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To His Coy Mistress A Feminist Approach….

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1 To His Coy Mistress A Feminist Approach…

2 The Speaker… Addresses himself to a coy or an unwilling woman
Pleads for sex using the argument that they have not “world enough and time” to delay. Seeks to frighten her into compliance: this is shown in his descriptions of her body: her eyes, forehead, “ the rest” and “every part” He wants her to “show” her heart

3 The Woman Is unwilling to accept the speaker Is quite intelligent
Is compared to a “marble vault” Despite her charms, her vault is coldly closed to him The speaker clinches the attack with the next image “then worms shall try/that long preserved virginity” (line 27-28) She has no reaction to this…

4 This poem is pro-feminist because…
(1)the woman remains in control throughout the poem Despite the speakers assaults, she remains in control- she doesn’t give in The speaker is put down: “Nor in thy marble vault shall sound my echoing song” (line 26) The speaker’s tone is frustration/anger towards the end: “then worms shall try that long preserved virginity, and your quaint honor turn to dust…The grave’s a fine and private place” (line 27-31)

5 This poem is pro-feminist because…
(2) the speaker, a man, is shown as foolish, irrational, and arrogant He puts her on a pedestal while assaulting/harassing her: “Though by the Indian Ganges’ side shouldst rubies find; I by the tide of Humber would complain” (line 5-7). He is irrational: he puts her on that pedestal, showing how she’s beautiful and precious, but then later on says, “But at my back I always hear times winged chariot hurrying near;... Thy beauty shall no more be found;” (lines 22-25). Shows how he lives in the present; stupid- doesn’t think long-term.

6 THE END!!!

7 A Feminist Approach to A Farewell to Arms

8 The Feminist Approach says…
“Woman aren’t different from men; women are constructed differently by men” De Beauvoir Man defines human, not woman. A woman CAN be a hero or code hero!!!

9 In A Farewell to Arms… Frederic is not in control of his relationship with Catherine he is controlled BY HER example: Catherine plays “the game” of love with Frederic “not for diversion, but for survival. Hers is a sophisticated game, over his head, and Frederic does not understand the stakes” (Spanier 135) example: Catherine declares, “We’re going to have a strange life” “thereby taking control, and casting Frederic-compliant, convenient, and quite unsuspecting- as substitute player for her boy who was killed” (Spanier 135).

10 Frederic is not in control…
He does what she says Ex: interesting dialogue: Catherine: “Say, ‘I’ve come back to Catherine in the night.’” Frederic: “I’ve come back to Catherine in the night.” Catherine: “Oh darling, you have come back, haven’t you?” This was during her third meeting with Frederic, and she’s already controlling him!!! Implying her dead lover!!!

11 Frederic is not in control..
A final example of a revealing dialogue Frederic: “Do you always know what people think?” Catherine: “Not always. But I do with you.” Catherine knows all about him- she can control situations in a way that benefits HER, not THEM. Goes back to the idea that her game is for survival

12 THE END!!!

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