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Presentation ID: L13.  Today’s presenters do not have any relevant financial interests presenting a conflict of interest to disclose.  Participants.

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2  Today’s presenters do not have any relevant financial interests presenting a conflict of interest to disclose.  Participants must attend the entire session(s) in order to earn contact hour credit. Continuing Nursing Education credit can be earned by completing the online session evaluation.  The American Organization of Nurse Executives is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.  AONE is authorized to award one hour of pre-approved ACHE Qualified Education credit (non-ACHE) for this program toward advancement, or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Disclosure

3  Describe a state structure to promote nursing leadership in the boardroom.  Identify key strategies that can be implemented at a state level to prepare nurses to lead change from the bedside to the boardroom.  Identify successful state-wide strategies to identify and recognize nurse leaders at all levels. Objectives

4 Loressa Cole, DNP, MBA, RN  Current Virginia Nurses Association President  Virginia Action Coalition Leadership Workgroup Co-Lead  Chief Nursing Officer - LewisGale Hospital Montgomery  146-bed acute care facility in Blacksburg, Virginia Home of Virginia Tech University Magnet Designation 2009 & 2013 Level 111 Trauma Center 600 Employees Core teaching hospital

5 Lindsey J. Cardwell, MSN, RN  Virginia Action Coalition Leadership Workgroup Co-Lead  Manager, Professional Nursing Development, Centra  Centra is a non-profit Integrated Healthcare System 3 Acute Care Hospitals 29 Facilities 6,000 Employees Long term, assisted living & retirement community Regional Cancer Center 50 percent ownership in local Health Plan

6 IOM Future of Nursing Campaign for Action

7 Americans have access to high quality, patient-centered care in a health care system where nurses contribute as essential partners in achieving success Vision

8 1.Very Familiar 2.Familiar 3.I have heard of them 4.Not Familiar Are you familiar with the Future of Nursing Recommendations?

9 1.Remove scope of practice barriers. 2.Expand opportunities for interprofessional collaboration. 3.Implement nurse residency programs. 4.Increase proportion of nurses with BSN to 80% by 2020. 5.Double the number of nurses with doctorates. 6.Ensure that nurses engage in lifelong learning. 7.Prepare and enable nurses to lead change and advance healthcare. 8.Build an infrastructure for data collection. Future of Nursing Recommendations

10  November 2010 Campaign for Action Launch Summit:  RWJ Foundation  AARP  Center to Champion Nursing in America Campaign for Action

11  Campaign for Action: Key Messages High-quality patient centered care Leadership Access to Care Workforce Data Education Interprofessional Collaboration

12 Field strategy to move key nursing issues forward at local, state and national levels. Capture best practices, track lessons learned and identify replicable models. State Action Coalitions – 5 pilots, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Mississippi, California. In 15 states before moving nationwide. Short and long term State Action Coalitions

13  Submitted February 2011 - input from more than sixty stakeholders.  Virginia Nurses Association and VA AARP partnered.  Awarded designation in March 2011. Virginia’s Action Coalition Application

14 1.Yes 2.No Are you involved in your state Action Coalition?

15  Interprofessional Collaboration  Education Progression  Workforce Data  Access to Care  Leadership Virginia Workgroups

16 Nurses should be full partners, with physicians and other health professionals, in redesigning health care in the United States. Nursing must produce leaders, from the bedside to the boardroom, who can serve as full partners and be accountable for their own contributions to delivering high-quality care while working with leaders from other health professions. IOM Leadership Recommendations

17 Develop strategies to ensure nursing is skilled to provide leadership from the bedside to the boardroom. Virginia Leadership Goal

18  Continue to determine strategic boards to which nurses could be appointed and work with stakeholders to identify, mentor, and recommend individuals for those appointments.  Collaborate with schools of nursing to ensure the curriculum focuses on leadership skills necessary for today’s complex healthcare environment. Virginia Leadership Objectives

19  Continue “Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom” program piloted with Robert Wood Johnson and AARP in September, 2009.  Recognize leaders “from the bedside to the boardroom” at the annual Virginia Nurses Foundation Excellence in Nursing gala. Virginia Leadership Objectives

20  Continue to support the current and expanded Nurse Leadership Institute (NLI) by participating on committees, providing scholarships, assisting in encouraging employers to nominate fellows and nurses to serve as faculty.  NLI, a program of the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation and a 2007 Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future (PIN) grantee, is a nine-month leadership development course for nurse leaders working in all sectors of healthcare across the Commonwealth. Virginia Leadership Objectives

21 The Survey  Baseline assessment of Virginia nursing board leadership service.  Survey was released in January 2012.  Closed in March 2012.  282 completed the survey.

