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14.2 – Hardship & Suffering During the Depression.

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1 14.2 – Hardship & Suffering During the Depression

2 Urban Depression Depression brought hardship, homelessness & hunger to millions Evictions skyrocket – people sleep anywhere Shantytowns (shacks) become common People scrap for food – dig through garbage Soup kitchens offer free or low-cost food – LONG lines Minorities suffer more – Discrimination – Higher unemployment rates

3 Rural Depression Rural life was hard, but one advantage of over urban life: – Farmers could grow OWN food Thousands lose their land – 1929-32: 400k lost to foreclosure Many turn to tenant farming Most barely scrap by

4 Dust Bowl Caused by loss of top soil through over farming (overproduction) – Plowing takes off top soil Massive drought expands problems = dry, loose soil Land = dry, flat, few trees Winds push soil across the land = exposes sand & grit = dust

5 Dust Bowl (c.) Hardest Hit: – Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, & Colorado Area known as the Dust Bowl Thousands head west to California and/or wander to find work P. 474 - Map

6 Men Men struggle coping not being able to support the family – Daily searches for jobs – Many stop looking, some abandon families Hoboes, or the traveling poor, span the country looking for food & work No system of direct relief – cities try to organize charities for struggling families

7 Women Women do everything to keep family life going – Save EVERY penny Increasingly leave the home to survive Become source of resentment – Men, not women should be employed Misconception: Women had it better than men during the Depression – P. 476

8 Children Poor diets & bad care = health problems – Rise in diet-related diseases (ex. Rickets) Education suffers: school year shortened or schools closed Children enter workforce = sweatshops & bad conditions Teens leave home, search country for jobs – “Hoover Tourists”

9 Effects Many lose will to live – 1929-32: Suicide Rate +30% & 3x mental admissions Sacrifices & Compromises – Doctor & Dental visits plummet – College enrollment drops – Marriage & family rates fall Main Goal: Achieve & maintain financial security Positive: People showed kindness – Help those in need as much as possible


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