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NuMI Target Pile Fan Repair Michael Andrews 3/15/10.

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1 NuMI Target Pile Fan Repair Michael Andrews 3/15/10

2 Broken Seal

3 Replace Fan Motor & Wheel

4 Install & Remove Scaffold

5 Remove Dehumidification Duct Work

6 Install Crane Electronics

7 Remove Electrical Infrastructure

8 Remove Poly Sheet & Place 2 M Blocks

9 Remove Instrumentation Pneumatic Controls for Chilled Water Valves Air Flow, Pressure & Humidity Sensors

10 Cut Out Ductwork

11 Unbolt Flange

12 Unbolt Feet

13 Jack Up Housing Place on Dollies & Slide Rails Move 20 Inches to East

14 Unbolt & Remove Cone

15 Remove Shaft Seal

16 Loosen Set Screws & Keyway

17 Remove Wheel with Crane

18 Install Inspection Port for Balancing

19 Replace Vibration Sensors

20 NuMI Target Hall

21 Access West side of Work Cell

22 North end of Target Hall

23 Status & Schedule All equipment & materials requisitions are in place. Critical path items are delivery of the motor & wheel (4-6 weeks) Work completed by T&M subcontractors (Arlington Electric, Prism Mechanical, Scaffolding) Instrumentation & Crane support from Heip Le & Crew Engineering & Task Manager support from C. Crowley, J. Ranson, R. White Fan balancing completed by Chicago Blower Mini-Review for job plan by L. Hammond, K. Anderson, T. Busch Hazard Analysis and ALARA Plan are in development Run Until is Breaks – 2 Weeks (10 hrs days Seven Days a Week) Repair During the Summer 2010 Shutdown – 3 Weeks

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