22 1.Yes 2.No Do you currently serve on a local board or organization’s board of directors?

23 142 198

24 What type of local board are you serving on?

25 Local Boards  Free Clinics  Crisis Pregnancy Centers  AORN, VNA, Black Nurses & other professional nursing associations  Public Health Advisory Commissions  Red Cross  Alzheimer’s Association  Church Affiliated Boards  Performing Arts Council  Historical Councils  County Board of Supervisors  AARP  University & Community College Councils  YMCA

26 1.Yes 2.No Do you currently serve on a state- wide board or organization’s board of directors?


28 What type of state board are you serving on?

29 State Boards  Virginia Partnership for Nursing  Virginia Board of Nursing  Virginia Nurses Association  Virginia Nurses Foundation  Multiple professional nurses associations  Virginia Board of Health  Virginia Association of Counties  VCCS Associates Degree Nursing Program Heads  Virginia Association of Colleges of Nursing  Health Insurance Exchange Governing Body

30 1.Yes 2.No Do you currently serve on a national board or organization’s board of directors?


32 What type of national board are you serving on?

33 National Boards  American Nurses Association & Political Action Coalition  National eHealth Collaborative  Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs  American Midwifery Certification Board  AORN Journal Editorial Board  National Kidney Foundation  American Academy of Nurse Practitioners  American Organization of Nurse Executives  Various National Nursing Organizations

34  Of the Registered Nurses surveyed, 60.3% of those not currently serving on a board, were interested in future board leadership.  181 Virginia Registered Nurses are future board leaders! Future Nurse Board Leaders

35  64.1 % or 118 Experienced Nurse Board Leaders were willing to mentor other Registered Nurses interested in board leadership. Experienced Nursing Board Leaders Willing to Mentor New Board Members

36  Virginia Nurses Association submitted resumes of qualifies nurses for state gubernatorial appointments.  Nurses from survey interested in board service.  VNA advertisement for interested candidates.  Appointments made by the Governor from the candidates recommended by the Virginia Nurses Association.  One successful recommendation for a hospital board. Board Appointments

37  Imbed link to toolkit to show resources available:  Mentor/mentee database  Resources  etc Leadership Toolkit

38  Nurses may submit name and resume to database if interested in serving and be connected by action coalition.  Mentor of new nurse board leaders.  Mentee of experienced nurse board leaders.  Future goal to provide a “” type database and allow individuals to select their own mentor or mentee. Mentorship Structure

39  Gallup ranks nurses as most ethical and honest.  Opinion leaders say nurses should have more influence on health systems and services.  Nursing currently ranked sixth behind other stakeholders to influence health reform.  Top barrier to nurses influence and leadership is not being perceived as important decision makers. Nursing Leadership on Hospital Boards

40 1.Yes 2.No Does your hospital currently have a nurse serving as a voting member of the board?

41 Nursing Leadership on Hospital Boards

42 Next Steps:  Collaborate with the Virginia Hospital Association to assess the number of nurses serving on hospital boards in Virginia.  Identify barriers to nursing service on hospital boards.  Develop relationships and strategies to promote nursing leadership on hospital boards. Nursing Leadership on Hospital Boards

43 1.Yes 2.No Does your state nurses association or action coalition formally recognize nurse leaders?

44  40 Future Nursing Leaders Under 40 recognized at the annual Virginia Nurses Foundation Gala. Recognizing Nursing Leadership

45  40 Nursing Leaders Under 40  Leadership development education day offered in collaboration with the Virginia Organization of Nurse Executives, Virginia Nurses Association, and Virginia Nurses Foundation.  Recruited to participate in Virginia’s Action Coalition.  Assisted to pursue board positions. Recognizing Nursing Leadership

46  Virginia Nurses Foundation 2013 Gala “Every Nurse a Leader”  Nursing Leadership Excellence Awards in areas of:  Administration  Education  Research  Direct Care  Advocacy  Retirement and Lifetime Achievement  Entrepreneur Recognizing Nursing Leadership

47  Virginia Nurses Foundation 2013 Gala “Every Nurse a Leader” Award Recipients

48  Institute of Medicine. (2010). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.  Articles  VAC References

49 Contact Information and Resources

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