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INTRODUCING The 5502A Fluke’s Newest Multi-Product Calibrator

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1 INTRODUCING The 5502A Fluke’s Newest Multi-Product Calibrator
Robust, Transportable, Wide Workload Coverage The best fit and value for your calibration workload!

2 Improved confidence in calibration……
The NEW 5502A Multi Product Calibrator Improved confidence in calibration…… Offers the best that the leading Fluke 5500A and 9100 provide as calibrators – and then adds robust protection & easy transportability Emphasize the confidence value to the user. Nothing is compromised from the existing 5520A, with new attributes of robust protection and easy transportability.

3 New 5502A at a glance The best range of functions, accuracy and value in its class Voltage to 1020V dc or ac Current to 20.5 A, dc or ac Fully variable resistance to 1100 MΩ AC/DC power with variable phase Continuously variable capacitance to 110 mF More than 18 temperature calibration functions for thermocouples or RTDs Options to calibrate oscilloscopes to 600 MHz Built with the improved 5522A platform with 5500 level performance specs Recessed banana style terminals Additional terminal outputs up to 20.5 A 300 MHz and 600 MHz Scope Options

4 What will 5502A offer? Incorporating the 9100’s functional capabilities not now in the 5500A 20.5 Amps ac & dc Adding the new & successful improvements of the 5522A: Wider resistance and capacitance ranges Input Overload Protection Transportability A new look Based on the 5522A technology with banana plug connection terminals It continues to offer a calibrator that is fully automatable via GPIB or RS-232 Interfaces Red indicates improved specs versus the 5500A and/or 9100 Function Range “Best” 1 Yr Spec DC Voltage 0 to 1020V 50 PPM AC Voltage 220 mV to 10 Hz to 500 kHz 300 PPM DC Current 0 to 20.5A 100 PPM AC Current 9 μA to 10 Hz to 30 kHz 900 PPM Resistance 0 to 1.10 GΩ 90 PPM Capacitance 220pf – 110mF 0.25% AC & DC Power 0 to 20.9 kW/VAR Variable Phase 0 to ± degrees 0.15 Degrees Thermocouple source 11 types plus 10 µV / C° & 1 mV / C° 0.14 C° RTD source 8 types of Pt and Cu RTDs 0.04 C° Thermocouple measure 11 types plus 10 µV / C° & 1 mV / C° Frequency 0.01 to 2 MHz 25 ppm Scope Cal 300 MHz and 600 MHz options various

5 Improved current – 20.5 Amps & more
The 5502A Multi Product Calibrator –Improved Performance Improved current – 20.5 Amps & more Current to 20.5A dc or ac Strong Compliance 4 to 10 volts dc 3 to 7 volts ac Extendable to 120A with the 52120A Transconductance Amplifier! DC voltage accuracy at 40 ppm (90 days) and 50 ppm (1 year) Variable resistance 0 to 1100 MΩ Variable capacitance 220 pf to 110 mF

6 The 5502A Multi Product Calibrator – Confidence in Workload
Calibrates one of the widest workloads of any electrical calibrator on the market Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 4½ digits Current clamps and clamp meters Thermocouples and RTDs Process calibrators Data loggers Strip and chart recorders Watt meters Power harmonics analyzers Panel meters Graphical multimeters Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes to 600 MHz …..and more Multi-Product calibrator addresses a wide workload. The 5522A calibrates the widest workload of any calibrator on the market – with the highest accuracy, best specifications available.

