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My Favourite Super Heroine Carmen González Pérez.

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1 My Favourite Super Heroine Carmen González Pérez

2 Hit Girl I think that if I have to choose one girl to be my favourite super heroine it will be hit girl

3 Hit Girl I thik I like her because she’s not a commun girl. She’s special =3 I saw her at the firt time in the film Kick Ass (1)

4 Kick Ass This film is my 2nd favourite film. It’s a little bit… Bloody She’s not the protagonist of the film but she’s very important. I thik that she didn’t have a good chilhood, she were trained to kill.

5 Chloë Grace Moretz She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. The 10th of February 1997.

6 My Invisible Heroine

7 My Granny I think that my granny is clearly my invisible hero She’s Ángeles González Zamora and she was born the 2nd of aogust 1937

8 She’s my favourite super heroine because she lived a lot of bad moments and she supereted all strongly. On 2010 she knows that she was sick, she has a cancer, she was operated, but after 1 year, she return to had the same cancer and she returned to recuperate. On 2013 the medicians saw three tumors, but they investigated and it was not bad

9 Now she care of my grandfather becouse his sick too, but, she’s strong and she konows that she can superate all the new problems. She’s always happy and she continue dancing and singing. She loves kids and care with love to me and my cousins. Pd. She makes a delicious milk pudding


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