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PowerUP! An Exploration of the Twelve Powers. Please stand by. The webinar begins at 7:00 PM Central Time powerUP!

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1 powerUP! An Exploration of the Twelve Powers

2 Please stand by. The webinar begins at 7:00 PM Central Time powerUP!

3 An Exploration of the Twelve Powers powerUP!

4 Unity’s Year of the Twelve Powers Resources available at 12 Powers poster 12 Powers calendar 12 Gifts from God Part 1 Ongoing discussion (must sign-in to participate) Resource material – books, Power Up! cards, children’s materials, etc.

5 Archives available Archives of each of the webinars will be available for download at in the 12 Powers Resource Center within 24 hours of the live

6 Resources: The Twelve Powers by Charles Fillmore PowerUp! - The Twelve Powers Revisited as Accelerated Abilities by Paul Hasselbeck and Cher Holton – NOW AVAILABLE as an e- book for the online store at Lessons 8 - 12 from Christian Healing by Charles Fillmore (Faith, Imagination, Will and Understanding, Judgment and Justice, and Love) Access to the materials on our CourseWebs teaching platform: Your UserID is: twelvepowers Your password is: twelve Facebook Group: PowerUp! An exploration of the 12 Powers

7 Communicating with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck –Raise your hand. –Send a note. –Stay tuned after the Webinar. Rev. Paul will answer questions for one hour following the webinar.

8 Any New Insights or questions On any of the previous powers?

9 The Power of IMAGINATION IMAGINATION is the ability to visualize, conceptualize and envision.

10 The Power of IMAGINATION What did you discover about your use of IMAGINATION during the previous week?

11 How did it go using the denial and affirmation? I give no power to the unproductive visualizations of my personality. I claim IMAGINATION now. I visualize and imagine myself being the best person or Christ I can be.

12 The Power of UNDERSTANDING UNDERSTANDING is the ability to know, perceive, comprehend and spiritually “see.”

13 The Power of UNDERSTANDING Apostle: Thomas Location: Front Forebrain Color: Gold UNDERSTANDING works with WISDOM and LOVE

14 Intellectual Understanding Is gained mostly through experience and the “school of hard knocks.” Is subject to temptation and often used for selfish ends. By combining reasoning with intellectual understanding, we are able to arrive at valid, practical conclusions.

15 Spiritual Understanding Is gained by investing time in the Silence. Results from the quickening of our Spiritual Nature, our Christ Nature. Sometimes includes and always transcends intellectual understanding. Comes swiftly and arises outside of the reasoning process.

16 Spiritual Understanding Comes as an internal knowing As a still small voice that may seem more like the reflection or echo of something we have heard and/or forgotten.

17 Understanding and Judgment/Wisdom Understanding focuses on what we know and our ability to put that information into the proper context. Knowledge, no matter how well understood, is fairly useless unless it can be applied to our daily life and activities.

18 Understanding and Judgment/Wisdom Judgment/Wisdom is more about knowing how to actually use the information in practical and productive ways. Wisdom is knowledge with the ability to use it so that it has bearing on our personal life and activities.

19 UNDERSTANDING used from ego/personality The ability to know and comprehend based on our senses, thoughts, beliefs and feelings. We use UNDERSTANDING to know how to build a bridge or an atomic bomb.

20 The Power of UNDERSTANDING What does underdeveloped UNDERSTANDING look like? What does overdeveloped UNDERSTANDING look like?

21 Unconscious Understanding Based on a cause in subconscious mind which consists of beliefs that are not in our moment to moment awareness. This would be when a person subconsciously believes s/he is not worthy, and so, no matter what s/he does, s/he approaches it with the unconscious knowing that s/he does not deserve anything.

22 Conscious Understanding from our senses based on something in physicality we are gleaning through our sight, sound, scent, touch, and/or taste. For example: after experiencing the impact of going out into the cold without the proper clothing. They know coats are warm; they know it is cold outside (Understanding). Wisdom is when a person knows what to wear the next time.

23 Conscious Understanding from our human personality Based on thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and/or beliefs held in human consciousness. A person believes s/he can become a doctor and then goes about doing research in order to know what needs to be done to become a qualified, Board-approved physician.

24 Conscious Understanding from our True Identity, or Higher Self based upon Divine Ideas, Truth, Laws, and Principles. This is when we begin to perceive and comprehend that there is more to us than a physical body and an ego, and we understand what it takes to be the best person or Christ we can be.

25 The Power of UNDERSTANDING Practice: 1. Notice how you use UNDERSTANDING now. 2. Who do you know that demonstrates UNDERSTANDING (positively or negatively)?

26 The Power of UNDERSTANDING Deny: I give no power to who I think I am based on sense consciousness. Affirm: I claim UNDERSTANDING now. I spiritually know and comprehend that I am the best person or Christ I can be.

27 Next Week: WILL

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