7 NEW – Premium Input Protection
The 5502A Multi Product Calibrator – Confidence in Reliability NEW – Premium Input Protection Reverse power protection to 300V peak and more, with immediate output disconnect on all terminals “Check before Connect” process Replaceable over-current fuses No compromise performance specs with the new protection systems Now this calibrator has the added and improved reliability The user has better confidence of ongoing successful usage even after operator mistakes and resulting overloads. The protection works in three ways. Reverse power protection will keep the calibrator safe when it is operating and a voltage overload is applied – specified up to 300V peak. When such an overload is applied, the calibrator senses it and immediately turns off the output via disconnection through setting to standby. Furthermore, a check before connect action does a check on the output terminals when a function is placed into operate. If an inappropriate voltage is present, the calibrator does not enter operate, displays an error message, and waits for the operator to remove the condition and acknowledge the occurrence. Over current being forced into either of the current terminals is protected by fuses. These are accessible via an access door on the bottom of the calibrator. Changing and replacing damaged fuses does not impact the validation of the calibration. All these protection methods do not compromise the specs. The 5522A output specs are identical to those of the 5520A. The 5522A remains the best in class by all the same margins and measures as did the 5520A.

8 The 5502A Multi Product Calibrator – Confidence in Usability
New larger, open, and more comfortable handles mean it is designed to easily and comfortably move to where it is needed Easier access to the output binding posts mean fast and reliable test lead connections Also the handles have been redesigned to be more comfortable to the hand when carried. There is flexibility in the handle, and a soft plastic material used on the inside surfaces for better comfort. Plus the handle is completely open on the inside. The center bar on the 5520A handle has been removed. It permits easier and faster access to the output terminals when wires or lugs are used in the test leads.

9 More of what’s new – It is easily transported
A new Carry Case with wheels and removable front & rear covers Gets out of the lab and to the job, and back – easily Set up for the on-site and in-situ calibrations is simple with removable covers Transporting the 5522A out of the lab is easier, and more reliable. A new carry case firmly holds and protects the calibrator when it is transported by lab personnel. A built in handle and wheels make it easy to roll to the ultimate on site destination. Once at the point of use, the front and rear covers are easily removed. The calibrator can be used in this protective case with full and complete access to the keypad/terminals for operator use, and the rear power cable and computer interface connectors can be easily reached. Inside, under the cover of the calibrator, the mechanical design of the circuit card system has newly added reinforcement so the likelihood of errors due to circuit cards movement is very much reduced compared to the earlier 5520A. Easy to move, setup & calibrate

10 Benefits of the 5502A In short it is … CONFIDENCE
The NEW 5502A gives its users confidence More than 11 electrical calibration functions for wide workload coverage with an excellent value + Robust Protection, Easy transportability In summary, these aspects are a benefit to the user and their confidence of providing a quality calibration service. As always the 5520A provided a wide range of functions. Now the added protection and transportability make it an even better solution.

11 A Closer Look At….. Overload Protection

12 Common overload damage
On other calibrators one accidental electrical overload can damage up to 3 internal circuits/systems & the main system board Blown Chips In the 5520A an accidental overload can cause extensive internal damage. Up to 3 circuit assemblies plus the main mother board can fail with overloads. This is a very costly repair – and is not a warranty covered failure because of the initial cause by miss use. A in-advertant mistake by an operator can cost mult-thousands of dollars to repair. Burned Circuit Assemblies COSTLY REPAIRS $$$$

13 Examples of successful protection -
5502A offers protection from these common errors Examples of successful protection - What if a technician accidentally connects ……. AC mains voltage into the resistance terminals no damage The calibrator’s test leads to live voltage terminals calibrating an in-situ panel meter no damage A thermocouple pair with large a common mode voltage into the TC terminals no damage A Meg ohm meter, initiates a test which applies 100s of volts into the resistance terminals no damage A high voltage to ANY Normal, AUX or TC connection terminal no damage An external current source to the AUX terminals and drives a current into the calibrator only the protection fuses need replacement The 5522A’s protection systems make failures from accidental overloads a thing of the past. Here are some examples of common overloads that would seriously damage other calibrators. None of these accidental events would cause a failure of 5522A.

