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14.2 Hardship and Suffering During the Depression

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1 14.2 Hardship and Suffering During the Depression
What hardships were caused by the Depression?

2 Suffering to Many Millions lost jobs; some went homeless or hungry
Cities across the country were full of homeless who lived in shantytowns, which were little shacks made of scrap material Some ate at soup kitchens, and others stood in bread lines to receive free food Minorities had a harder time both receiving work and earning as much as white workers







9 Continued Violence was directed towards minorities from whites who felt that their jobs were being taken “unfairly” Rural areas and farmers were hurt; 400,000 farmers lost their land from 1929 to 1932 Food prices dropped during this time, making farmers unable to earn what they deserved

10 The Dust Bowl A drought hit the Great Plains during this time; there was little rain from Texas to North Dakota and the soil had been broken up over time The soil was exhausted from over-farming; when the winds picked up, the soil simply blew away Huge dust storms covered the plains and dust blew as far as the East Coast



13 Effects on Families Some families were resilient in hard times; others broke apart from the strain Men were often ashamed that they couldn’t provide for their families; some left to wander the country looking for work Women worked, but often were not regarded as being ‘important’ as men and paid less





18 Continued Children suffered terribly from poverty; many had poor diets and no health care During the Depression the government did not give direct relief, or cash or food directly to the poor people People were unable to pay taxes, so some cities were unable to keep schools open for a full term, or closed in general Children often worked to help their families Rates of suicide and mental illness skyrocketed during this time Many young people gave up dreams of college

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