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Is It Head Lice?.

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1 Is It Head Lice?

2 What You’ll Learn Today
What are head lice? Where do head lice come from? How do I know I have head lice? How do I remove head lice? I’m Dr. Itchy. And I’m here to help you learn about head lice!

3 What Are Head Lice? Head lice are bugs that feed on humans.
They live on your head. A single head lice is called a louse. Clouse the louse

4 What Are Head Lice? They are really small like a sesame seed.
They are colored like your hair. They are hard to see.

5 What Are Head Lice? A louse (adult) lays eggs called nits.
Nits are glued to your hair. Nit-Wit

6 What Are Head Lice? Nits hatch in 7 to 10 days.
Nymphs (baby louse) can grow up into an adult in 9 to 12 days. The adult louse lays nits, and the cycle continues. Nymph

7 Where Do Head Lice Come From?
Head lice have been around a long time. They move from head-to-head through contact. They crawl fast but don’t jump, hop or fly.

8 Where Do Head Lice Come From?
You do NOT get head lice from: Being dirty A dirty house A dog or cat

9 How do I know I have Head Lice?
Head lice can cause your head to itch. Head lice can be seen in your hair. The school nurse or a doctor can confirm if you have head lice.

10 How Do I Remove Head Lice?
Your parent can help you remove head lice by treating and combing your hair. Your parent should talk with a health care provider about product options they can use to treat the head lice.

11 How Do I Remove Head Lice?
Your parent should comb your hair very carefully to remove the head lice and nits. It may be boring and may hurt a little bit but it will take time to find and remove them all. If a nit hatches, it could make more head lice.

12 How Do I Remove Head Lice?
When you think the head lice are gone, your school nurse will re-check your head to see if you can go back to class.

13 For More Information If you would like to know more about head lice, you can visit Dr. Itchy, all logos and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of ParaPRO, LLC.

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