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ihc Trial version (free application)

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1 ihc Trial version (free application)
Silent Spy Camera ihc Trial version (free application) Sang Joon Park

2 Description 1. Hide the app icon in your phone (Paid Version Only).
2. Hide the record file from camera. 3. Take picture in silent mode without root your phone. So, no one can know you have a spy camera app in your phone.

3 Main Screen The main screen has several icon of application function.

4 Main functions

5 Setting Options Disable camera sound Fake Preview Type
Set the Video quality Preview transparency Enable Password protection Show notification Hide Picture/ Video automatic Enable Vibrator Notification Continuous Shooting Timer Enable Autofocus

6 Continuous Shooting Timer
Can Setup time to capture image time continuously. After setup, application captures image every setup time. The application recommended setup minimum 5 second.

7 Fake Preview Type Pretend to read book Totally black screen
Pretend to dial Pretend to play game Pretend to play sudoku Pretend to text

8 Example

9 Fake Preview Type How to use fake preview Sliding up Sliding down
- Opacity going to be 100% Sliding down - Opacity going to be 0% 100% Opacity 0%

10 Picture/ Video Vault Your secret images can hide to other image automatically. Can change images manually.

11 Example

12 Enjoy your new application!!!
Thank you.

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