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EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Preparatory Lecture Vo2 max and LIP testing.

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1 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Preparatory Lecture Vo2 max and LIP testing

2 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Today General comments and instructions –Information –Procedure –Results –Questions –Discussion Group time to make decisions

3 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance General comments What are your impressions of the labs so far? Aim of labs- apply theory to practice Use of voice- how (projection, tone etc) and what you say Explanations- make clear Instructions- Be direct Participants- identify beforehand, ensure ready Rest of the class- must be actively involved

4 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Report Needs to be submitted before you start presenting Should be more detailed than powerpoint Needs in text referencing Details in lab manual

5 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Your lab 2 participants will complete LIP testing May be male/female; elite/non-elite Increased intensity every 5 minutes Record Speed (intensity), HR, PRE, Lactate every 5 minutes Then increase intensity by 0.5 km/hr (Incremental exercise) Decisions in blue

6 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Information Explain things differently!!! Lactate Inflexion point Determinants of LIP Relationship between LIP/Vo2 max Gender differences in LIP Gender differences Vo2 max Elite/ Non Elite differences – Chronic adaptations

7 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance LIP Point where lactate accumulation increases exponentially due to increased exercise intensity –In early stages of incremental testing, when workload is relatively easy, body is generating ATP aerobically –As gets harder- needs higher and higher contribution from anaerobic glycolysis  Lactate generated –If lactate production exceeds removal, it accumulates Therefore indicates endurance capabilities as elite athletes will be able to cater for ATP demands for a longer period of time by aerobic means –Because have increased Cardiac output, RBC  capacity to carry oxygen and extract it from the bloodstream. etc

8 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Determinants of LIP All things affected by oxygen delivery, uptake; lactate dissipation; and acid buffering –HR, SV, Diffusion of oxygen, number RBC, bicarbonate levels Gender- more details later Age- children can’t use glycolytic system as efficiently (reduced phosphofructokinase) but relative LIP is similar to equally trained adults (Wilmore, Costill, & Kenney, 2008, p 392) Training- trained athletes have higher LIP relative to Vo2 max (LIP occurs at higher intensity of exercise

9 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Relationship between LIP/Vo2 max Expressed in relative terms –LIP is normally expressed as a percentage of an individual’s Vo2 max Lip reflects maximum capacity of aerobic system

10 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Gender differences in LIP LIP similar in equally trained men and women if expressed relative to Vo2 max (Wilmore, Costill, & Kenney, 2008, p 430)

11 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Elite/ Non Elite differences Chronic adaptations to training Blood lactate tolerance (LIP) adapts faster than Vo2 max (Denis et al., 1984 Cited by Bourdon, 2000) By training at or just above LIP, can increase the intensity at which it occurs.

12 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Preparation Participants –Clothing –Fluids –Food, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine –Avoid strenuous exercise immediately before –Sleep Decide- gender/trained/same

13 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Assistants This is a strenuous test- consider participant interest and wellbeing Warm up- calculate 20% HR and warm up on treadmill Water boy/girl Someone to obtain step /beep test Vo2 max information Timer- stopwatch Speed Setter- calculate and increase during test Heart rate monitor monitor- fit and record Recorder- anecdotal comments Lactate measurement (2 people) Enter results into computer Cool down Decide- How will you designate assistants?- make it direct and interesting

14 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Procedure Treadmill at 3% incline 5 min warm up on treadmill at a low speed (~6 km/hr)  HR @ 20% Vo2 max HR Subject straddles treadmill –Take lactate, PRE, HR Increase speed by 0.5km/hr Continue for 5 minutes Subject straddles treadmill –Take lactate, PRE, HR Etc until: –30 minutes –Subject wishes to stop –Subject in danger of severe fatigue/fainting –Lactate >

15 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Equipment 2 treadmills Heart rate monitor Stopwatches calculators Lactate- only one machine DVD/TV/Music Due to only one lactate measurement, will have to either stagger the start of the participants, or do one at a time

16 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Results Results table Will be available on my computer  WebCT

17 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Discussion Overview- what happened today??? What was found?

18 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Questions 1- Graph results- two x –axes 2- What did you notice? Observations 3- What is lactate inflexion point? 4- %vo2 max calculation and reasons for differences –Non-athletes 50-60% Vo2 max, trained athletes 70-80% max –Gender- genetic –Trained- chronic adaptations 5- as coach- use to inform training practice- HR at which they are training aerobically/ anaerobically

19 EDU2EXP Exercise & Performance Fox and Haskell

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