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ELA 10 T EENS T ALK P ROJECT Winston Knoll - 2014 Ms. Mac’s Classes.

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1 ELA 10 T EENS T ALK P ROJECT Winston Knoll - 2014 Ms. Mac’s Classes


3 TED’ S MISSION : Ideas worth spreading!

4 WHY US? In ELA, students must master the important skills of: Collaboration Communication Critical Thinking Creativity Other students in Regina will be participating in this process as well We (the educators) think you have so many important ideas about things and we want to hear about it! This will be your forum…

5 O UTCOMES MET : Speaking Listening Comprehending and Analyzing Technology Writing to persuade Viewing Research with a purpose

6 C URRICULAR O UTCOMES 1. Comprehend and respond to a variety of visual, oral, print, and multimedia texts that address: identity social responsibility and social action 2. View, interpret, summarize, and draw conclusions about the ideas and information presented in a variety of video presentations. 3. Listen to, interpret, summarize, and draw conclusions about the ideas and information presented in a variety of literary and informational texts, and prepared talks about a topic being studied.

7 C URRICULAR O UTCOMES 4. Compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore: identity social responsibility and social action 5. Explain and present to a familiar audience the key ideas and events (actual or based on a text studied) through an appropriate combination of charts, diagrams, sound, models, drama, and print. 6. Use oral language to express a range of information and ideas in formal (including a prepared talk on a familiar topic, an oral presentation, a retelling of a narrative or a recounting of an experience or event) and informal (discussion and group work) situations. 7. Establish and apply criteria to evaluate own and others’ work.

8 STEP ONE W ATCH TED T ALKS AS A W HOLE C LASS : _can_make_a_better_world.html (This one is longer than your talk will be…) What do you think? What is great about this talk? What is boring (or what doesn’t work…)? What are the elements of a good talk? What would make this even better? What has this talk inspired in you? WRITE IT DOWN.

9 S AMPLE TALKS A teen just trying to figure it out - Tavi Gevinson: TEDXTEEN TEDxTeen (in NYC) TEDxTeen (in NYC) Facebook page TEDxTeen (in NYC) Vimeo video channel TEDxTeen (in NYC) YouTube vdeo channel TEDXYOUTH TEDxYouthManchester Facebook page TEDxYouthManchester YouTube video channel TEDxYouthOttawa (in Canada) YouTube videos

10 STEP TWO : G ET TO KNOW TED In pairs, pick 2 talks to analyze Every group must have different talks from the other groups Write a response on the blog about your opinions and analyses Example Blog responses s_and_statistics_about_tedtalks.html posts/

11 B LOG

12 You will learn: - how to master verbal delivery - how to add humour - how to manage physical delivery - how to create visuals that inspire - how to overcome your fear - how to stop reading and start speaking

13 READ: H OW TO GIVE A TED T ALK BY J EREMEY D ONOVAN Jigsaw the chapters and share with the class

14 NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! C REATE Y OUR O WN TED T ALK : 1. QUESTIONS- develop 3-5 guiding questions that could be used for further research - The goal is for you to become the expert in your content Decide on a subject/story for your own “TEENTalk.” Now, DO SOME RESEARCH!

15 TO DO: 2. Advice: Pick an idea you are madly curious about, want to learn more about, and/or a topic you want to share with the world. The topic can be something that you’ve experienced, heard about, read/watched, or have simply been wanting to learn more about over time. Think about the following topic ideas:

16 T OPIC I DEAS How to change the world! How to start a movement! ELA 10 themes: Challenges! Mysteries! Equality! Ethics! The World Around Us! Etc. ‘Tell a story’ or ‘highlight an idea’ or ‘pursue a question’ that you want to share with the world. What matters (to you)? What are you passionate about? Ignite Talks:

17 TO DO: Focus on ‘one story’ (if possible) to center your overall Talk, although you certainly can expand beyond that. Be factual but also help your audience emotionally care about the subject.

18 TO DO: Try to imagine being in the audience listening to your own Talk: What will interest you? What will inspire you? What will move you to ‘act’ or want to learn more? make-a-great-ted-talk/ commandments-rules-every-speaker-needs-to-know/

19 TO DO: Practice the timing of your Talk. Do not present for the first time in class; do one/multiple dry- runs. Because each Talk must last between 3 to 8 minutes, figure out whether your Talk should be shorter or longer after you practice a few times. Think about your audience as you make these decisions.

20 TO DO: Since you have to create 10-20 PPt / Keynote slides, select visuals (images, text, or images+text) that create a connection to specific points in the Talk. Avoid bullet points and adding too much text to a single PPt / Keynote slide. Make sure that all images are given proper credit. You could use your own images (or at least to make sure the images you find on the Internet/etc. are allowed to be used by you).

21 WHILE RESEARCHING: We’ll have a look at the book: How To Deliver A TED Talk, by Jeremy Donovan You will learn: - how to select a topic - how to craft a catchphrase - how to be introduced - how to open your talk - how to build your speech body and transitions - how to tell stories

22 T HURSDAY, M AY 22, 2014 Some talks will be showcased Balfour Collegiate 7 pm Regina Public School students rock! ( You have ) IDEAS WORTH SPREADING!

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