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Free powerpoint template: 1 Welcome to Class 8-F14 Please find your seat: –Seating is based on the comprehension strategy you are presenting.

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1 Free powerpoint template: 1 Welcome to Class 8-F14 Please find your seat: –Seating is based on the comprehension strategy you are presenting. –Start the RICA review

2 RICA Review You know what to do…

3 Schwa

4 ED LA320 Introduction to edTPA Teaching Comprehension

5 Demonstration Comprehension Strategy: Making Connections: Text-Text Compare/Contrast

6 Making Connections: Text-Text

7 Making Connections: Definition Students can compare different versions of familiar stories, texts written by the same author, or texts that address a common theme or topic. When readers make text-text connections, they link the text or an element of it to another text they’ve read or to a familiar film or TV program.


9 Making Connections Key Features Why is this strategy important? –Text-Text connections require higher level thinking and can be difficult for students who have less experience with texts. Ways to teach: –Making Connections Charts –Drawing Connections Bridge –Code the Text

10 Common Core State Standards Reading –RL.2-3.9 Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story by different authors or from different cultures. –RL.4-5-6.6 Compare and contrast the points of view from which different stories are narrated…

11 Academic Language Forms –similar (compare), different (contrast) Functions –Compare/Contrast Sentence Frames –The two texts are similar in that… –In the first text ____, whereas in the second text____. –I now better understand…

12 Compare/Contrast Day 1 –Read new text and discuss Day 2 –Drawing Connections Bridge > write Day 3 –Read 3 rd text, POV, connections chart Day 4 –Compare/Contrast essay

13 Day One The Cat, Dog, Little Red, Exploding Eggs… By Diane and Christyan Fox

14 The cat, dog, LR, exploding eggs … Free powerpoint template: 14

15 The story begins… Free powerpoint template: 15

16 Free powerpoint template: 16

17 Free powerpoint template: 17

18 Free powerpoint template: 18

19 Graphic Organizer LRRH Cat, Dog, Little Red, Exploding Eggs… 1 st person narrative special Powers Granny in closet Cat & Dog LRRH Wolf Granny 3 rd person narrative No special powers Wolf eats Granny woodcutter

20 Discussion How is this text similar to the one with which you are familiar? How is this text different from the one with which you are familiar? –NOTE: This is where you can bring in Close Reading!

21 Discussion The new text is similar to the first because both… The new text has ___ whereas the original story has ___. Free powerpoint template: 21

22 Day Two Making Connections Bridge Another writing prompt

23 Free powerpoint template: 23

24 Little Red: A fizzingly good yarn Free powerpoint template: 24

25 Making Connections Bridge

26 In each boat, write what is unique to the text. On or under the bridge, write about what is common across both texts. Question: How does comparing/contrasting the two texts help you better comprehend? Write at least one sentence for comparison and one for contrast. You may use the sentence frames.

27 Making Connections

28 Day Two Writing Prompts By comparing the two texts, I understand better… The two texts are different in that … This helps me better understand … Free powerpoint template: 28

29 Day Three Yet another version: Little Red Point of View

30 Yet another… Students will be given yet another version of LRRH. –Little Red: A Fizzingly Good Yarn –Little Red: A Newfangled Prairie Adventure –Little Red Cowboy Hat (Arizona) –Pretty Salma (Africa) –Lon Po Po (China) –Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten! Free powerpoint template: 30

31 Yet Another… Fill in the graphic organizer. This will help you analyze the texts and write your c/c essay. –Characters –Setting –Problem –Resolution –Point of View Free powerpoint template: 31

32 Yet Another… List the characters. Describe the setting (place and time). Explain the problem and solution. Who is telling the story? –Point of View Free powerpoint template: 32

33 Point of View Question: Who is telling the story? This is called point of view. –How does the point of view influence the story? –With whom are you sympathetic? –What does the different point of view help you understand about the story in general? Free powerpoint template: 33

34 Lon Po Po (China) Free powerpoint template: 34

35 Pretty Salma (Africa) Free powerpoint template: 35

36 Little Red Cowboy Hat (Arizona) Free powerpoint template: 36

37 Little Red Riding Hood (Prairie) Free powerpoint template: 37

38 Honestly, RRH Was Rotten Free powerpoint template: 38

39 Yet another…

40 Day Four Compare/Contrast Essay

41 The versions of LRRH are similar in that… The versions of LRRH are different in that… Choose one of the following: –The narrator’s point of view influenced the story in several ways. First… –The setting influenced the story in several ways. First… Free powerpoint template: 41

42 Comprehension Learning Segment CLS Free powerpoint template: 42

43 CLS Outline Document On the course website in Class 8 (today!) and GauchoSpace, you will find a CLS Outline document that we hope you may find to be helpful as you begin to plan for your CLS and/or TakeOver. Free powerpoint template: 43

44 CLS Draft Outline

45 CLS Draft Feedback

46 Free powerpoint template: 46 Assessment vs. Checking for Understanding Comprehension Strategy text √ ing for understanding Assessment: comprehension strategy

47 Free powerpoint template: 47 Comprehension Strategies 1. Making Predictions 2. Making Connections (compare/contrast texts) 3. Asking Questions 4. Drawing Inferences 5. Visualizing 6. Determining Importance 7. Summarizing

48 Free powerpoint template: 48 Comprehension Strategies In 10 minutes: Name of strategy Definition - what it is –Key features of this strategy Connection to ELA Standards What you propose to do to teach (+ citations) –Day One –Day Two –Day Three –Day Four Possible considerations for adaptations and/or modifications Academic Language (sentence frames)

49 Comprehension Strategy Presentations Note Taking Teaching Reading Comprehension…

50 Free powerpoint template: 50 Teaching Comprehension Strategies Introduce the strategy. The teacher names the strategy and explains why it is useful. Share examples of how or when the strategy is used. Demonstrate the strategy. T explains the steps of the strategy and MODELS how to use it with authentic reading activities. Practice the strategy. Students practice the strategy with the teacher’s support. Review the strategy. Students reflect on what they have learned and how they can use this strategy in their reading. Apply the strategy. Students apply the new strategy with new text.

51 CH9 Reading Guide

52 Free powerpoint template: 52 Homework

53 Critical Resources on GauchoSpace

54 Free powerpoint template: 54 WA Lesson assignments Your work, with rubrics and feedback will be/has been sent to you electronically.

55 Free powerpoint template: 55 Understanding Your Score At this point of your professional development, your scores should be in the “developing” level of the rubrics. You only need to revise and resubmit if we have contacted you.

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