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TOURISM AND CREATING SHARED VALUE Simon Pickup Sustainable Tourism Manager ABTA.

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1 TOURISM AND CREATING SHARED VALUE Simon Pickup Sustainable Tourism Manager ABTA

2 About ABTA ABTA’s vision is to build confidence at the heart of travel – confidence for companies to trade and invest; confidence for customers to book; and confidence that the industry is building a sustainable future.

3 CSV – what is it? HBR: “…defined as policies and operating practice that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in which it operates” Broadly speaking – it’s a realisation that there is no need for a trade off between economic efficiency and social progress. Merging societal needs with core business values

4 The difference between CSV and CSR? Prof M Porter: “In development, the CSR solution is fair trade; let’s make sure farmers get paid enough and the CSV solution is transforming the productivity of the farmers and raising the quality so we can pay them a higher price because they have higher quality, and they can have higher incomes because they produce more”. Rising Shareholder & Investor Pressure Increasing awareness of global issues Increasing risk of reputational damage PROFIT GENERATION & MANAGEMENT OF SOC, ENV AND ECO IMPACTS GO TOGETHER CSR ORIGINS

5 CSV Success Stories

6 So what does this mean for tourism? Arguably – the business case for CSV in tourism is stronger than in most other sectors Both product creation and consumption takes places amongst destination communities – without shared value, the experience will be de-valued Sustainable tourism is synonymous with ensuring shared value: for communities, for business, for customers CSV is already happening in tourism and has been for some time but… more could be done

7 Tourism Case Studies - Employment -Tourism has undoubtedly been a force for mass creation of employment -Good employment? -Industry has started to help regulate employment standards in line with best practice Travelife Sustainability System -Social Criteria: employee relations, fair working conditions, living wages, training and investment in staff

8 Tourism Case Studies – Local Sourcing

9 Tourism Case Studies – Infrastructure European Destination High sickness levels associated with destination Research identified contaminated and compromised water / sewage infrastructure was source of sickness 7 year project to improve systems OUTCOMES: Reduced customer sickness and litigation – improved customer confidence Improved local public health More efficient infrastructure and therefore, environmental gains

10 Five Star CSR

11 Final thoughts… CSV is gaining traction – is it really that new? Opportunity – to better legitimise tourism and improve external perceptions Can see CSV quickly rising up the Government agenda – way to encourage growth, tackle societal challenges & keep costs down Through the sustainable tourism movement – a great deal is already being done, but naturally – more can always be done Key improvement area is in the recognition and recording of tourism created shared value where it occurs


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