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Cad Database Server Purchase Hardware Proposal.

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1 Cad Database Server Purchase Hardware Proposal


3 Component Interaction Teamcenter Engineering System Component Interaction The following slide shows how processes are connected and provides an overview to illustrate the following points: Portal clients connect to imanserver similar to the way Web clients connect to a Web server. Motif clients connect directly with the Oracle database and Teamcenter Engineering data vaults using SQLNet and NFS (or iMANFS) respectively. Custom clients using the apiserver process are similar to Motif clients.


5 Teamcenter Engineering Servers


7 Dedicated Oracle Servers Oracle to run stand alone is the goal, is the preferred way to run oracle, ‘best practices’. One development env, a matching production env. Have had instances with d0ora2 where a stand alone environment would have prevented downtime. Stand alone server is the cdf and minos model. Prevents competition for resources with the database, decreasing potential downtime.

8 The critical decision for the Teamcenter Engineering implementation team is the sizing and placement of Oracle, vault and application servers. (for example, Portal, Web). Again, this is highly dependent on network infrastructure and Teamcenter Engineering usage profiles. Network traffic between the Teamcenter Engineering shared servers and the Oracle server is proportionally greater than that between a server and its clients. Therefore, the network connection between Teamcenter Engineering servers and the Oracle server should be high bandwidth and low latency. Teamcenter Engineering server communication with the clients is more tolerant of low-speed, high-latency networks. Planning Teamcenter Engineering Servers


10 Vault Servers The vault servers house the ‘real’ data, and will be supported by the cad divisions, not dsg.


12 Non DbServer Support Propose to run the non db server apps on a separate NT machine(s). One NT for production, the other for development and other instances. –Apache web server –Portals –Licenses


14 Teamcenter Engineering Portal Servers Portal implementations have a variety of configuration options, as previously described. Like the Teamcenter Engineering Web server, the Teamcenter Engineering Portal server is also computationally intensive and is best served by a machine with a high SPECint rate (throughput) rating. Portal servers also require significant amount of memory (multiple gigabytes) to support large numbers of users.

15 Development Environment The TeamCenter development environment will mirror the production environment to enable routine testing and application of patches, etc. 1 database server machine, 1 NT for other apps. Potentially servering dev, int, and train databases.

16 One license vs. duals Pros: –1 license to support Cons: –1 license to mess up both production and development. This is not in line with dsg’s standards and procedures. –Working with vendor to supply a dev license for free, limiting # of users, but non temporary. –Dual licenses will allow us to separate out developers and trainers from production.

17 Ideas Licenses product users desc A001 24 Core Master Modeler A002 21 Core Drafting A003 20 Surfacing Set A004 20 Assembly Set A009 8 Simulation Modeling Set A010 5 Simulation Solution Set A052 1 Sheet Metal A054 1 Model Solution - Nonlinear A055 1 Laminate Composites A061 1 TMG Thermal A083 1 Drafting Symbols Catalog A084 1 Standard Parts Catalog A086 1 Material Data Catalog - MDLA A088 1 Material Data Catalog - MIL5 A103 1 STEP Data Translator A107 5 ABAQUS Data Translator A108 5 ANSYS Data Translator A121 1 Autocad Data Translator A145 5 Response Analysis A156 1 Mechanism Simulation A172 19 Mechanism Design A180 25 Master Notation A200 25 Take home Licensing A314 95 Artisan Drafting A646 1 VRML Annotation A801 25 Update Training

18 TeamCenter Licenses product users desc IM11500 1 TcEng - Product Engineering Server IM11505 1 TcEng - Web Access IM11510 10 TcEng - Consumer IM11520 10 TcEng - Author IM11680 1 TcEng - Integration Toolkit IM11720 16 Oracle Tier 1 Runtime IM11735 70 Oracle Tier 3 Runtime IM11910 1 TcEng - AutoCAD Integration - 10 IM11915 60 TcEng - NX Manager I-deas IM11918 10 TcEng - NX Integration I-deas IM12805 60 TcEng - Portal Visualization Standard IM12810 10 TcEng - Portal Visualization Professional

19 UGS CAST licenses product users desc CA10000 1 Unigraphics NX CAST Online UG10000-WISD 1 NX Software and Doc Media UGID100 1 UG/DESIGNER BUNDLE for Ideas UGID105 5 UG/Drafting for Ideas Bundle UGID130 3 UGManufacturing Set for Ideas UGID135 1 Variable Axis Milling UGID210 2 UG CAM Bundle Upgrade for Ideas

20 UGS Corp. Maintenance Proposal costs fy05 UGS Corp. Maintenance Proposal cost for fy05 Ideas products: $150,773.00 Teamcenter Engineering product: $48,375.00 UGS CAST products: $14,142.84 Total ----------- $213,290.84

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