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Bosnia 1993 Child Protection Education Livelihoods.

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2 Bosnia 1993


4 Child Protection Education Livelihoods

5 War Child International War Child UK War Child Holland War Child Canada

6 What is an emergency? Why is emergency assistance sometimes woefully slow? What are NGOs for? Why are there no INGOs based in China? Conflict – what happens next? How to be useful in International assistance?

7 What is an emergency?

8 Deraa, Syria


10 ‘I am dead. I feel dead inside’.

11 Two children an hour

12 Over 50% of children surveyed in the Central African Republic reported they have been the victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.

13 The consequences of sexual violence Early pregnancy Labour and obstetric complications Severe injuries HIV and STD infection Accompanying violence Rejection Destitution

14 What is an emergency? ?

15 3% disaster

16 Why is emergency assistance sometimes woefully slow?

17 Goma


19 About 21.00 we heard the sound of gun shots and explosions. A big noise was coming from my Aunt’s house (my mothers little sister) and when we all went out to see what was happening we saw her house in flames. A bomb had fallen into their house and my Aunt’s husband was on fire. We found two burnt bodies in front of the house. It was my aunt and my grandfather. They were already dead. It was the first time I had seen a person completely burnt.

20 We did not have time to look after them or bury their bodies because there were more bullets whistling past and bombs falling. We started running, each person saving themselves without thinking of the others. The next morning I found myself in a group with other people who were going towards Goma. I looked for members of my family in vain. I do not know if they went towards Uganda or towards Kiwanja. Maybe they are all dead. I have not had any news of them.

21 We came to Kinyarucinya camp, where I do not know anybody. I have lost my family. I abandoned my Aunt and my Grandfather lying in the open air without burying them. Maybe they were not even dead when we left them.





26 ‘We have received no food, no shelter, we’ve been in the camp almost one month…..we are eating just a little, once a day….I think we have food for just another four days. I do not know where my family is, we are alone here in this camp.’













39 What are NGOs for?



42 Advocacy and public fundraising change the world Competing for donor funds achieves only marginal improvements Building an NGO on restricted funding does little to improve the situation

43 Why are there no INGOs based in China?

44 Conflict – what happens next?

45 How to be useful?

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