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2.3.2 Green Building & Sustainable Design Jesse Sopko & Donald Jacobson.

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1 2.3.2 Green Building & Sustainable Design Jesse Sopko & Donald Jacobson

2 1) Rainfall falls on most parcels of property throughout the world. Describe one method that could be used to collect this natural resource. Rainwater Catchment The rainfall gets channeled into the gutters then brought into a system of pipes that lead to a large barrel that stores the water until it is needed. When needed the water is pumped to its destination via a 1hp pump and more piping.

3 2) Describe an innovative construction method or technique that benefits the environment. Pneumatically Impacted Stabilized Earth A mixture of mud and cement is packed into a form. With PISE you only build one side of the formwork and spray the earth into the form. PISE is basically the same as rammed earth but is much shorter.

4 3) During the construction cycle of the building, materials and components are delivered to the site. List a strategy that you will use to recycle the waste produced during the construction phase. Burn it! Burn it all! Any leftover materials can be burnt at no expense.

5 4) Energy use is high in commercial buildings. What might a designer do to reduce energy consumption in a building? Wind Turbines Wind turbines take the air that is naturally blowing around and it turns turbine which makes power. Windy days would produce a good amount of power. They may, in most cases, be placed anywhere.

6 5) Building sites offer natural resources that can be utilized for the life of the building. Describe a method to use a site’s natural resources in the construction of the structure. Rockwall You can use a face of a rock cliff or wall as walls in the house. This would keep the house cool as well. Rocks also have natural insulation.

7 Conclusion Questions 1)LED Light Bulbs 2)Wind Turbines, to make energy.

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