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Group Discussion.

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1 Group Discussion

2 Why a G.D? Helps to explore & understand a subject more deeply
Improves ability to think critically Helps in Problem Solving Enables decision making through consensus

3 Why a G.D? Gives exposure to others’ ideas
Allows you to ventilate your views Can change attitudes & influence others’ thinking

4 Factual Topic Controversial Topics Abstract Topics Case Studies
G.D – 4 kinds of topics Factual Topic Controversial Topics Abstract Topics Case Studies

5 Factual topics The Educational policy of India Tourism in India
State of the Aged in India

6 Controversial Topics Reservations should be abolished
India doesn’t need Chandrayaan at this juncture Women Make Better managers

7 Abstract Topics A drop is mightier than an ocean All in the name of a chair Rolling stone gathers no moss

8 Case Studies It’s 2009, Tata’s Nano has been rolled out & Maruti’s sales are dwindling. What should Maruti’s strategy be to withstand the competition & keep up it’s sales?

9 Characteristics of a successful G.D.
Agreement on group goals Goal oriented interaction Agreement on procedures Cooperative and friendly atmosphere Use of effective comm. Techniques Equitable distribution of participation Shared leadership

10 General Selection Criteria
Subject Knowledge Oral Comm. Skills Leadership (Initiative, Motivation, Assertiveness, Objectivity …) Team Management (Positive Attitude, Cooperation, Coordination …) Appropriate Body Language

11 Discussion Strategies
Effective Start Systematic Contribution Creating Cooperative Environment Promoting Optimal Participation Handling Conflict Properly Effective Closure

12 For individual contribution
Topic Analysis Discuss Opinions Discuss Problems Discuss Case Studies

13 Interaction Strategies
Exchanging Opinions - Ask for/ Give Opinions - Support your Opinions - Balance Various Perspectives

14 Content Generation - Three Approaches

15 KWA Approach Key Word Approach
Deconstruct the Topic Identify & Explain the key Terms

16 KWA Approach-5 W’s and 1 H WHERE ? WHY ? WHOM ? WHAT ? WHEN ? Place
Receiver WHOM ? Objective WHY ? Subject/Topic WHAT ? Means/Method HOW ? Time WHEN ?

17 SPELT Approach Socio- Politico – Economic- Legal- Technical Angle

18 VAP Approach View Point Of Affected Party Multiple Perspectives of all those who have a stake

19 Tips to Remember! Be as Natural as possible
Take time to organize your points Start speaking after you have clearly understood your points Initiate the discussion if you have good lead points

20 Tips to Remember! Your body language says a lot about you
Put across your points clearly & fluently Be assertive , not dominating Maintain balanced tone in your discussion & analysis

21 Modality 8 – 10 candidates to speak for 15-20 mins
Seated in a circle or semi-circle arrangement Moderated by 2 – 3 panelists

22 On the Whole, The Attributes to be Demonstrated
Ability to work in a team Communication skills Open mindedness

23 Attributes to demonstrate (cont..d)
Critical & Independent thinking Leadership potential Positive body language

24 Some Do’s Be the one to Initiate Make an early entry in a G.D
Release your points in installments Express points relevantly & logically Demonstrate active listening

25 Some Don'ts Avoid being a silent spectator in a G.D
Do not be aggressive Avoid Objecting to others Don’t display pessimistic attitude Don’t forget to Conclude & Summarize

26 Excessive exposure of female anatomy in advertising should be banned
Topic for Mock G.D Excessive exposure of female anatomy in advertising should be banned

27 GD Topics Satyam Fiasco – Lessons to be learnt
Barrack Obama & the road ahead China’s aggressive growth a threat to India. Voting Rights To illiterates is illogical.] Formation of Telangana- Is it desirable? Water Resources should be nationalized Foreign Television channels are destroying our culture Indian Media should be more responsible. Need for global collaboration to deal with Terrorism Women are as good managers as men or sometimes better

28 GD Topics 11.Business & Ethics cannot go together
12. Position of women in India. 13.Inflation in a developing economy is inevitable 14. The current oil crisis in the world. 15. MNCs are they devils in disguise. 16. Arranged marriages have a better chance in India than Love marriages. 17.Value based politics is the need of the hour. 18.Cricket obsession in India is robbing other Sports of their glory. 19.Environment management – need of the hour. 20.Lacunae in Indian education system.

29 GD Topics 21.How FIIs will help in making India a superpower?
22.Should Trade Unions be allowed in IT sector? 23. Role and future of banking & insurance sector 24. Rise of Sensex on Indian economy and its role 25. Indians are excellent individual workers but poor team. 26. Everything happens for your own good. 27.Security cameras & privacy rights. 28.The one who loses is the real & long time winner. 29.Advertisement is a sophisticated way of telling a lie. 30.Why are we not world players in Industry?

30 Thank Q

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