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Joining Jesus in his mission – John 15:1-17

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1 Joining Jesus in his mission – John 15:1-17
1. God’s call to his people a. Israel’s call – Is.5:1-6; Ps.80:8-16 - God transplanted them – Ps.80:8 - Did all that was needed - Ps.80:8,9; Is.5:1,2 - They were to bring blessing to all nations – Gen.12:3; Is.49:6 - They were judged - Ps.80:16 ; Is.5:4-7

2 b. Jesus as the True Vine 1. He bore good fruit in his life
2. He brings blessing to all nations through his death & resurrection 3. All peoples can be joined to him – “living branches to a living vine” The Christian is “in Christ” – potential to bear good fruit

3 2. God’s method of producing fruit
He is the expert gardener – v.1 a. God prunes 1. Cutting off dead branches –v.2,6 2. Removing useless growth –v.2 - through his Word – v.3 - through difficult circumstances – Heb.12:11

4 b. We abide/remain in Christ
1. Trust in Christ alone –v.4,5 - we are totally dependent on him - we rejoice in his love for us – v9 The Cross shows how much – v.13 The Spirit helps us experience it - Rom.5:1-5 2. Obey his commands – v.10,11,14 - Loving others – v.12-17 a. Fellow Christians – John 13:34,35 b. Our neighbours – serve & share the Gospel

5 3. Pray in Jesus’s name a. Our desires & requests are shaped by Jesus & his will God’s Word & Prayer go together b. Take every opportunity to pray – “Week of prayer”, daily, weekly, monthly; “in secret”, as families, with others “In the work of mission, the Church advances on it’s knees”

6 3. Mission – begins with God & is for his glory
a. Mission is God’s idea – v.16 - Jesus came as a missionary – John3:17; 20:21 - The Spirit equips for mission – Acts - We can join with Jesus – “Each one teach one” b. Mission is for God’s glory – v.8 cf. John17:4 1Cor.10:31 “Man’s chief end is to glorify God by enjoying him forever”

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