14 Benefits of the overload protection
Reverse power protection Immediate output disconnect Check before connect Fuse protection With the added capabilities the calibrator will withstand accidental overloads, warn the operator of the error, and continue to calibrate properly – with no damage Eliminates costly repairs No downtime or lost productivity The benefits of protection as seen here. The three overload protection mechanisms reinforce the overall benefits. In an overload event, the operator is notified of the event. The operator is able to correct the mistake, acknowledge the problem, and then continue with the required calibration tasks because no permanent damage occurred. The previously needed costly repair has been eliminated. There is no downtime or lost productivity due to accidental mistakes.

15 Automated Calibration
A Closer Look At….. Automated Calibration

16 Easy Automation of a 5502A MET/CAL Compatibility
5502A works seamlessly with the MET/CAL version 8.1, and future versions Easy upgrades of earlier systems through MetSupport Gold or as a purchased upgrade The new NVI format for MET/CAL makes procedure writing easier and insures strong future compatibility Existing 5500A and 9100A procedures will need to be translated to the new format when used with the 5502A Full Remote Control Command Compatibility 5502A remote control programming is identical to 5500 series Only the instrument identification response is the different (5502A rather than 5500A) The 5522A has all the automatable capabilities of the 5520A. It offers a seamless transition into a met/cal environment. MET/CAL Plus, version 7.3, service pack 1 includes the necessary drivers for the 5522A. Existing 5520A procedures are forward compatible with a 5522A. New 5522A procedures are backward compatible with a 5520A. Both the MET/CAL-L license (for full operational capabilities) and the limited 5500A/CAL-L license (for fewer instruments, and serial interface connections only) will work with the 5522A. The programming codes, languages, and responses are identical. So user’s who have automated programs for the 5520A will find the 5522A will work with no problem. The only response found to be different in a 5522A vs. a 5520 is the response to an instrument identification query via the remote control computer. The 5522A responds with the 5522A model identification string. As expected it is different than the response from a 5520A. The user’s program would need to consider this very minor change/adjustment.

17 5502A & Fluke’s other multi product Calibrators
A Closer Look At….. 5502A & Fluke’s other multi product Calibrators

18 The 5080A, 5502A & 5522A Function Comparison
This is a summary of Fluke’s four multiproduct calibrators. It illustrates the differences in workload among the alternatives.

19 The 5080A, 5502A & 5522A Workload Comparison
This is a summary of Fluke’s four multiproduct calibrators. It illustrates the differences in workload among the alternatives.

20 Points of differentiation with 5500A
Max 20.5 A of dc and ac current Max 11 A of dc and ac current 1100 M ohms max variable resistance 330 M ohms max variable resistance 220 pF to 110 mF variable capacitance 330 pF to 1.1 mF variable capacitance Input terminal protection to 300V Separate Hi current output terminal Improved chassis design Ergonomic handles

21 Points of differentiation with 9100
Basic dc accuracy is 50 ppm / year Basic dc accuracy is 60 ppm / year 1100 M ohms max variable resistance 400 M ohms max variable resistance ACV to 500 kHz ACV to 100 kHz 220 pF to 110 mF variable capacitance 500 pF to 40 mF variable capacitance .01 Hz to 2 MHz Frequency 0.5 Hz to 10 MHz Frequency Little or no practical benefit to user Lead connection mat No such function available (recommend a 5320A or optional with 5080A) : Insulation/Continuity Tester Calibration Module Obsolete and not available (use MET/CAL or computer automation) PCMCIA Storage Modules

The 5502A Multi Product Calibrator OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES…..

23 5502A Scope Calibration Options
5500A-SC300 with Leveled Sine to 300 MHz, rise time < 1ns 5520A-SC600 with Leveled Sine to 600 MHz, rise time < 300 ps Supports the following functions: DC Voltage AC Voltage (Square wave) Fast Edge Leveled Sine wave Time Markers Wave Generator Pulse Generator TV Trigger Input impedance Measurement Overload Measurement All single test channel plus a trigger channel This is a summary of the two oscilloscope options available with the 5522A. The only functional difference is the maximum frequency of the leveled sine wave function, 600 MHz or 1100 MHz. The range of calibration functions are shown here. In this approach, it offers a single test channel connection between the calibrator and the scope being calibrated. Plus a trigger channel is also available.

