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By Investment Club Executive Board ft Maureen Walz Boehmer.

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1 By Investment Club Executive Board ft Maureen Walz Boehmer

2 Brief History The “Veteran’s Investment Research Fund, Incorporated” was founded after WWII in 1949 The funds were donated to John Harold Tarbell, Associate Professor of Business and Economics at Lafayette The club is a non-profit club that is tax exempt as long as the funds are being used for educational purposes Many different stories about how the club first came about

3 Investment Club Officers Greg Rau – President Anthony Zawadzki – Vice President Treasurer – Sean O’Toole Secretary – Angel Stoychev Overseas Analyst – Tim Simon Analysts Chris Busutill “Joe” Guanxiong Zhou Pete Oberrender Annalaura Linder Corey Scheuerle

4 And how did it change over the Summer

5 Profit/Loss over the Summer Stats of the portfolio April 2012: Stats of the portfolio September 2012: Historical Price Paid Market ValueProfit/Loss Portfolio $297,664.04$337,622.18+13.42% Historical Price Paid Current Market Value Profit/Loss Portfolio $297,664.04 $382,545.67 +28.52% Change in Market Price Profit/Loss $44,923.49 +13.3%

6 All Time Price % Gainers 1. IBM: + $14,955.01 (150.57%) IBM 2. DBP: + $2,148.80 (83.62%) DBP 3. CVX: + $4,058.41 (81.43%) CVX

7 All Time Price % Losers 1. VWDRY: - $5,155 (-80.3%) VWDRY 2. BAC: -$6,780.4 (-77.93%) BAC 3. HPQ: - $1,253.5 (-58.77%) HPQ

8 What Does the Investment Club Have to Offer? Gives you a chance to make real life investment decisions such as buy/sell stocks Meet new interesting people who have the same passion for finance and investing as you do Educate you on financial statements such as the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Learn different types of securities and ways you can minimize the risk of your own portfolio(options, stop loss orders) “we give you the tools to succeed” - Miao

9 Events Finance Night Market Madness Competition Wall Street Panel Guest Speakers from top Financial Institutions

10 Help us Help You The investment club is a great resume booster Something to talk about during job/internship interviews in careers in the field of finance Past members of the club are always reaching out to current members and the Investment club is a good tool for networking

11 Alumni We have club alumni as well as current members who work on wall street

12 Gourmet PPPIZZAAAAAAA!!!!!

13 Like us on Facebook: Lafayette College Career Services Follow us on Twitter: @LafCareerSvcs Lafayette Career Services 201 Hogg Hall Career Fair Finance Night in New York Career Vault On-Campus Interviewing Semester Calendar Next Steps

14 Career Fair Details: Wednesday, September 19 th 4:30PM-8:00PM Marquis Hall Making the Most of the Career Fair: Resume Drop-Off: Wednesday, Sept. 12, 9am-4pm Navigating the Career Fair: September 13 th Resume Riot: Monday, Sept. 17, 9am-4pm

15 Making the Most of the Career Fair Research employers ahead of time Bring multiple copies of your resume in a folder or portfolio Practice your 30 second introduction Use a firm handshake and make eye contact Dress appropriately Career Advisor Video on Career Fair Prep

16 Finance Night in New York Thursday, October 11, 2012 Transportation Provided Online Registration Required $20 Refundable Deposit Attend ONE mandatory prep session

17 Career Vault Everyone has an account, you just need to activate it. Internship postings Job Postings On-Campus Interviewing Opportunities (OCI) Applying for Externships Don’t wait for emails – check regularly It’s only ONE resource for internship and job searchingONE

18 Current Opportunities in Career Vault Citi Financial Analyst - deadline is TONIGHT OCI opportunities: Johnson & Johnson, IBM, M&T Bank, FactSet, SEI, Bloomberg (FT & Interns), GX Clarke (FT & Interns)...... Other full time and internship opportunities Check regularly!!

19 Semester Calendar

20 Next Steps Schedule workshops and programs on your calendar Watch your email for Finance Night information Read the CSWeekly every Thursday to stay up-to-date Check the Career Vault regularly Meet with your Gateway Counselor FIRST YEARS: Attend a 1 st Year Gateway Group Meeting …Have a great year!

21 Thanks for coming everyone!!! See you next week!!!

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