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WORLD WAR 2 BY BELLA. CONTENTS ~EvacueesEvacuees ~FoodFood ~BlitzBlitz ~Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler ~Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill.

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2 CONTENTS ~EvacueesEvacuees ~FoodFood ~BlitzBlitz ~Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler ~Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill

3 EVACUEES People expected cities to be bombed because enemy planes destroyed factories. Also it would bomb other things like homes and schools, so kids would be in danger. It was the governments idea to ‘empty the city's’ of children and some mothers. This was called ‘evacuation’ this would make it less likely for air raids to hit them. About 8000,000 children left their homes, but most of them came back home after a few weeks. Others stayed at the countryside for the rest of WW2. Contents

4 FOOD They had no supermarkets in WW2. You went to different shops for every different items. For instance if you wanted fruit and vegetables,you would go to the greengrocers. Or if you were wanted meat, you would go to the butchers. Many shops were a small family businesses. Food was rationed a lot because of the Germans bombing our food supply. content

5 BLITZ An air raid was an attack by enemy planes dropping bombs. Warning of enemy planes was given by the loud sirens they were loud so you could here it clearly. When people heard the sirens, they went into their air raid shelters. Loads of big bombs exploded with a loud bangs and blew buildings apart. Small bombs called 'incendiaries' started fires all over the cities. Fire fighters worked hard to put out the flames. Rescue teams tried to save people from the falling buildings. When the planes went, the sirens sounded the 'All Clear sound.’ Contents

6 WINSTON CHURCHILL Winston Churchill was Britain's Prime Minister for most of World War II. He was famous for his speeches, and not to give in, even when things were going badly. People all over the world know the name Winston Churchill. People remember Churchill as a war leader. But he did other important jobs in a long life full of adventures. Contents

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