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Promote product and services BSBMKG413A TASK 2 PART B

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1 Promote product and services BSBMKG413A TASK 2 PART B
By Karolina Kaminska ID:C62842

2 EXPO The Building & Home Improvement Expo is the destination of choice for renovators, builders and homeowners interested in improving the appearance, performance and energy efficiency of their home or commercial property.

3 Our Company We are one of the largest homebuilders in Australia, operating from 24 offices across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. In 2010 we legally completed 13,456 homes. We build a wide range of properties, from one- and two-bedroom apartments to five bedroom detached houses, with a broad price range including both private and affordable homes. Our regional businesses are run as local homebuilders and have depth knowledge and experience of the local market. All its designs can be adapted to suit individual needs. Dream Home has received many accolades for its innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship, most recent of which is the Master Building Winning Award for the Thasos Home as the Best Custom Home Under $400,000 awarded by the Master Builders Association.

4 Master Building Winning Award

5 Why We are so unique Our team has researched all the best eco-friendly product options and combined them with revolutionary architectural designs to create the 'green' home of your dreams. With cross ventilation to all living spaces, maximum use of natural light, solar energy systems and grey water management, this really is state-of-the-art sustainable living. Using our own carefully engineered building system, we can have your new home ready in around 10 weeks from start to finish, saving money in site costs.

With our unique building system, sloping and hill-side sites are easily tackled. A build time of around 10 weeks means minimal site impact compared to traditional methods.

7 KEEP YOUR COOL A fully insulated roof and walls, wide 900 mm overhangs, and front & back decks provide natural cooling under the Australian summer sun.

Cross ventilation to living areas and raked ceilings mean your Eco System Home remains fresh and light. No need for air-conditioners here.

9 RECYCLABLE MATERIALS All Eco System Homes use recyclable materials where possible and we are continually researching ways to incorporate more.

10 Non-Polluting Power From photo-voltaic electricity and solar hot water to wind turbines and energy-effcient lighting, our homes are designed

11 Save What’s Precious Water conservation is of paramount importance. Rainwater storage tanks, grey water management and water saving devices in our homes ensure responsible water usage.

12 What’s the difference? Eco System Homes provide a real point of difference with our design philosophy, excellent cross ventilation, high raked ceilings, great use of indoor and outdoor space, innovative architectural designs and fast build time.

13 Our Houses `

14 Our Houses


16 Our Houses

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