been given to you along with the Instructor Manual Syllabus is in the student handouts they purchase at the bookstore Power points will need to be printed and copied if you want to give them out in class.

9 Miscellaneous Course Info There are more activities in the Instructor Manual than you have time to do. Choose the one you want to try Power Points: you can choose to hand them out or modify them as long as you keep the content there that is currently on them. Power points are available to students on the G:drive in the Prof in Health Folder or on the web You do not have to go over all power points in class and may choose to use some as handouts only

10 Miscellaneous Course Info Instructor Manual has instructor notes that may not all be in the power points. Those notes are used for reference to “beef” up the lecture or give you background information.

11 Miscellaneous Course Info OSHA power points. There are two on the H:drive or disk; one is lengthy and can be used as lecture notes and the other one can be used in the classroom. There is also an outline form of the OSHA power point in the back of the instructor manual. This is there for a reference. For OSHA, if available you can get examples of protective gear from the lab to show students. Pictures of gear are on the power point as well.

12 Miscellaneous Course Info As part of the documentation process and to assess if students found value in the activity have students identify what they learned as part of the class activity and hand it in. Student Handouts are sold in the bookstore. Extra Student Handouts will be in the PIH Instructor drawer and should be looked at, not all handouts are in the Instructor Manual, only the most commonly used ones.

13 Miscellaneous Course Info Pam will order textbooks and Student handouts for your class. You can print power points from your disk and modify if you want. Do you know how, if not ask Pam? It is best to preview the films before showing them

14 Attendance Attendance/Activities/Assignments make up 50% of the grade. If students misses the class or hands in an assignment late it is up to you as to whether you feel they should be allowed a make-up or reduced credit. Policy is such that they would not get the credit for a missed class unless there are extenuating circumstances.

15 Grades Sample Gradesheet is located on the H:drive or your disk you were given Make sure you respond to e-mails about the posting of your grades and attendance verification There are instruction sheets for both of these on the Adjunct Instructor Web Page

16 Tests Read over the tests as well as test bank questions located on your disk or on the H:drive. Make sure everything is covered; some questions may be covered through discussions in the classroom and may not be directly on power points

17 Tests Tests are on Perception. Tests can be taken at any Kirkwood Center. If Students choose to take the test at another site other than the main campus it is advisable that they call that center first. It is important to follow the documentation and communication protocol that is identified on pg 17 of your instructor manual.

18 Tests Perception Tests are scheduled in week blocks. Stagger the testing dates for students so that they do not all take the exam on the same day and time. The test sign up sheet is in your Instructor manual along with sheets that can be given to students to assist with information they need when they go to the test center.

19 Tests Students receive feedback as to what questions they got wrong A copy of the tests are located on the H:drive along with any of the questions in the test bank The test randomly chooses the number of test questions needed per objective

20 Tests Test result information can be given to you if you request it through Rich Edwards Test questions are reviewed periodically for reliability and validity Most test questions fall into the easy range but some students read to much into the question

21 Unit 101, Learning to Learn Introduce the content and then apply when appropriate. You can break up the content if you wish. It is best to introduce the content at a time you can apply it. Ex: note taking prior to expecting students to take notes or test taking strategies prior to the test.

22 Unit 102 Have students sign up on the OSHA sheet to verify attendance, then hand it in to Pat Bunch, make sure all necessary info is there If class time is during the day you could have the campus nurse discuss blood borne pathogens if that person is free

23 Unit 102 Make-ups for OSHA are necessary if students are to pass the class It is very important that your follow the documentation process identified on pg 17 of your Instructor Manual A quiz will be part of the make-up but is not given in the classroom. Exam I has 12 questions pertaining to OSHA

24 Unit 102 Make-up checklists are on the H and G:drive and also on your disk. If a student misses OSHA they must be given the sheet and are responsible for doing each step and checking it off Students should also be given the power point that was handed out in class

25 OSHA Make-up Students complete the OSHA make up on the web. It is a link located on the Health Science Homepage titled Clinical Compliance Guide. When on that page students must scroll down until they see a link listed as Renewal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & TB Training Information this link will include information and a quiz. Students are required to pass it at 70%. They are also required to watch the films that are shown in class: Boodborne Pathogans 2004 and Latex Allergies These films can be viewed in Rm 223 LH, Rm 236 LH and at Kirkwood Centers.Renewal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens & TB Training Information

26 Unit 102 Instructors will be given credit for their annual OSHA renewal after they teach the unit. Instructors will be required to fill out the appropriate paperwork to document their completion.

27 Unit 103 Includes a lot of activities for communication Works best if you inform students why you are doing this activity and how it may benefit in a work situation Have them write a reflection on what they learned that day Some good activities in the book as well Tape on charting a little old but has good information The tape on Non-Verbal Communication is good

28 Unit 104 Lots of activities as well, reflection comments also helpful

29 Unit 105 All students must attend the HIPAA orientation to pass the class. If they miss, they should be given the student make-up checklist located on your CD or on the G or H:drive. It is also located on the web in the Professionals in Health webpage along with the HIPAA power point.

30 HIPAA Make-up Student complete the HIPAA make up on the web. It is a link located on the Health Science Homepage titled Clinical Compliance Guide. When on that page students must scroll down until they see a link listed as HIPAA Confidentiality Training Information this link will include a quiz. Students are required to pass it with 70%. They are also required to watch the film Confidentially Speaking (KHO 682). This film can be viewed in Rm 223 LH..HIPAA Confidentiality Training Information

31 Unit 105 There is no classroom quiz, the quiz is only given as part of a make-up HIPAA make-up will require some communication with Pat Bunch. Check pg 17 of your Instructor Manual for documentation and communication protocols Results will be given to you via Pat Bunch If they do not pass it the first time, have them reread the information and repeat the quiz

32 Unit 106 There are a few good films. Each has some strengths and weaknesses. There are also some good student handouts in the packet students purchase

33 Unit 107 Fire Department may occasionally come out and guest lecture. If they are unable to guest lecture an instructor from Environmental Safety at Kirkwood has guest lectured on occasion.

34 Unit 107 If you want to try to find someone just call the Cedar Rapids Fire Department and explain what you need, they may still have a power point just for our students or contact Kirkwood’s Environmental Training Center. Bob Downs has done it in the past his e-mail address is:

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