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Unit 4 Business English. 2 Text A Words and Expressions accommodationn. 适应性调节 adhere (to) v. 坚持 aggressive a. 积极的,有进取心的,挑战的 assert v. 主张,维护,坚持 attachment.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 4 Business English. 2 Text A Words and Expressions accommodationn. 适应性调节 adhere (to) v. 坚持 aggressive a. 积极的,有进取心的,挑战的 assert v. 主张,维护,坚持 attachment."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 4 Business English

2 2 Text A Words and Expressions accommodationn. 适应性调节 adhere (to) v. 坚持 aggressive a. 积极的,有进取心的,挑战的 assert v. 主张,维护,坚持 attachment n. 情感上的爱慕,忠诚 aura n. 氛围,气氛 backfire v. 发生意外,产生事与愿违的结果 backseat n. 较低的地位,次要地位 blatant a. 大胆的 caricaturize v. 将 …… 画成漫画,讽刺 Cultural Differences in International Business

3 3 Text A Words and Expressions chagrineda. 懊恼的,苦恼的,失望的 debut n. (商店的)开张,营业 discourteous a. 不礼貌的,粗鲁的 exhaustive a. 全面彻底的,详尽的 fad n. 狂热,一时风尚 fondness n. 爱好,喜爱,钟爱 fourfold a. 四倍的 galling a. 令人恼怒的,使人烦恼的 gender n. 性别 hern n. 褶边,褶缝,边缘 Cultural Differences in International Business

4 4 Text A Words and Expressions hosen. 长筒袜,短筒袜,护腿 indicative a. 指示的,象征的 measure n. 数量,程度,比喻 monochronic a. 在一个时间里只考虑一件事 的,单时间感的 outrank v. 在级别上高于 …… ,位次在 …… 之上 overlook v. 忽视,不予重视 polychronic a. 在一个时间里考虑多件事的,多时间 感的 ration v. 节约地使用,节制,节约 sequence v. 把 …… 按次序排好 slight n. 轻视,忽视,冷落 Cultural Differences in International Business

5 5 Text A Words and Expressions staggerv. 使吃惊 substantive a. 重大的,实质的,本质的,实在 的 supervisor n. 监管人员 tangible a. 有形的,实际存在的,可摸得到 的 vibrant a. 充满活力的 Cultural Differences in International Business

6 6 Text B Words and Expressions credentialsn. 证明书,证件 digestv. 领会(信息等);消化(食物) deliberatea. 故意的,深思熟虑的 encounterv. 偶然遇到,碰到 extraordinarilya. 不平常的,非凡的 flingv. 扔,掷 gesturen. 手势,体势语;姿态,身势 initiatev. 发起,着手 insultinga. 侮辱的,耻辱的 normn. 合乎惯例的行为,规范 Business Cards

7 7 Text B Words and Expressions protocol n. 礼仪,外交礼节 reverse a. 相反的,反面的; v. 倒转,使相反 ritual n. 仪式,典礼 in preference over 优先于 keep track of 记住 run out of 耗尽,用完 Business Cards

8 8 Business Writing Important Notes  申请函一般附简历,其格式相对固定。简历中通常需要说明: 本人情况:姓名,出生年月,国籍,婚姻状况,居住地址, 电话号码等。 学历:就读学校,所学专业,学位。 工作经历:从哪年到哪年在哪里工作,担任什么职务。在排 序上按时间顺序,也可以将最近的经历放在最前面。 有何著述,发表于何处。 曾获得何种奖励。 参加学术团体。 推荐人或证明人的姓名和地址。 简历在文字上的主要特点是使用名词短语,而不用完整的句 子,只是在解释某些情况时才使用完整句子。 Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

9 9 Business Writing Format of a Resume Curriculum Vita(e) 简历 Personal Data 个人情况 Education & Experience 学历及经历 References 推荐人 Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

10 10 Business Writing Sample 1 KAY J OLSTEN 4460 University Boulevard Grand Island. Nebraska 68809 (308) 555-4321 OBJECTIVE: A marketing position in which strong human relations skills plus a thorough knowledge of marketing functions can be used to further promote the use and profitability of one or more types of products and services EDUCATION: B.S in business administration, 2006; minor in English Grand Island College, Grand Island, Nebraska President of senior class Editor of 2006 edition of the college yearbook Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