24 Instrument Case Accessories
A transportation case to serve the workload both in and out of the lab The 5522A/CARRYCASE is intended for lab managed travel over short or medium distances Wheels & handle make for easy transportation Quick removable covers mean fast set up and in the case usage A rugged, padded shipping case for transportation outside of the lab’s control The 55XX/CASE is designed to withstand difficult shipping conditions found with public & third party freight carriers The best solution for long distance shipping by carries who don’t use the same careful attention as does the lab 5522A/CARRYCASE 55XX/CASE There are two instrument cases available. The 5522A/CARRYCASE is intended for short to medium distance transportation of the calibrator outside of the lab. This transportation is usually controlled/managed by lab personnel and care is taken in this transportation process against excessive shock and vibration. Wheels and handles make it easily transported. Removable covers make it quick to set up and fast to use. The calibrator is mechanically held on a frame inside the case – suspended by rubber, shock absorbing mounts. For transportation with public shipping carriers over longer distances – with no lab oversight, the 55XX/CASE is a better solution. It’s internal custom fitted foam offers a better shock absorbing material for the extreme drop/shock/vibration environments found in this transportation method.

25 5500A-525A/Leads Accessory Kit
Have a complete assortment of leads needed for the full range electrical voltage, current, and thermocouple connections The 5500A/LEADS set additionally contains 4 safety leads that aren’t compatible with the 5522A or 525B binding post style terminals The 5520A-525A/Lead accessory kit provides all the necessary leads and thermocouple connectors which match the 5522As calibration functionality. It is the recommended accessory for the calibrators. However, the scope cables and accessories are not included in this kit. There is a similar kit for the 5500A calibrator. Because the 5500A has recessed safety style binding posts (rather than the multi-way binding posts of the 5522A) this accessory has 4 additional safety leads. These are not found in the 5522A accessory kit, and are not compatible for use with the 5522A (or for that matter, the 525B or 5520A).

26 Current Coil Accessories
5500A/COIL 50 Turn Coil & 50 Turn Coil There are two current coil accessories that are compatible with the 5522A. The 50 turn 5500A/COIL and the combination 10 turn and 50 turn coil, model 9100A-200 are the two alternatives. The 5500A/COIL offers a stable platform to consistently connect current clamps with reliable and repeatable results. The coil has the advantage of offering two coils in one unit - a 10 turn ratio and a 50 turn ratio.

27 MET/CAL Plus Software Key Benefits of Automation
One common software platform across a wide range of workload Perform calibrations quickly and efficiently. Boost cal lab productivity. Calibrate mechanical and dimensional instruments and more. Manage all calibration assets in a single MET/TEAM database. Keep data secure. MET/CAL Plus is the software package that best matches the capabilities of the 5520A. A full featured software package, it has drivers for many calibration instruments. This lets many parameters be automatically, semi-automatically, or manually calibrated with a common operational database. This includes inventory management, calibration procedure management, and calibration/service history. The 5522A can be used with either operational license of MET/CAL Plus – either the full featured MET/CAL-L license or the somewhat limited 5500A/CAL license.

28 For More Detailed Information
5502A Product Brochure Discusses workload, transportability and automation A close up profile of the 5502A Promotes Fluke’s MPC family with a summary of all 3 multiproduct calibrators 5522A 5502A 5080A Extended Specifications Data Sheet Full official specifications as published in the manual Either are available in hardcopy or electronic media Visit Formal product information can be found in either the brochure, or the extended specification documents. These are available in either paper copy, or by electronic form. They are most easily accessed through the fluke web site – at the url shown which is a direct shortcut to the 5522A information library.

