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1 Streamline your Oracle Financials Close process Hamish Henderson Senior Consultant UC4 Software

2 Business Value$ “The Hackett Group’s studies show that “world-class companies spend 45 percent less” on their closing and reporting efforts than other companies, which on average saves $5.5 million per $1 billion in revenue. These savings come, in part, from needing fewer people and systems to scrub data.” Galen Gruman, CIO How IT Executives Can Help Speed Up Financial Reporting, CIO Magazine, March 15, 2007

3 Sound Familiar? Does your organization have execution errors, and costly recovery efforts due to human error in processing? Do you have unreliable processing and reporting delays? Does critical business information fail to reach management in a timely and accurate fashion, delaying key business decisions? Do technical and functional employees spend a disproportionate amount of time “baby sitting” processes? Are you having difficultly scaling your manual processes to support future company growth?

4 Agenda Common issues Consequences Common Alternatives Used Solution Targets for Automation Solution Success Stories

5 General Business Issues Human intervention => Data entry errors and related delays Employees spending lots of time “baby sitting” processing Manual processes make it difficult to support company growth Manual processing is difficult to “prove” during audits Applications silos make it difficult to automate a business process Delays in information reaching executives

6 Oracle EBS Issues Oracle Workflow directs users to complete tasks, not automation Still must use Concurrent Programs (CPs) to complete job tasks Many CPs must be handled manually Concurrent manager is Oracle myopic Integration still relies on user initiation and intervention

7 Pain Points – Oracle E-Business Suite Number of Operating Units Number of Sets of Books Reporting Requirements Interfaces – Internal/External Disparate Systems

8 Common Alternatives Throw more people at the problem Customize application code Write additional custom code (each customization costs $10k on average) Customize Workflow “Live with” Concurrent Manager Stagger CP schedules around manual jobs

9 Consequences Lost Revenue Delays in customer billing Missed supplier discounts Misstated Financials Increased Costs Increased staff Custom development and subsequent maintenance Lack of timely and accurate data

10 Targets for Automation in Oracle EBS Manually submitted processes (typically non-SRS concurrent requests) Parent/child/subchild tracking Workload management of requests (both scheduled and ad hoc) Integration with other applications Output Verification and Notification Standardized and repeatable processes

11 “Typical” Financial Period Close

12 Non-SRS Concurrent Process - Open Financial Period


14 Closeup

15 Solution: Automation Manual: slow and error prone Automated: faster with reduced errors

16 Financial Period Close Solution

17 AppWorx Solution

18 What are the Key Benefits? Standardization of Oracle Processes across all OU’s – Best Practices Automation of Oracle Processes across all OU’s – Accurate & More Frequent Reporting Reduced Process Cycle Time – Timelier Reporting System and Process Integration Audit Traceability Conditional Logic Processing Output Scanning and Notification

19 Solutions Only Product in our space Validated for Oracle 11i E-Business Suite

20 Application Landscape

21 Who is UC4 Software? Creators of innovative, feature-rich, proven software for application infrastructure and IT workload automation Grant Gerbert, Baobab Software, Melbourne. 1500+ customers worldwide 130+ Oracle EBS customers Most Visionary in Market – Gartner Group Key Partnerships: Oracle, SunGard HE, SAP, Quest, Hotsos, Solution Beacon

22 1500+ Customers Worldwide Financial Services Public Sector Telecoms & Media Retail & Logistics Cross Industry Service Providers Utilities & Energy

23 Business Value$ Provide key decision makers with relevant and timely information and set materiality levels from an enterprise-wide perspective Improve operational and systematic efficiency in business processing Apply standard automated processes across the organization Allow resources to focus on higher value job functions

24 Customer Success: Sun Microsystems Customer Objectives Streamline & Automate Period Close Move to Production Results Achieved Reduced Manual Input Reduction of Input Errors Eliminate Period Close Reruns Resource Re-assignment Reduced Period Close Time from 6.5 Days to 13 hrs~ 75% Reduction Automations Performed GL Import and Post GL Open & Close AR Open & Close Purchasing Open & Close Inventory Open & Close AR - GL Transfer Monitoring MRP Child Processes Financial Statement Generator

25 Customer Success: Symantec Customer Objectives Streamline and Automate interfaces from Oracle E- Business Suite to Siebel CRM Replace “Home Grown” Scheduling System Results Achieved “Lights Out” Operations for CRM Interfaces Automated use of First Logic data cleansing tools Automated interfaces to Data Warehouse 14 Month ROI Automations Performed Automation of month-end close incorporating: Siebel Informatica Business Objects Oracle Financials AR Interface to GL AP Interface to GL Inventory Interface to GL Importing and Posting JEs from Sub-Ledgers

26 Customer Success: Vivendi Universal Games Customer Objectives Streamline and Automate interfaces into and out of Oracle E-Business Suite Reduce Latency and Errors Improve time to deliver orders Results Achieved Enhanced Notification “Lights Out” Operations for Interfaces Automations Performed Automation of Interfaces into and out of Oracle E- Business Suite (Orders, Shipments, Invoicing) For each operating unit in APAC (5), NA (1), and Europe (10): AR Interface to GL AP Interface to GL Inventory Interface to GL Importing and Posting Journal Entries from Sub- Ledgers

27 Best Practices Centralize/standardize, simplify, and automate closing process Automation allows a shift of processing time to non-working hours Keep a library of “output scan” error messages and their resolutions

28 Questions?

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