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4 Multimedia we come across in our daily IT lives are:


6 Source: Source: www.kb.iu.eduSource:


8 Source: www.wikipedia.orgSource: www.paulbourke.netSource:

9 o MPEG Layer-3 (.mp3): Arguably the most common audio format. Developed by Motion Pictures Expert Group o Wave(.wav): Developed by IBM and Microsoft. Works on all Windows computers and all browsers except Google’s ‘Chrome’. Source:


11 o Audio Video Interleave (.avi): Developed by Microsoft, works on all Windows machines and most popular web browsers. May face problems on non- Windows computers. o Windows Media Video (.wmv): Another Microsoft product, but limited to only Windows machines. Other Operating Systems may be able to support, but special software will have to be installed first. o Motion Pictures Experts Group (.mpeg): On the web, this is arguably the most common format and its works across multiple platforms. o QuickTime (.mov): An Apple development, meant for compatibility with its Macintosh OS and iOS devices like iPods or iPads. Source:

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