29 Mainframe Models & Accessories
Description 5502A MULTI-PRODUCT CALIBRATOR 5502A/3 MULTI-PRODUCT CALIBRATOR + 300MHZ SCOPE OPT 5502A/6 MULTI-PRODUCT CALIBRATOR MHZ SCOPE OPT Accessory Description 55XX/CASE Transit Case 5522A/CARRYCASE 5522A Carry Case With Removable Front/Back Panels 5500A/LEADS Comprehensive Test Lead Kit for 5502A 5500A/COIL 50 Turn Current Coil 10 and 50 turn Current Coils Y5537 Rack Mount Kit 7" for 5500A 5500A/HNDL Side Handle 5800A-7002K 2 Output Cable Set 5800A-7004K 5800A Calibrator BNC Connector Kit

30 Frequently Asked Questions

31 Frequently Asked Questions -
What comes standard with the 5502A calibrator? The 5502A calibrator comes standard with all its various electrical functions. Scope calibration capability is optional. Included is a full report of calibration with data. An accredited report of calibration is optional. What options can be installed in the 5502A? The two scope calibration options (300 MHz and 600 MHz) are the only options for this calibrator. These are available at time or purchase or installed by a service center at a future date as an upgrade. Is MET/CAL compatible with the 5502A? Yes MET/CAL Release Version 8.1 is able to fully control the 5502A (Due out in Q3 2012). How will existing MET/CAL users get this version of MET/CAL? Upgrades are available through the MetSupport Gold program, or as a purchased upgrade to an existing system.

32 Frequently Asked Questions -
Will existing MET/CAL 5500 or 9100 procedures work with the 5502A? No, because the calibrator’s output terminal configuration is different – and the resulting operator safety issues – a different FSC must be used to operate the 5502A with MET/CAL (rather than use the existing 5500A or 9100 FSCs).  Will the 5502A FSC use the old 5500A style syntax, or the newer 5522A style syntax? The 5502A will use the new Name Value Instrument syntax (NVI) – giving the user better flexibility in use, editing, and future calibrator upgrade compatibility. The 5500A used the old FSC syntax style MET/CAL implemented the 5502A with the new structure of FSC, similar to the 5522A FSC. As a result any 5500A procedures will need to be converted to the new FSC syntax. This can be done by the MET/CAL user, or by a translator process. More information on the translation process will soon to be furnished by the MET/CAL team. Similarly any existing 9100 procedures will need to be translated to the new 5502A MET/CAL FSC syntax.

33 Frequently Asked Questions -
Does the 5502A use same the commands of other Fluke 55XX calibrators? Yes the 5502A uses the same remote control commands as the earlier 5500A, 5520A and 5522A series calibrators. The only difference is that it answers the remote ID command with a response - that of being a 5502A.  Does the 5502A emulate the commands of Fluke/Wavetek 9100 calibrators? No the 5502A does not emulate the Fluke/Wavetek 9100 calibrator remote control commands. What is the future availability of the 5500A calibrator? The 5500A will be phased out approximately 6 months after the 5502A introduction. What is the future availability of the 9100 calibrator? The 9100 will soon go on limited availability with a last time buy period soon. Is 5500A upgradable to 5502A? No a 5500A is not upgradeable to a 5502A.

34 Frequently Asked Questions -
Is 5502A upgradable to 5522A? No a 5502A is not upgradeable to a 5522A. Will the user/operator manual be available together with 5502A at the same time? Yes, a full user’s manual will be available with the 5502A, in English language, supplied on a CD/DVD with the instrument. The getting started manual will translated in several languages, printed and supplied with the instrument. Is the calibration procedure to calibrate the 5502A will be the same as 5500A? The performance verification procedure for the 5502A is similar, but not identical to the 5500A procedure. There are some range and specification differences between the two instruments. Is a service manual available for the 5502A? A detailed service manual will be available at approximately one year after introduction.

35 The NEW 5502A = CONFIDENCE What the cal lab loved about the 5500A & 9100 is still there More than 11 Functions for wide workload coverage We have added improved performance and functionality Accuracy Current Resistance Capacitance plus… Robust protection Easy use & transportation

36 Thank you for your attention

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