11 11 Business Writing Academic Diploma, 2002 Central High School, Petersburg, Virginia Secretary, treasurer of senior class Chapter president of Future Business Leaders of America EXPERIENCE: Administrative Assistant: Taylor Marketing Services. Grand Island, Nebraska. August 2002 Present Salesclerk: Crompton Department Stores, Grand Island, Nebraska, June 2003 to June 2005 COMPUTER: Lotus 1-2-3 Base IV SKILLS: Word Perfect Harvard Graphics Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

12 12 Business Writing Sample 2 Resume Personal information Diane Bellow Marital status: Single 234 Lexington Avenue Health: Excellent Louisville, KY 40225 Date of birth: March 28, 1980 Education University of Louisville, B.A., 2004 Major: Business Administration-Personal Management Courses: Labor Relations, Personal management Minor: Economics Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

13 13 Business Writing Sample 2 Courses: Money and banking, Production Analysis Career goal: To be personnel manager for a large company Salary desired: $ 1500 per month Experience Volunteer worker for Schneider’s School Board campaign, Summer, 2003 Academic Committee for Alpha Physorority, 2002-2003 Advertising Manager for University Yearbook, 2003 Student Worker in Admissions Office, 2001-2002 Intern. Echo Electric, Louisville. KY, 2001 Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

14 14 Business Writing Sample 2 Activities Active in Alpha Phi-Sorority, 2003-2004 Member of Student’s Union Coach of Girls’ Softball League Cheerleader, South High School References Placement Office University of Louisville Louisville, KY, 42077 Resume/ CV (Curriculum Vita)

15 15 Business Dialogue Dialogue 1 A: Room Reservations. Good afternoon. B: I’d like to book a double room for Tuesday next week. A: That’s fine, sir. A double room for Tuesday, September 12th, with a front view or rear view? B: What’s the price difference? A: A double room with a front view is 150 dollars per night; one with a rear view is 120 dollars per night. B: I think I’ll take the one with a front view then. A: How long will you be staying? B: We’ll be leaving Sunday morning. A: That will be five nights, sir. Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. B: Good. That’s all settled then. Good-bye. Hotel Reservation

16 16 Business Dialogue Dialogue 2 A: My name is Gao Min. I want to have a reservation. B: Do you want a single room or a double room? A: A double room, please. B: All right. Would you fill this out, please? A: Certainly. Will that be all? B: Yes. That’s all. A: How do I go about getting a morning call? B: Just call the operator. A: I see. This is for you. B: Thank you, madam. Have a nice stay. Hotel Reservation

17 17 Business Dialogue Dialogue 3 A: Hello! Four Seasons Hotel. B: Hell! I’d like to book a room, please. A: When is it for, sir? B: Tomorrow evening. A: Would you like a single or a double room, sir? B: A single please, with a both. A: All our rooms have baths, sir. May I have your name please? B: White. Could you tell me how much will it cost? A: Forty-five pounds a night, plus VAT. B: Does that include breakfast? A: Yes, it does. When will you be here, sir? B: Well, I’m at the airport now. In about an hour. A: Very good, sir. Good-bye. Hotel Reservation

18 18 Business Dialogue Dialogue 1 A: We’re here to check out. Here’s the key. B: Thank you, sir. And here’s your bill. A: I wonder if you accept traveler’s checks. B: Yes, we do, and you can have the change in dollars. A: I appreciate it. Let me see…phone calls…laundry…additional services… Okay, here’s a check for four hundred dollars and you can keep the change. B: Thank you very much, sir. Is there anything I can do for you? A: Yes, please. Forward our mail to this address, if three’s any after we’ve left. B: You can count on me, sir. Have a nice trip. A: Thank you. Check out

19 19 Business Dialogue Dialogue 2 A: Good morning, sir. May I help you? B: Yes. I’d like to settle my bill. A: Certainly, sir. Would you please tell me your name? B: Liu Xing from Room 108. A: May I have your room key, please? B: Sure. Here you are. A: Just a moment, please. I’ll draw up your bill for you… Thank you for waiting. Your bill totals $ 230. B: That much! Would you mind letting me have a look at it? A: Of course, sir. Here it is. B: Thanks. Well, it seems to be right. Check out

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