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  How Well Do You Resist Stress?  Let’s find out! STRESS SURVEY.

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2   How Well Do You Resist Stress?  Let’s find out! STRESS SURVEY

3   The same event may be stressful for one person and not at all stressful for another person?  You cannot change the way you react to stress?  Prolonged stress increases a person’s risk of becoming ill? What do you think?

4   IT is the effect of physical and psychological demands on a person.  What are some stress management techniques?  Planning ahead  Thinking positively  Practicing relaxation responses What is stress?

5   Chronic stress – unrelieved stress that continues to tax a person’s resources to the point of exhaustion.  This can damage the body systems in a number of ways  Acute Stress – a temporary bout of stress that causes alertness or alarm, which prompts a person to deal with a specific event. Kinds of Stress

6   Eustress: good types of stress  Distress: bad types of stress  Not everyone is the same, and their personal view of what is good stress vs bad stress could be different from your views. Kinds of Stress

7   All stress is a response to a STRESOR, a physical or psychological demand that requires a person to adapt to a situation.  It is important that we adapt, to change or adjust in order to accommodate new conditions  Stress happens it is unavoidable, however, how much the stress affects you depends on your perception of that stress. Kinds of Stress

8   Assignment:  Take out a sheet of paper, and write down 3 stressors that you have faced since starting high school?  What are some actions you can do to adapt to these new stressors? What stressors do you face?

9   Stress affects the following body systems:  Nervous System  Hormonal System  Immune System Stress and Your Body

10   Alarm – first phase of the stress response in which you recognize that you are facing a change or a challenge.  Resistance – when the body mobilizes its resources to withstand the effects of stress.  Recovery or Exhaustion – occurs when the body returns to normal; or when stress exceeds the body’s ability to recover. 3 Stages of the Stress Response

11   Physical activity  Relaxation ex: muscle relaxation, music, sports  Time management  Coping Devices ex: displacement, venting Managing Stress

12   Automatic, subconscious reactions to emotional injury  Denial  Fantasy  Projection  Rationalization  Regression  Selective forgetting  Withdrawal Defense Mechanisms

13   By changing your perception of challenges, you can reduce the stress you experience from them…..  Activity: Decision Making Plan: Ways To Cope Positively How Can You Control the Stress you Experience from Challenges?

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